The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

So what do you guys think is Capcom going to cover next?

If I’m not mistaken, they’re done with

  • Street Fighter
  • Street Fighter Alpha
  • Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter III
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Street Fighter V
  • Street Fighter The Movie The Game
  • Street Fighter EX
  • Capcom Fighting All-Stars
  • The “What If” Characters from mainline series and crossovers
  • The Dolls
  • Various NPCs
  • Slam Masters
  • Final Fight

Seems like at this point they only need to do the remaining NPCs and Rival Schools?

They didn’t do one for Geki. They created a new character to be his successor, but the original still doesn’t have a profile. He may have died, but that didn’t stop Goutetsu or Go Hibiki.

Shin Akuma, although we’re not missing out on anything. What can you say about him other than the fact that he’s Akuma, but stronger?

Death. But I get the feeling that they’re trying to keep him a mystery, unlike D.D. and Rook.

Cyber-Akuma. Though since they did Dan’s sister, he may be closer than we think. I’d be interested in knowing if they’re going to give him a new backstory.

What? They didn’t do a single Slam Masters character, other than Haggar of course.

The Andores, FF2 enemies, FF3 enemies and bosses, NPCs like Genryusai and Rena, and maybe, just maybe, more Streetwise characters.

As it’s ‘Capcom Fighters Network’, I wouldn’t be shocked if it continued into Darkstalkers, Cyberbots, Warzard, etc.

@EterTC oh shit, so there’s a lot to come still. Good to know

We also have Profiles for the 6 Season 2 characters left to go, especially since 5 of them are new. Even though they already covered Akuma, Helen and Kolin, I’m sure they’d want to talk about their playable incarnations in more detail, since we have their Character Stories now.

Captain Sawada

The blue shirt makes his muscles shine!
The miraculous new fighter
who uses Sawada-ryū kenkajutsu¹ and a wee bit of ninjutsu.
A man with a strong sense of justice, and straighter than a ruler!

Name: Captain Sawada
Height: 175 cm²
Weight: 75 kg²
Blood type: 0²
Birthday: January, 28²
Home Country: Japan²
Favorite things: Horse Riding², Training²
Dislikes: Excuses²

He willingly took part to the operations for the destruction of Shadaloo.
Currently, he’s traveling around the world for duty’s reasons.
With his passionate heart, and a well-trained body
he beats his opponents using personal techniques.
His “Gokusatsu Jibakujin³” is a sight to behold, but
you must not imitate it.
He has a strong resistance to cold.

¹ “Sawada-style brawling techniques”. :lol:
² ALL his stats come from the real actor Ken’ya Sawada’s own stats. Yes, even his blood type and the fact he dislikes excuses. :tongue:
³ “Fierce self-destruction prison killing”. His :hcb: + P already shown by @EterTC.

These will be really far from SF tbh

They have waaay more close series that can keep them busy for a lot

-SF: some cool NPCs
-and some boringcrap NPCs
-SF: maybe important characters from anime movies/series and manga
-SFonline characters?
-finish FF2/FF3 and eventually cover a bit of FFstreetwise
-Slam Masters
-Rival Schools
-Captain Commando (same universe of SF iirc, just future)

Kolin uses “Frost Tower” against Sawada…

“Straighter than a ruler” Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

When Captain Sawada makes his own fighting style (and adds some Ninjutsu) he becomes a badass.

When Dan Hibiki makes his own fighting style (and adds some Muay Thai) his gi turns pink and he has trouble paying his phone bill.

I wish they had mentioned his relationship to Guile and, more importantly for me, Nash. Here’s hoping he’s one of the S2 characters. Would be much better than Azam the idiot, that’s for sure.

I just waiting how they would turn out to Fallen Balrog/Revenger Balrog, Mech Gouki, Cyborg Nash and G13EXZero-Gouki.

If they would include cartoons and anime I’m interested with

SF Cartoons
-Satin Hammer

SF Live Action

SF Anime

-Dr Sadler

Recuring Characters

Victor Ortega is both the 4th and 6th character for Season 2. It was originally going to be Sagat in 4th, but Ortega suplexed him so hard that it broke time and created a second Ortega. The 2nd cinematic story will revolve around trying to prevent a conflict between these unstoppable forces, which are actually what the Illuminati prophecy was referring to (Shadowloo was just a coincidence).


No-more-jobber Zangief > Ortega > everyone > jobber Zangief

Ortega was Champ in an org where Zangief was banned being too good, let’s be real

There’s no confirmation that Zangief was ever part of the CWA before he was banned for being too strong. Darun in EX holds Zangief to the same status as Ortega tho. Although, as far as I know, Gief is not a decorated champion like Darun, Ortega, or even Hugo for that matter (has anyone seen any championship belts or trophies for Gief like the others I’ve mentioned?)

From what it seems, Gief is like the Dan Marino of the SF wrestling world.

I remember at some point to have read that (not CWA specifically, wrestling federations on general), i just googled but i can’t find it

If help, there’s pic of him in the audience of Slam Masters 2, where he’s pissed watching others in the ring (possibly because banned from it?) seem to hint that

I recently took a look at Slammasters II endings and for Haggar’s it’s after he was Mayor. Do we know how long he was mayor of Metro city? And roughly when does Slammasters 1 & 2 take place in the SF canon?

Also two off topic things:

1-For those with the All About Capcom books or even just knowledge, can anyone tell me what is the deal with Warlock and its pilot G.O.D. in Cyberbots? The stages looks like a dead space angel is attached to a sphere, and the mech itself seems inherently magical. Always been curious about that.

2- I hope you guys don’t mind me sharing this here, but you’re the closest Capcom group I interact with and I feel at home here. I spent a lot of time on this over the course of a year, but I threw together a intro + titlescreen concept for an imaginary Captain Commando sequel

Concept: Captain Commando II - Gears of Yokai


I don’t know anything about Cyberbots outside of Jin, but here’s the AAC profile. All I can say is that boss was cheap as fuck.

Slam masters is pre SF1

Awesome, thanks! Do you know how far down the line the sequel is?