The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Freddie was a Marine, Guile is in the Air Force.

I would have rather seen Freddie tied to Rolento in some way.

i said it because of during the fight with Freddie Guile is there watching

and Guile use a wrestling throw (the suplex), will have been fun if Freddie teached him a thing or two

Even if Gunloc is waaay more easy link with wrestling

I love the depth they are emphasizing to Madgear characterization and personality, but giving them connection with SF main characters could backfire complication and confusion like Gunloc to Guile. I prefer relationship and connection towards slammasters, rival schools and final fight to each other then just minor and light easter egg stuff to SF IMHO. Even to new SF future characters, Abel and Rufus was a trying hard to connect with Nash and Ken they have been better on their own being independent like the many SF3 characters.

Can we have Murata draw stuff for SFV from now on?

Look how fucking sick this is!

This shit is incredible

That’s how you do a SF comic/anime


A face painted white, and a red nose.
He’s a well-known and very popular circus ringmaster.
But his true face is…

Name: Philippe
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: November, 1
Home Country: UK
Favorite things: Money-making, Acrobatics
Dislikes: Paying attention to others

Leader of a circus that travels throughout the world.
He excels with animal acts, and is an entertainer
who can amuse any crowd with his juggling abilities.
But his true job
is being the leader of a criminal group
who transports and smuggles weapons, drugs and other illegal goods.
He rarely actually fights, but when he does,
he makes good use of his trained body
and his attacks with his cane and whip are particularly ferocious.


Kabuki, Clown, Mu Thai, Drunken Master, Bruce lee clone, Sodom, Crusader/Azrael(batman), Cyborg and Abobo(Steriods)… together with some decent weapon users in future SF is what i need…

Final Fight and Slammaster concepts was rich in 80s underground movie cage match

except the football player…

days when figthing games was all about variety of fighters

Philippe is gangsta.

I always did dig clowns, thanks @Miðgarðsorm

Fuck that shit.

Fatal Fury was from those exact same days and has a 10x better cast than World fucking Heroes.

British clown with french name… right. Makes sense.

French parents?

Looks like CFN profiles are daily once again. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the FF2 and FF3 bosses, especially Retu, Stray and Black.

Phillipe looks much cooler in his artwork than in his sprite. But I wish his weapon was a cane like in the game, cause Poison already does the crop thing.

Or better yet, a knife cane. Really lean into the whole Clockwork Orange reference.

While that’s humorous and all, though Patrick Stewart may be British, Jean-Luc Picard is French.

When I think about it, Ryu is a huge piece of shit. He’s a wandering hermit, which is fine. Except he’s doing all this jetsetting across the world to martial arts tournaments on his friend’s dime, which kind of goes against the humble wanderer lifestyle. He teaches a minor a martial art that was expressly designed for assassination and gets her involved with a worldwide mega-crime syndicate. He has evil superpowers based on murder, but instead of not using them, he decides that his own improvement as a martial artist is more important than not going on a killing spree and decides he wants to control it instead. And later in his life, when shit actually goes down and there are moon nukes and fucking Illuminati trying to eradicate human life to create a race of übermensch, he doesn’t actually fight them out of altruism, he does it to test his own abilities. He even lets magic fire-ice eugenics man live!

I mean, what kind of Shaolin monk travels across the globe with their rich friend’s money to master murder powers and teach high school girls how to fight the mob? Not a very good one, that’s for sure.

That’s why Ryu need to stay with the same motivation of self-betterment as a cause of fighting like the 90’s era than trying to act like a super hero or acting like a some sort of activist that is based on current fad and trends, being so cheesy and righteous, using the term “humanity” to persuade and convince he is a “better” good guy, westernized or he is Ryu: Defender of the Universe… rather than the original and usual self improvement in a more moral way than Akuma and Bison.

lol world heroes I use to play the shit out of this game when my cousins and I got bored of ST.

@DarthEnder that was the point. Patrick Stewart is British and Jean Luc Picard is French. When I read his post that image immediately came to mind.

Retu (aka Retsu 2?)