The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

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I hope we get a Cyber-Akuma profile eventually. I’d like to see what kind of storyline they can come up with for him. Since they can’t mention Apocalypse, he’ll most likely have an entirely different origin.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the FF2 and FF3 bosses. We don’t know much about them, and that makes the information we get more interesting. They still haven’t done the Andores yet, though. And they forgot about Billy and Sid, though I’m sure that they don’t give a single fuck about them (not that they should, given that they were just excuse replacements, but I wouldn’t mind seeing profiles for them).

Birdie: "you’ve got a foul mouth"
Fevrier: “you’ve got a foul breath you bastard!”

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Isn’t she the one who also said “you big fat sac à m*rde!” to Birdie? That was so funny lol didn’t know she could speak French

Hey guys. I’ve been at it again. This was one is a South African character. The hardest one for me make thus far. I actually had this on the shelf years. I can’t find anything on his martial art. Obnu Bilate. So I had to fudge it. I basically had everything done but his move set. This guy would be the most technical character in SFV. Like Gen he’s stance character but unlike Gen. His V-Trigger is effectively a third style. It takes the best normals and throws from his two styles, gives him access to all his special attacks, unique normals, and gives him different Critical Art. I don’t think Capcom would a do a character like this.


Name: Rhonwen Van Zandt (South African First Name, Dutch Last Name)

Nickname: The Silent Snake (Die Stille Slang)

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Dutch/South African

**Height:**6ft 2in(1.88m)

Weight: 187 lbs. (85kg)

B/W/H: 42-32-40 (107cm-81cm-102cm)

Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Appearance: Brown Pulled Back Dreadlocks, Hazel Eyes, Caramel Complexion, black sleeveless undershirt , forest green short sleeved collared shirt (unbuttoned), denim shorts (knee length), black mma style fighting gloves. Left glove has “Umama” imprinted across the knuckles, right glove had “Vader” imprinted across the knuckles.

*Umama is Zulu for my mother. Vader(va-dur) is Dutch for father.

Likes: Solitude, Reading, Languages, Fishing, Bobotie (South African Dish)

**Dislikes: **Crowds, Biltong (Beef Jerky), Firearms

Fighting Style: Obnu/Savate (Obnu Bilate in V-Trigger)

Tone: Because of his mixed parentage, Rhonwen was ostracized as a child. He is a loner, he spent his time buried in books. To honor both his parents, he tries to draw from both cultures. As a child he started to learn Obnu Bilate from Yaone Phewa* a handyman employed by his father. Obnu Bilate combines Obnu and Savate into a single style.

*Based on the founder of Obnu Bilate (“Pappa” Nat Whylch ).

Origins: Rhonwen’s father is of Dutch descent and his mother is of Zulu descent. Both is paternal and maternal grandparents are estranged from his immediate family. They more or less disowned his parents. As a small child, both white and black South Africans often accosted his family. In one particular incident a homeless man actually fought off an unruly mob to protect his mother and baby sister. Since his parents didn’t have much money, they took the man (Yaone Phewa) in. Enamored with the way Yaone was able to take on multiple attackers, a young Rhonwen often followed him around mimicking him during his training. Eventually, Yaone began to instruct Rhonwen and later his sister Ntombi in the art of Obnu Bilate. To earn his keep, Yaone often helped Rhonwen’s father on his fishing boat. A talented fighter, Rhonwen has won several Obnu and Savate tournaments. Rhonwen is technical fighter. He’ll fight in a purely Obnu or Savate style to pick up on his foes weaknesses and tendencies. Once he’s figured them out, he overwhelms them with Obnu Bilate.

Attributes: Health: 2 Power: 2 Range: 3 Mobility: 4 Technique: 5


Obnu/V-Trigger Only

P+K: Cobra Coil - Rhonwen grabs his opponent, putting them in standing arm triangle, he puts his right leg behind both their legs and trips them, forcing them to the ground

<-P+K: Boomslang Buster - Rhonwen executes a waist lock takedown, he grabs his opponent around the waist from behind, picks them up and throws them face first to the ground

P+K (in air): Cobra Slam - Rhonwen catches his opponent with a flying arm triangle, halting their momentum, before driving them straight down with modified choke slam

<-P+K (in air): Viper Suplex - Rhonwen catches his opponent with front waist lock, and suplexes them over his head, tossing them away from him.

Savate Only

P+K: Stinging Venom - Rhonwen grabs his opponent hits them with left hook, right hook, and push kick combination

<-P+K: Stunning Venom - Rhonwen stuns his opponent with a punch to the body, sides steps them, and kicks them with a kick to the back of the head

Unique Attacks:

Obnu Only

Snake Fang – F+HP : (Hit Grab): Rhonwen strikes his opponent with an open palm to the neck, grabs them by the throat, and slams them to the ground

Savate Only

Coiled Strike – F+MP: Rhonwen lands a left and right uppercut combination to the body

Tail Whip – F+HK: Rhonwen somersaults forward and uses the moment to strike with an overhead kick, slow startup, -2 on block


Obnu Only

Snake Toss F+PPP: Rhonwen executes a fireman’s carry throw that tosses his opponent a half screen away

Savate Only

Snake Bite F+KKK: Rhonwen strikes with a back sidekick to the abdomen and knocks his foe a full screen away


Style Switch – MP+MK: Rhonwen switches between his Obnu and Savate styles. Can “Style Cancel” normals to extend combos and gain V-Gauge. This cancel mechanic allows him to compensate for his overall low damage output.


