The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

You are confusing lore with game balance. The stats are based on how she plays in the game. Rose doesn’t do a lot of physical damage. She has long rang pokes and relies on zoning. She’s a “death by thousand cuts” characters. You can’t really lock her down and she eats away at your lifebar while you trying to keep her in one place long enough to land big damage.

Its like how Akuma always had the worst health rating in the game. Lore wise that’s completely untrue. It’s done for game balance reasons. Hugo tanked a Shin Shoryuken from Ryu in the lore. A move that would take nearly half his life bar in game. On the flip side, the vast majority of the Street Fighters would get KO’d by a Shin Shoryuken. Yet they’d only lose half their life bar in game.

Soul Illusion was first. She had it in the Alpha/Zero series. It’s more like Yang’s Seiei Enbu if anything.

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to make you change your ideas, nor anyone else. That would surely be a waste of time, indeed. Thanks for your concern. You should be happy instead, knowing you’re going to hate the actual version of the character and come with a criticism grounded in true facts! =)

Anyway…this the character that popped into my head while I was working on Rose. I wanted her style to come off as rough and less technical. The goal was to give her a true “street fighter” vibe.



Name: Roxy

Nickname: The Rough and Tumble Rider

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: American

Height: 5ft 9in(1.75m)

Weight: 150 lbs. (68kg)

B/W/H: 38-26-37 (97cm-66cm-94cm)

Hometown: Metro City, USA

Appearance: Roxy long straight orange hair that comes down to her waist. She wears a dark crimson long sleeve leather jacket, unzipped with a short black t-shirt underneath that shows her midriff. She has on matching dark crimson leather pants with black snakeskin leather boots. Her hands are covered by black leather weight training gloves.

Likes: Poison, Her Motorcycle*, MCMA** Gym, Muscle Training, Shopping

Dislikes: Haggar, Trains, Wimps, Bigots
Fighting Style:** Street Jitsu***

Tone: Roxy is nonsense woman. That doesn’t crap from anyone. If you don’t respect her. You’ll learn to…

Origins: Roxy grew up in an orphanage in Metro City. She was tomboy and because of this she was ostracized and bullied by both the boys and girls of the orphanage. The few friends she did have began to avoid her so they wouldn’t get picked on. That was until a new orphan showed up. He was different, but anyone that tried to pick on him learned not to. The hard way. He took Roxy under his wing. Taught her how to protect herself and even told her his deepest secret. Roxy didn’t care. He was the sister she never had and they’d had each others backs every since.

Her Rival: Olivier

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 4 Range: 2 Mobility: 3 Technique: 3


P+K: Street Wise – Roxy stomps on her opponents foot and hit them with quick chop to the throat

B+P+K: Giant Drop – a pro wrestling move she picked up in her time in Mad Gear. Roxy picks up her opponent, hoists them into the air , and drives them into the ground back first. Back Drop she learned from Andore

Unique Attacks:

Switch Blade– B + MP: A quick backfist to the sternum

Abigail’s Regards: DF+MP: (Overhead) A slow but powerful overhead right punch

Handle Bar Strike – B +HP: Roxy hits her foe with spinning right back elbow, followed by a spinning left back elbow

Patella Buster – F+HK: A fast front push kick to the knee


Heel Boy – F+PPP: Roxy picks her foes up by the torso and slams their groin into her knee (Reverse atomic drop), doesn’t know down puts her opponent just out side of sweep range


Lockdown – MP+MK: A quick forward or backdash (B+MP+MK)that travels half the distance of her normal dash. Can cancel all normal and special physical attacks from the dash. However any blocked canceled attack will be at least -4 on block. Dash has no strike or throw invincibility.


Unchained Rage – HP+HK : Roxy unleashes her fury. Gaining armor, on frame 3, and juggle properties on all of her physical attack specials. The grab range of Tough Love is also increased. 2-Bar V-Trigger. Three enhanced attacks will deplete her V-Gauge.


Knuckle Duster -QCF + P: Roxy introduces her foes to her fist with a three punch combination. A left hook to the temple, followed by right hook to to the temple, ending with a quick uppercut to the chin. LP has no horizontal movement, starts up the fastest, but does not knock down. MP starts up slower, moves her forward slightly, and knocks down. HP moves her sweep distance, starts up the slowest, but knocks her opponent in the air for a juggle.

Tough Love- HCB + P: (Command Grab) : Roxy grabs her opponent by jumping on their shoulders, wrapping her legs around their head, raining down two quick elbows to the top of the head, before flying to the air, flipping forward, and driving their head into the ground.

Toxic Heel-F,D,DF +K (Forward, Down, Down Forward): A forward flipping somersault kick that goes over horizontal projectiles. Similar to Poison’s Love Me Tender without the follow grapple. All versions knock down. Distance determined by the kick button pressed. EX version if fully projectile invincible.

Birth Control-HCF+ K: A lighting quick dashing knee to the groin. Distance is determined by kick button pressed. -2 on block if properly spaced. Does not cause a knockdown except for the EX version.

Critical Art:

The Tenderizer-QCFx2 + PPP: Roxy charges forward and strikers her foe in the throat stunning them. She follows up with a dozen quick body punches and sends them flying into the stage wall with a powerful standing side kick to the sternum.

Reasons to be in SFV:

A budding Mixed Martial Artist with her own style. Roxy wants to use the world martial arts scene to garner notice from the CFC****. She figures if she can take down a few world famous martial artist, she’ll net a huge contract from the CFC.

*She calls her bike the Venom Rocket, birthday present from Poison.

