The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

I’m curious how they’ll like the new characters to the SFV storyline. Kolin was easy cause she was all over the story mode, but say the bring in Haggar or Simone, what link will they have to the plot?

She’s an undercover agent who can fight. You really can’t see the resemblance?

They’re undercover agents for totally different “entities” and they have different playstyles.

Viper is working for the exact same “entity” as Kolin in SFV and I was talking about their impact in the story, not playstyles.

Helen/Kolin is definitely reminding me of elements of Rock Howard, Gen and Decapre. I’m eager to get my hands on her (giggity). Also she might be a major catalyst for getting my wife to play more seriously since she has a major girl-crush on her.

I’m very eager to see her storymode. Hopefully it will have juicy stuff for us

Won Won¹

It’s written 王王 and pronounced Won Won¹.
He’s a renowned gourmet, and enjoys cooking himself.
It seems he likes recipes made with mǐxiàn.
But you shouldn’t use a kitchen knife as a weapon, you know!

Name: Won Won
Height: 225 cm
Weight: 205 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: February, 12
Home Country: Hong Kong
Favorite things: Alcohol, Eating Snacks with Tea in general²
Dislikes: Food with low degree of Freshness

A former sailor, hearty and strong.
He considers Hong Kong’s harbour as his turf.
Even the local mafia, The 800 Dragons³, acknowledges that.
He attacks brandishing his meat cleaver! That’s dangerous!
Beware of his violent Elbow Drops, too.
It seems he supports an infamous crime syndicate nowadays.

¹ Actually 王王 Wong⁶ Wong⁶ (“King King”) in Cantonese. “Won Won” is the japanised spelling.
² An activity known as 饮茶 yǐnchá in Mandarin, jam²caa⁴ in Cantonese. But perhaps many of us already know it with its japanised spelling…



³ A reference to “The 108 Dragons”, the main enemy in the manga and movie Crying Freeman. The original name is 百八竜 and they simply swapped the first two kanjis.

Seiya is a bro

He learned to punch fast as fuck peoples in the face, then pretended is some magic power from Athena, the stars and shit

When peoples started smell his bluff, as second special he invented the suplex and pretended is magical too

Everyone else got nice supernatural shit with the armor, he just trained enough to punch peoples skulls like angry prime Tyson on cocaine

End up being the Hero and bang Athena, got motherfucking Sagittarius gold armor, golden wings and a golden arrow that can kill Gods

…while other are silly sidekicks


Viper is working for the CIA like always. Kolin works for Gill. They have different functions in the storyline.

I wonder if Won Won will end up being related to Wong from FF3.

Big. Chinese. Long whiplike ponytail. One shoulder shirt. Pointy shoes. Connection to cooking…

FF3 has a lot of really derivative bossess actually…

Wong is just Won Won, Dave is just a less fat Eddie E, Black is just Rolento…

Kolin’s attributes

Height: 5’ 5" (168cm)
Weight: 143lbs (65kg)
Nationality: Unknown
Job: Secret Society
Likes: Reading, butterflies

meanwhile at the Officers of Shadaloo

Don’t link pictures from Rage Quitter 87’s site. You get that weird Bison face instead.

Thats probably why they left won won last. So they can do wong tomorrow

There IS something, but for now I have to translate other things, sorry. :s

Take your time. I just wanted to make sure there was something. We can wait. I’m just glad there’s something.

So this would be the chronological timeline?

SF1 —> Alpha1 & Alpha2 —> SFA3 or SF2 (only one story)—> SF4 & SSF4 —> SF5 ----> SF3:2i ----> SF3:3s

Random thought: has anyone done a Stage KO on Akuma in the Lair of the Four Kings stage? I know we won’t get any information we don’t know already, but I find it odd that his data hasn’t been posted yet, or at least I wasn’t able to find it.

Lord’s Century

A new era that is in the process of being ushered in by Gill who leads the mysterious Illuminati. They anticipate that two conflicting forces that have kept a subtle balance from the beginning, such as love and hate, will soon collapse, the Lord reigns over all as he desires a “coexistence”.

ギルひきいる謎の秘密結社がもたらそうとしている新時代のこと。 愛と憎しみなど、 原初の時代より微妙なバランスを保ってきた相反する2種の力がじきに崩壊すると予見し、 天帝がすべて上に君臨、 支配することでそれらの「 共生」 をはかろうとしている。

“G” File

A mysterious file owned by Gill. Ibuki is ordered to retrieve it, but Gill says “a mere person wouldn’t be able to do anything but read about it”. There are various theories on whether the acronym “G” stands for “Genocide”, or is an abbreviation of “Gill”, but what it actually means is unknown.

ギルが所有する謎のファイル。 いぶきは、 これを持ち帰るよう命じられているが、 ギルが言うには「 常人が読んでも何もできない」 ものらしい。 「 G」 とは「 GENOCIDE」 の頭文字だ、 いや「 GILL」 の略だ、 などさまざまな説があるが、 実際に何を意味するのかは謎。

“AU” (After Urien)

Emperor Gill has been defeated and usurped in the year 2000. Urien has destroyed the brains of the "Leaders of the Organization, and with a determination to craft his own era he arbitrarily decides on a new one.

天帝ギルを倒し、 2000年に渡り引き継がれてきた「 組織の頭脳を破壊したユリアンが、 独自の時代を築くとの決意をこめて勝手に定めた年号。 「 アフターユリアン」 と読む。

What if FANG “joins” the Illuminati, in hopes of stealing Gill’s Resurrection technique to use on Bison? They’ve shown a definite interest in Shadowloo tech from Urien’s prologue, so having FANG around to complete their knowledge might be an asset.