Obnu Bilate (Combination of traditional African martial art of Obnu and Savate)- HP+HK: Rhonwen perfectly blends his Obnu and Savate styles. He gains access to all of his specials and unique attacks. He gains the best version of each of his normal attacks and throw. He gains access to unique Critical Art. 3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent


Obnu/V-Trigger Only

Puff Adder Palm -HCF + P: Rhonwen hits his opponent in the face with an open palm strike to the face that inflicts moderate damage and high stun. LP (fastest start up, horizontal movement), MP (slower start up, travels half sweep distance), HP (slowest start up, travels full sweep distance)

Boomslang Driver - HCB +P: (Command Grab) Rhonwen grabs his opponent, placing them in a fireman’s carry position, he jumps into the air, as he plummets downward, he turns his body horizontal driving his opponent’s head into the ground

Savate/V-Trigger Only

Mamba Strike -HCB+ K: Rhonwen strikes with a rear leg low side kick, front leg low side kick, and ends with reverse kick to the head. LK (fastest start up, leaves opponent standing) MK (slower start up, knocks opponent down) HK (slowest start up, final hit causes a juggle state)

Spitting Cobra: QCF+ K: (Projectile) Rhonwen does a quick spinning back kick that sends slow moving projectile at his opponent. All version cause a juggle state and inflict high stun LK (largest projectile, dissipates half screen) MK (medium sized projectile, dissipates 2/3rd of screen) HK (small projectile, does not dissipate)

Critical Art:

Obnu Only
Gaboon Viper Bomb–360°+ P : Rhonwen grabs his opponent, jumps high into the air, and executes a rolling powerbomb

Savate Only
Cape Cobra Combination --QCFx2 + K: Rhonwen strikes his a opponent with a blindingly fast succession of kicks (two dozen kicks in one second) stunning them. He hits them with a power standing side kick to the chest that sends them flying across the screen.

Obnu Bilate
Grootslang’s Wrath --QCBx2 + K: Rhonwen strikes his a opponent with a blindingly fast succession of kicks (three dozen kicks in one second) stunning them. He then grabs them, jumps high into the air, and drives them into the ground with a powerful rolling powerbomb.

Reasons to be in SFV

Ntombi, Rhonwen’s sister, disappeared after winning the PAMAL (Pan African Martial Arts League) junior freestyle championship. Rhonwen has been scouring most of southern Africa in attempt to find her. The only lead he could find was pertaining to a mysterious man showing up for the championship match. The man was described as being dressed in red and wearing a cape. After looking into it further, he found that similar “disappearances” had taken place elsewhere at competitions in different parts of the world. All the disappearances had two things in common. All of the missing fighters were teenage girls and this man in red was present at all of the title matches. Just as Rhonwen is about to plot his next course of action he notices an article about and upcoming worldwide fighting tournament. He’s certain at least one of the competitors will drawn this man in reds attention.


*Ryu: So you are the famous Ryu, Yaone told me how tough you’d be. He wasn’t exaggerating.

Ken: Now that I’ve won, I guess that makes me the All American Martial Arts Champion…right?

Laura: Every time I fight someone from Brazil, they use some sort of electric attacks. Is it something you all eat?

Karin: Come work for you? I appreciate the offer but I have to find Ntombi

Nash: Wait…aren’t you Guile’s friend? I thought you were dead.

Birdie: You’re hungry? Man look at the size of you. You may want to consider a diet.

R.Mika: Two one one? How is that fair. You seem strong enough to fight on your own.

Ibuki: Have you seen a man in red? He tends to go after people like you. No? Well please be careful.

Alex: Seems like you combine multiple styles as well. I’d give you the run back but I’m looking for someone.

F.A.N.G: You think you can poison a serpent? You’re beaten. Where is Ntombi!?

Chun-li: The cops in Durban don’t look anything like you…oh um. Could help me find this Bison character. He took something very important to me.

Zangief: Okay Mr. Red Cyclone, why don’t you spin yourself out of my way?

Guile: So you are looking for Bison too? When I find him, I’ll be sure to get justice for your friend.

Balrog (Boxer): From champion to lap dog, what a shameful man. You tell me what he did with my sister and I’ll consider giving you back your precious “fight money.”

Vega (claw): Tell me where your boss is or you’ll be using that mask to hide your face not protect it.

Cammy: It didn’t have to come to this. I just wanted to ask you a few questions. What do you know Shadoloo and the man in red?

Rashid: Shadoloo has your friend? I’ll make sure their reign of terror ends.

Dhalism: I’ve quite a few inyangas** in my life, but never on that could stretch their limbs. You must be quite powerful.

Bison: I’m only going to ask this once. Where is my sister!

Juri: What is your deal lady? I think you need professional help.

