The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Dan’s sister?! Did not see her being canon!

lol dang man, you really hate this guy. Did he kill your dog or something?

I personally prefer Ann to Yuriko, but I’m biased :wink:

Same uniform as Sakura’s. Wonder if they go to the same school?

Kyosuke doesn’t have a fighter look AND he’s not Italian. :whistle:

Do no want that taking a precious SF slot in the likely only season full dedicated to new characters

Also judging silhuettes #2 seem the most hype char, the one that most seem likely to be a Cody-like face-punching badass

#3 is likely just another big grappler and #5 may have potential, but risk to be Garuda lol

#2 seem the one with most potential to me, can’t be

Can’t argue with that logic, he’s guilty of both crimes

Said that if help i will not support the idea of an italian rep that does’nt look able to fight either

Yuriko Hibiki¹

This time we’ll speak about a very real character².
She is Dan Hibiki’s sister (in a parallel setting).
A good girl that worries about her carefree brother
while continuing to attend school.
She’s a softball pitcher, apparently.

Name: Yuriko Hibiki
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: December, 7
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Cakes, Her Brother
Dislikes: Mech Gouki³, Wakame

She is a constantly curious girl.
She is secretly following her older brother, who
travels the world bragging about his Saikyō-ryū, without him noticing.
(apparently, neither Dan, nor the player, nor the developers ever noticed)²

Yuriko has no interest in fighting at all,
and wishes her brother would settle down soon.
She sees through her brother’s business ability
and wants someday to work with him
for a mail order website, something like that.
(it’s a parallel setting)

¹ ROTFL, even her first name (“Lily”) is a direct reference to AOF/KOF Yuri…
² I love them when they don’t even try to take themselves seriously. :rofl:
³ UH-OH…

Well, I can agree with you on the slots issue. Even though I like Rival Schools, I don’t want more than a cameo or maybe in the final year of SF5 toss a few in. There’s too many favourites that I want in before we see an attempt to restart another franchise. I wouldn’t mind Garuda if we didn’t get Necalli. I don’t know what they’d do to have him in here. I’m already tired of Satsui no Hadou stuff, so having another character tied to that wouldn’t make me happy.

1- Yes, italian joke aside i will like see them on general push for variety of national reps/styles/cultures/stages/designs , so get RSers when jap is already well represented is’nt my fav thing

Btw if in very later seasons they add them, there are some RS i can like in SF, just not Kyosuke lol

Also it depend how they fit with SF… example Daigo was one of the coolest, but will be ridicolous see capcom try to sell him as some super scary badass as if from jap highschool to world martial artist level the food chain is the same lol.

2- Agree, my thing with Garuda is exactly that… if fans pressure was’nt so obvious, for variety i will have accepted Garuda instead Akuma easily.
But tbh i feel at this point SF had more than enough jap dark energy shit, there are so many new menaces/villains they could invent

Necalli end up being a flop, but the whole aztec latin america theme felt fresh, new and far from Dark hado/ psycho power /Illuminati

I hope they keep that way of create (and improve the way of develop/support) characters

And that’s how you break all the “Ran Hibiki is Dan’s sister” theories into pieces in a single profile.
(yes I know it’s a parallel setting).

…Then, tomorrow they’ll reveal that Ran IS Dan’s sister in the ACTUAL setting… :lol:

Good Yuriko, go to marvel, follow the light

Dont you know? All SF girls go to the same school.

Hmm, not SF5 related, but I wonder if this mode will be just a mini game or tie to later story details? (In the trailer, it looked like Ryu was fighting Shadaloo grunts in Seth’s stage. Could this mean this edition of the game will update timeline features and combine SF2 and Alpha?)

Unleash Ha-DO-ken mode:



Is today’s profile a hint that a Cyber-Akuma profile may be in the works?

Also, I’m half expecting these people:

Necalli: “DEVOUR-OUR-OUR…”


Ryu: “Okay, really. What ARE you doing in this game?”

Necalli: “Eh? But, I-”

Urein: “Stop. Go home. You are worthless. You got fucked up by damn near every person you’ve fought in this game! Leave my sight at once!!”

Ryu: “Necalli… listen man…”

Bison: “It’s meaningless. He is still going to keep messing himself up even after we try to reason with him! He is a jobber!”


Ryu, Bison, and Urien castrate Necalli and crush his very existence.


Zangief dad look more Zangief than Zangief

I will readily admit that my only interest in Kyosuke being a RS character to make the jump is that I have a thing for gingers and I thought he was hot in CvS2. I don’t even remember his moveset, oop.

That image makes me think of the actor that plays The Mountain on Game of Thrones. There is a picture of him with his father and grandfather.

Now look at the couch. Those are some massive dudes.

That giant blood

PS: I think we found the IRL Andore family