The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Well hello there. Who dat?

Story Mode Kolin (not the costume, the Cinematic one) also had this emblem, pretty cool easter egg. I guess it’s the unofficial Illuminati logo in-universe?

The OTHER agent hunting Q.

Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll get their boss, Richard Bergman.

Thank you SO much for the translation. You just made my morning!

Not only that, but we got TWO profiles in a day!

Agreed. I wanna see what they say for him. Previously he was the only one of the three with any real information (had a last name unlike these two, occupation and responsibilities were listed, his involvement in the handling of Q’s existence were also mentioned).

I know right? What a day? I was feeling like crap this morning, but I’m suddenly energetic!..also I’ve spent about 3 minutes comparing Kiki’s drawings of Q and David. Right off the bat, there’s some inverse with the colours and a bit of contrast;

[] David has grey slacks and brown shoes and Q has brown slacks and grey-black shoes
] both have red ties, but David wears his tie and collar a bit loose while Q has his tie and collar closed and more neat
[] Body language: Right off the bat, David is in a very casual, inviting and carefree pose, Q is a bit stoic and closed off. Not really inviting. Interestingly both have their left hands in their pocket and their right hand is occupied (David’s got coffee, Q’s hand is on hat). Also, David is looking right at the viewer while Q slightly looks off to the left/stage right.
] Height and builds look similar, though Q is walking forward at a different angle, so he may be taller. David is presented as more muscular than his SF3 drawings.
[*] The lone patch of skin that can be seen for Kiki’s Q drawing is very hard to see, but when I zoom up, the pixels are lighter than the ones on David, so that and the previously mentioned “blond hairs” are pretty significant blows to my theory.

At the end, nothing really major going on. Am I a crackpot? Would you expect no less from moi? Hah, but it is fun to look at all the details and see if there could be any real link. Are there intentional links being presented, or am I just wanting to see links where there are merely coincidences?

(crackpot theory, what if Juliana is playable and not “Satsuki” as character number 4? Hah)

Don’t forget the theme.

Gillian Leigh¹

An investigator working for the CIA.
In charge of difficult cases together with her partner David.
Actively believes in supernatural and bizarre phenomena.²
Loves occult and UFO stuff.

Name: Gillian Leigh¹
Height: 167 cm³
Weight: She won’t tell it
Blood type: B
Birthday: August, 9⁴
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Japanese Anime⁵
Dislikes: Lack of Sleep⁶

An investigator in charge of occult and strange cases.
In her childhood, she happened to experience
an encounter with "a strange living being, pure white, who could change its appearance"⁷,
She possesses a deep knowledge of cryptids and monsters.
She’s a beauty, but everyone thinks of her as
“A bit strange”.
Has a tremendous passion in her work,
and often argues with her colleague David.

¹ That’s the definitive proof they wanted to use Gillian LEIGH Anderson’s actual name. As “Leigh” is pronounced exactly as “Lee”, the Japanese transcribe it as リー , accordingly. But one wouldn’t see the difference between a リー meaning “Lee” and one meaning “Leigh” if he doesn’t know beforehand… So, folks, “Juliana” is wrong, and always has been from the start. You can continue to call her Juliana Lee all you want: for me, she’s Gillian Leigh.
² This is inverted from the original X-Files situation, where the “believer” one was Fox Mulder.
³ Definitely taller than Dana, though… :tongue:
⁴ Also Gillian Anderson’s birthday. For David they took the character’s date, here they took the actress’s one.
⁵ Maybe a reference to the time Gillian Anderson dubbed Maro’s character in the English version of Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke.
⁶ Gillian Anderson notoriously suffered from severe sleep deprivation while acting in the first season of X-Files.
⁷ OMG. Did she encounter AMATERASU, perhaps?

Eleven or Twelve? Probably not, as they are relatively recent in terms of chronology, so she shouldn’t be able to see either of them in her childhood.

Also, I took the “リー” kinda literally as Lee, but it likely is meant to be Leigh. My mistake.

Well, what’s interesting that in the cinematic storymode her hair is usually obscuring the symbol, but since they changed her model for the playable version it’s in full view.

It really depends on since when are the Illuminati conducting experiments with them… For all we know, she could’ve seen Ten, or Nine, or anyone else down the Illuminati’s chronology.


And here I thought that it was a Michael Jackson easter egg…

About Q.

In his ending, there’s THIS:

The article reads ROBODEKA-Q.
“Deka” is Japanese slang for detective, so… Robot detective Q. Another reference to Shōtarō Ishinomori’s Robot Detective K.

And all this strengthens the theory about Q actually being Chun-Li’s father, if we want to speculate about any future Capcom development about Q. After all, he WAS a detective.


I just want to thank you for being such an incredible asset to this thread. The translations are great but your insights are even better.

sobs hideously and agrees with you

I’m all for Q being anybody *but *Dorai, but after Kiki’s pic of him, I may have to bite the bullet-laced humble pie.

edit: thanks for Gillian’s info! She sounds charming and endearing!

Now I hate the general story mode for not doing Guile and Nash’s bromance justice.

Huh, I just on a whim checked out a video that showed all the SF2 characters at the continue screen. I noticed that in SF2, that’s the only time I could recall Dhalsim and Bison with pupils. Hmm.

Bison had pupils until SSF2 from what recall. I think the same holds true for Dhalsim. Not completely sure though.

I checked just now, and Dhalsim had pupils in SF2 only. His portrait changed from SF2CE on.
Bison had pupils until SSF2, where his portrait showed in his eyes two minuscule gray points that could be seen as pupils.

@“Super Sonic” Why the “uh…no”, do you want Q to be Chun Li’s father? I’d be interested to hear why. Not just you, but anyone who’s in favour of the idea.

What about Gen, Sagat and Rolento? Did they ever have pupils?