Necalli: Are you some sort of tokoloshe***? I’ve read about them. Never though they were real…

Urien: Hitting you is like strikes a statue. What the heck are you made out of?

Akuma: I’ve never faced anyone like you before. You are literally a man possessed.

*Intulo - lizard man that is the cause of mortality and death in Zulu mythology

**Inyaga - Zulu witch doctor

***Tokoloshe – Zulu word for demon
Side note: **

-Yaone Phewa is from Botswana, that’s why he doesn’t have a South African name.
-Rhonwen’s attacks are named after venomous South African snakes
-The Grootslang is a mythical serpent that is a cross between snake and an elephant
-Ntombi was given the designation of “Inlangura” a mangled version of uNhlangula (Zulu word for the month June)

Edit: Noticed I accidentally, put his F+MP attack twice. Added his missing F+HK overhead attack.

P. Mechazangi F

The P. stands for “prototype”.
A refurbished Monitor Cyborg
specifically developed to contrast Zangief.
It’s an experimental model made by Shadaloo.
It has a steel body, and it’s studying various throw techniques!

Name: P. Mechazangi F
Height: 214,1 cm
Weight: 1810 kg
Blood type: Vodka
Date of manufacture: June, 1
Home Country: made in Shadaloo
Favorite things: Rotating
Dislikes: Projectile attacks, anyway

Its translucent gray body
was covered in Light Ceratanium¹,
and was thought able to repel any attack.
Its special technique was Vodka Fire,
in which it spewed a super-heated blue flame
making use of the vodka that ran into his body as fuel.
Because the info were obsolete,
its distinctive trait was that it still lacked the nozzles
in the palm of its hands, whence subsequent models emitted Vanishing Energy².
Several upgrades were added
to the next released model “Mechazangi F”.
Lord Fang, who has inherited these studies,
is currently guiding us in the development of “Mechazangi F Mark 3”!
(It’s a parallel setting)

¹ A Megaman reference. Already encountered in Shadow Lady’s profile. Love it when they keep it coherent.
² Yup, it’s Vanishing, not Banishing.

Great work as always @Miðgarðsorm

Oh so they don’t want to tell where FANG, Rashid, Necalli or Bison is from and just put UNKNOWN, but they explicitly state that Mechagief was made at Shadaloo facility(-ies)

??? logic ???

that blood type tho

The irony is that you’ll rarely ever see “Vanishing Flat” as the accurate translation of the move

It’s also weird that they go out of their way to tie it into current lore by saying that FANG is currently running the project, but then also specify that it’s a parallel universe character.

Make’s it seem even less likely that Darun is canon just because his profile mentions events in Story mode.

Well she is french, hence her name :wink:

LOOOL man I missed it since i play with jap voices, of course they wouldn’t put subtitles on that in the french translation!

If ever Mecha Gief would be in the future games i hope he flies, rotate and spins like Tekken’s Jack animation that is more mechanical in terms of joints and movements.

Not sure why they wouldn’t make Mech Zangief canon. Shadow and Shadow Lady had difficult backgrounds to develop and fit into the story, but this one is just a robot. The story they just wrote for its profile seems perfectly plausible, so why not say that the prototype does in fact exist?

I dunno. It seems kind of dumb for Shadaloo to even make the thing in the first place.

Zangief has never exactly been one of Shadaloo’s arch nemesis. Why would they go out of their way to specifically design a robot to mimic and counter him and not a Honda-bot or a Blanka-bot?

Well, taking SFV as current standard canon, Zangief is powerful as fuck, just think how psycho-berserk Abel attacked him and got easily destroyed, katanas breaking and Rog (a shadaking) alone being not able to do shit to him

The anti-gief thing it’s likely a tribute to that marvel movie scene where ironman used a gigantic ass special armor specifically to stop hulk

Also of course MechaGief was already a thing in other games*, so they just built up a story to explain it

*sf4 robot is the closest, previous one was just Gief on roids

Like I said, Mechazangief is literally a Giefbuster

While Shadaloo never considered Gief a main enemy, I could think of a reason why they’d want to counter him: The destruction of the Psycho Drive.

Alpha 3 is mostly forgotten about in the current story, but Gief’s presence inside of the Shadaloo base still happened. Since Gief displayed enough colossal strength to not only crumble the Psycho Drive, but also the Shadaloo base itself, it would make sense for them to want to avoid another scenario like that in the future. The Psycho Drive was a pretty important project for Shadaloo. The fact that some strong ass wrestler was able to destroy the entire thing without any resistance would naturally convince them to develop a countermeasure in case he decides to come after them again.

With the creation of a Mecha Gief, there’s no way this creation *wouldn’t *be in charge of guarding whatever Shadaloo decides to create in the future. If Gief decides to show up and destroy whatever it is Shadaloo’s cooking up, Mecha Gief will be there to stop him. That’s my attempt at giving Mecha Gief’s existence a “canon” explanation. I could totally see it playing out that way.

In MvC Mech Gief is just a powerup in MVC and MVC2 like Sakura’s Dark version. I’m glad they change it to a robot and into a individual character.

214: Bratken

So yeah, skipping over the rest of the Andores.