The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

When I think about it, Ryu is a huge piece of shit. He’s a wandering hermit, which is fine. Except he’s doing all this jetsetting across the world to martial arts tournaments on his friend’s dime, which kind of goes against the humble wanderer lifestyle. He teaches a minor a martial art that was expressly designed for assassination and gets her involved with a worldwide mega-crime syndicate. He has evil superpowers based on murder, but instead of not using them, he decides that his own improvement as a martial artist is more important than not going on a killing spree and decides he wants to control it instead. And later in his life, when shit actually goes down and there are moon nukes and fucking Illuminati trying to eradicate human life to create a race of übermensch, he doesn’t actually fight them out of altruism, he does it to test his own abilities. He even lets magic fire-ice eugenics man live!

I mean, what kind of Shaolin monk travels across the globe with their rich friend’s money to master murder powers and teach high school girls how to fight the mob? Not a very good one, that’s for sure.

That’s why Ryu need to stay with the same motivation of self-betterment as a cause of fighting like the 90’s era than trying to act like a super hero or acting like a some sort of activist that is based on current fad and trends, being so cheesy and righteous, using the term “humanity” to persuade and convince he is a “better” good guy, westernized or he is Ryu: Defender of the Universe… rather than the original and usual self improvement in a more moral way than Akuma and Bison.

lol world heroes I use to play the shit out of this game when my cousins and I got bored of ST.

@DarthEnder that was the point. Patrick Stewart is British and Jean Luc Picard is French. When I read his post that image immediately came to mind.

Retu (aka Retsu 2?)

Retsu (Final Fight 2)¹

A huge man constantly wearing his Kabuki makeup.
It seems no one has ever seen his face without it…
This Retsu has no relation with that other Retsu, also.

Name: Retsu
Height: 225 cm
Weight: 205 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: May, 10
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Power
Dislikes: Bushinryū

He always sports his Kabuki makeup.
A man of many mysteries.
It seems he’s a Mad Gear member, and is using Japan as his base
to run every criminal activity in all of Asia.
His specialities are kidnappings, intimidations and sabotages.
It would appear that in his past something happened between him and a Bushinryū-related person…
His special move is a violent Kaiten Senpūkyaku²!

¹ Written Retsu as the other one. The transliteration “Retu” came from the use of Kunrei style romanization instead of the Hepburn one. The name is actually the same, with the same kanji (“violent, furious”) to boot.
² 回転旋風脚 kaitensenpūkyaku, “rotating whirlwind kick”. He did the move on the ground, instead of being airborne as all the shotos.

I wonder if Retu and The Great Oni know each other.

Not only did they skip profiles for the Andores, they skipped the first boss of FF2.

Who’s to say he won’t be tomorrow?

I was going to say the same thing. Either Won Won’s profile will be up tomorrow, or they’re saving him for later. I doubt that they’re just going to ignore him and the Andores.

Hmm, never knew Retu’s name was actually Retsu as well.

Anyway, I hope when they do the other Andores that they give the others the Andore designs from FF2/3/SW, so that they don’t all just look like recolors of Hugo.

Andore Jr in FF1:

Andores in FF2:

Andore in FF3:

Andore in FFSW:

Actually, I believe Ryu makes a livable amount of money from all the street fighting and tournaments he participates in.

Ryu also makes cash from doing construction, odd jobs, and teaching martial arts to local communities. I’d actually like to see more of this side of him, his everyday, wandering people interaction. Kind of like the scene with the adorable Indian girl in SF2AM, it humanizes him quite a bit and makes him less stoic.

Yes, this costume hint at that

And casual racism.

LOL, even today SF is’nt changed from that spirit, just watch Necalli, Fang, Rashid, Laura and Helen… and i’m absolutely ok with that

Keep 2017 politically correctness crap away from muh SF pls

With Kolin on the verge of making her grand debut, what do you guys want from her story? Do you want it to take place before, during, or after ASF? What do you hope it will reveal?

Assuming she’s gonna be a DLC char, what I would like is her story to take place AFTER “A Shadow Falls”. I feel season 1 character stories were all related to ASF, so i would like a new story, a new arc. Shadaloo has fallen, and the Illuminati will rise. So if Capcom decides to do a second story mode, let’s put that into focus

After ASF, but i think the real deal will be during next Cinematic Chapter, with her and other 4 new ones being important characters in it

May I ask you guys why do all of you assume the next character is Helen? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to wait until the official reveal to say it’s her? Yes, I am aware of the silhouettes, and yes, she does have a very high chance of appearing, but I wouldn’t take it for granted just yet.

Going by that logic, then I am going to say the last Season 2 character is Garuda only because the silhouette looks like him.

I’m not trying to start an argument but all of you seem a little too confident on her being the next character. Again, I’m not saying she isn’t, she probably is, but I don’t believe it until I see it.

Because there’s nothing else to talk about so we might as well speculate.

Plus Helen’s chances are not the same as Garuda’s. Not only is she not an Arika character, she’s also highly featured in the SFV story mode. So you might as well start believing.