The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

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So I looked at these comparisons, I think my favourites are:

Felicia - Alvin Lee and Omar Dogan
Ken - Jo Chen and Alvin Lee
Lilith - Arnold Tsang
Ibuki - Genzoman and Rob Porter
Poison - Genzoman and Alvin Lee
Ryu - Ikeno and Edayan
Chun - Nishimura and Shinkiro

What are yours, guys?

215: Freddie


The absence of sleeves give him a wild appearance.
He comes at you with wild attacks, exactly as you would suppose at a first glance.
His Hip Attack is particularly violent!
He’s an upright person, actually… they say.¹

Name: Freddie
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 185 kg
Blood type: 0
Birthday: January, 3
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: The Smell of Battlefield, Meat
Dislikes: Tedious Jobs

A former Marine, now living in France.
When he was a Marine, he opposed a corrupt officer
who wanted to use the troops as they were his own.
During military operations, he accidentally killed the officer with a fake gun.²
A brawl ensued and he was discharged.
Afterwards, he took along with him some of his team members
and founded a group of wandering mercenaries, who took part to various conflicts throughout the world.
It seems he’s tied to a certain criminal gang, nowadays…

¹ Yes, they did a copy-and-paste of Bratken’s first description, only changing something here and there. I expect the same gag with the next FF2 boss. They actually kept the “torn sleeves” line even in his profile, but the mistake is evident.
² Double and triple-checked. I really don’t know why and HOW he could’ve killed someone with a FAKE gun BY ACCIDENT… But it’s probable that Freddie was planning to use a fake gun to intimidate the officer… and the gun WASN’T actually fake. It isn’t clear, but it’s a sad story anyway.

That was more depth that I was expecting this time, that’s actually pretty sad. While Mad Gear classic has shades of gray, it’s starting to look like that this version may a little bit lighter.

Wow, agreed with @TrueBackLash I was not expecting Freddie to have that much depth! He’d be an interesting character to explore!

Yep, I remember that. You posted it in the MugenGuild forums:

Too bad nothing came out of it. It would’ve been cool if someone talented could make it real. There were some great ideas, the artwork was nice, and choosing forgotten characters is something I always appreciate. The only things I didn’t like were Mike’s redesign (he was too young) and that Blade wasn’t Gunloc. Also, Noembelu is my favorite doll and I always thought she should’ve been playable instead of Decapre.

Maybe he accidentally shot the officer with the training gun, scoring a teamkill in the exercise and pissing the officer off? They argued, a brawl ensued and he was discharged for the brawl.

Yeah, I wish I did more with it too, but life stuff got in the way and I never really found enough help with the project. Since Capcom got Kiki to give these guys art, it’s all over but the show now.

But what the heck, I might as well show what I actually did do (all artwork is credited to Robert Masters (rgm501), dude is crazy talented:









Mike (btw Eter, he looked the way he did to make him look different from Balrog/Boxer)












Unfortunately, no. He truly killed him, that is certain.

It will have been cooler if they had put Guile in Freddie’s bio

Freddie was a Marine, Guile is in the Air Force.

I would have rather seen Freddie tied to Rolento in some way.

i said it because of during the fight with Freddie Guile is there watching

and Guile use a wrestling throw (the suplex), will have been fun if Freddie teached him a thing or two

Even if Gunloc is waaay more easy link with wrestling

I love the depth they are emphasizing to Madgear characterization and personality, but giving them connection with SF main characters could backfire complication and confusion like Gunloc to Guile. I prefer relationship and connection towards slammasters, rival schools and final fight to each other then just minor and light easter egg stuff to SF IMHO. Even to new SF future characters, Abel and Rufus was a trying hard to connect with Nash and Ken they have been better on their own being independent like the many SF3 characters.

Can we have Murata draw stuff for SFV from now on?

Look how fucking sick this is!

This shit is incredible

That’s how you do a SF comic/anime


A face painted white, and a red nose.
He’s a well-known and very popular circus ringmaster.
But his true face is…

Name: Philippe
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: November, 1
Home Country: UK
Favorite things: Money-making, Acrobatics
Dislikes: Paying attention to others

Leader of a circus that travels throughout the world.
He excels with animal acts, and is an entertainer
who can amuse any crowd with his juggling abilities.
But his true job
is being the leader of a criminal group
who transports and smuggles weapons, drugs and other illegal goods.
He rarely actually fights, but when he does,
he makes good use of his trained body
and his attacks with his cane and whip are particularly ferocious.