The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Like I said, Mechazangief is literally a Giefbuster

While Shadaloo never considered Gief a main enemy, I could think of a reason why they’d want to counter him: The destruction of the Psycho Drive.

Alpha 3 is mostly forgotten about in the current story, but Gief’s presence inside of the Shadaloo base still happened. Since Gief displayed enough colossal strength to not only crumble the Psycho Drive, but also the Shadaloo base itself, it would make sense for them to want to avoid another scenario like that in the future. The Psycho Drive was a pretty important project for Shadaloo. The fact that some strong ass wrestler was able to destroy the entire thing without any resistance would naturally convince them to develop a countermeasure in case he decides to come after them again.

With the creation of a Mecha Gief, there’s no way this creation *wouldn’t *be in charge of guarding whatever Shadaloo decides to create in the future. If Gief decides to show up and destroy whatever it is Shadaloo’s cooking up, Mecha Gief will be there to stop him. That’s my attempt at giving Mecha Gief’s existence a “canon” explanation. I could totally see it playing out that way.

In MvC Mech Gief is just a powerup in MVC and MVC2 like Sakura’s Dark version. I’m glad they change it to a robot and into a individual character.

214: Bratken

So yeah, skipping over the rest of the Andores.

Ha, I remember this guy. He looks a lot more normal compared to how he looks in Final Fight 2.


The torn sleeves give him a wild appearance.
He comes at you with hard attacks, exactly as you would suppose at a first glance.
He has a gentle heart, actually… they say.

Name: Bratken
Height: 205 cm
Weight: 197 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: October, 12
Home Country: Netherlands
Favorite things: Mom, Toys
Dislikes: Those who disturb him while he’s playing

A simple-minded thug who causes damage because he doesn’t know his excessive strength.
Lives in an old castle in the Netherlands,
expressly arranged for him with a room full of toys.
He attacks any intruder
with his Bratken Punch and Bratken Kick.
His best friend is a stuffed bear.

But Zangief is still, at most, like a B tier antagonist of Shadaloo’s.

If you’re going to build a robot specifically to counter one specific enemy, why wouldn’t you target one of your more primary nemesis? Why not build a Mecha Guile, or a Mecha Chun Li, or a Mecha Ryu?

I wonder what his mom thinks of her son working for a group of international terrorists?

You make this Canuck, proud! I like what I’m reading here!

Ooh, double awesome. South African fighter! You do good work man, I’m really pleased with what you’ve put together!

On the topic of fan made characters, I made a character to replace Skullomania if they ever wanted to have a non-Arika tokusatsu fighter. I’d love to know your thoughts on this

Invincible Eagle aka Noboru Takayama

Whoo, profiles are starting up again!

Starting to feel like the good part of Capcom Unity here. Nice work. What type of move set are you considering? I’m getting a speedy “hit and run” type vibe from him. He reminds me of Ultimo Dragon for some reason.

Edit: Thanks for the compliments. It means a lot coming from you.

They might be harder to replicate in robot form?

My guess is it’s a lot easier to create a *ridiculously *strong robot than a *skilled *robot. Emphasis would only need to be on Mecha Gief’s strength and overall toughness. The 3 you mentioned are more complicated than that. Their fighting skill, energy projection, and potential is where their strength lies. I don’t think that’s something that could easily be emulated through a creation.

Kinda like how those Shadaloo files said Sakura was naturally talented for being able to copy moves, but would become next to useless if they attempted to recruit her via brainwashing. The unique part about her would be gone altogether. I think if Shadaloo attempted to make a Mecha Sakura with the same abilities, they’d have the same trouble. Raw strength seems to be much easier to recreate.

I understand everyone in the Society are trained to be warriors since little, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Helen was a playable character. But maybe she isn’t one of the next characters as this article points out:

I wouldn’t put Pyron that up high. Maybe he is like one of the godlins (Thor, Apollo, alien gods. I am assuming you read Marvel comics).

It’s Helen, people really are grasping at straws.

The desperation for it not to be Helen is so weird. Is it just because people want a surprise? How would ANOTHER grappler be more interesting than whatever Capcom has in mind for Helen?

I’m actually excited to see how Helen would play in this game. Besides that, hearing and looking at her never gets old. Can’t wait to see the various alts for her. I just wish they show her already.

Well, B-tier or not Gief was defeating fair and square one of the Four Kings*, Rog, laughing MUSCLE! at his face in the process lol

Or just watch how he smashed effortlessy psycho-Abel like a kid, when Nash (very powerful) + Guile had troubles handle Abel even if he was injuried

Some characters have extreme qualities that may push enemies to very specific counter-moves

I will see not much sense on Mecha Guile or Mecha Chun Li, but i can see example if they invented some counter to Dhalsim because his crazy yoga powers may make him an unique treat as Gief’s strenght

And for Ryu, Bison already see himself as the one that is destined to deal with him (plus he got Necalli)

*i know many beated up Fang at some point, but he’s the exception… he’s first useful as mad scientist.
Rog and Vega on other hand have theyr role by fighting power/ability alone.

Chunners <3

The Strongest Woman in the World!

And she won a Marvel major yesterday, too.

That just shows that Chun Li transcends art styles. She’s hard to screw up.