**Metro City Martial Arts – The MMA Gym Roxy opened with the money she “earned” in Mad Gear

***Self taught martial arts style. Roxy has become adept at picking up techniques for before and after he time with Mad Gear. If someone was using skill that was better than what she knew, she practiced it and used it to replace the less effective skill she new. Over time this developed into her own Mixed Martial Art. She initially opened up the MCMA Gym as way to learn more techniques after her time in Mad Gear ended. Eventually she grew to love learning new skills and putting them to use in the Cage.
**** Cage Fighting Championship – analog to the UFC that I created for the Street Fighter universe. First introduced in my Canadian Street Fighter concept. Olivier St. Gelias

Side note: Poison and Roxy share the same birthday. This helped make it easier for them to pull off becoming twin sisters. People look at their resemblance, see their birthdays, and don’t question Poison’s gender. Poison was integral to her surviving the orphanage and becoming who she is now. Roxy was more than happy to return the favor by helping Poison be who she truly is. They’re sisters. Anyone that says differently eats a Knuckle Duster.

Incoming mini-rant. I really wish I could lock down how my mind works. I had no intention of doing anything like this today. I was reading the thread. The whole off topic discussion happened and the idea for a Juli redux popped into my head. I figured I’d do that an be done with. While I was doing that, Juni came to mind. All the Soul Power permutations I was doing for Juli triggered the Rose thing. However the Roxy situation was even more random. I just saw @PoisonKiss 's avatar and thought…I wonder if I could come up with something for Roxy. I feel for real authors like George R.R. Martin. I have these little character concepts that I do on a lark now and then. With Rhonwen, he literally sat there unfinished for years. I couldn’t imagine juggling an epic book with a multitude of characters. It was hard enough juggling the half dozen or so characters I interwove during my EQ2 RP days.

Yeah I have no idea how to include Cult Jam in that concept. You can’t have Lisa Lisa without Cult Jam. :smirk:

@“Darc Requiem” Nice posts! Like what you did for Roxy quite a bit! I can sympathize with run-away-creativity hah. I keep getting ideas and scenarios I want to make alongisde projects when I have loads of things to do. Heck, the thing I’m working on now was a result of me getting a random idea on the way home from work and that pushed back another project heh.

Ok, so here’s the first translation of SFA3 scenario backstories. I’m not so satisfied about it, as the literary style in which it was written is very elaborate and inspiring, and I feel no English version would ever do it justice, let alone my version… But here it is.


A natural-born street fighter who seeks the true warrior path. Unemployed and without a residence. Once a year, he returns to castle Suzaku to visit the grave of his master Gouken.

Fighting Style

Because he seeks the path of the true warrior, he doesn’t stick to a single style. If he has to better himself, he gladly adopts techniques from other styles, arranged in his way. As a result, he mixed various moves from karate, jūdō and taekwondo, building his own fighting style.

Fashion Style

For a warrior who wish for unknown strength, unnecessary ornaments only disturb the mind. Although he maintains gloves to protect his fists, and a hachimaki¹ to tighten his feelings, he never dresses up immoderately. He cut off the sleeves of his dōgi² to better throw punches, and because he remembered how inconvenient it was when he was grabbed there.

Genbugahara³ [Japan]

A luxuriously grown conifer looked up the sky, protruding towards a dead ravine.
I was certainly desperate. The thought of coming back home wasn’t on my mind, at that time.
But I willingly continued, as it was my duty as a painter.
Living a poor life on the fringe of subsistence, I’ve started to feel the passion wearing away little by little; but, most of all, I couldn’t help but to be pessimistic about my weakening strength.
I intended for it to be a farewell trip. Did I still have art in my heart? Did I have hope about living? I set foot in that mountain recesses in order to strike my backbone with a good whiplash, because it had already started to bend.
After four hours of walking, I finally arrived on the bank of a lake.
It could hardly be called a peaceful scenery. A splintered bedrock, and sparse dead trees; green peaks embraced by snow, hazily visible in the distance. It communicated an air of incredibly sad coolness.
Recognizing a human figure, I weaved my way through the rocks and approached it.
It was a young man wearing a dōgi², who was repeating punches and kicks. It must be that thing called shadow boxing, I thought.
He didn’t pay attention to me while I was approaching, instead persisting in his activity with the same vigour as before.
“…And you are?”
said he, having finally noticed my presence as I was sitting on the ground, looking at him. Since he had released the tension, the young man had an innocent look on his face, who was almost childlike; he seemed an honest person.
“Ah, I’m sorry… I was fascinated by your training. Did I interrupt you?”
“No… I was only thinking it’s unusual someone ever comes at this place.”
His manner of speaking was rude, but I didn’t feel that rudeness at all; on the contrary, his friendliness oddly relaxed me.
His name was Ryu. He said to be a fighter. I felt that with an occupation like that, he couldn’t really earn much of a living; then I gave a bitter smile, thinking that in that respect we were the same.
“I come here once in a year. I trained here as a kid. There… That castle you see at the foot of the mountain.”
“A Castle?”
In the direction he was pointing at, there was indeed a castle. It was a magnificent honmaru⁴. I’m ignorant about Japanese history, but I felt it was unnatural that there was something like that in such hidden mountain recesses.
Apparently, the man didn’t know anything about it other than the fact that it was called castle Suzaku⁵.
I reckon such details weren’t essential to him.
“When I feel hesitation coming from my punches, I always come here, and I feel like it calms me down… By repeatedly punching like so, without thinking about anything, every idle thought disappears.”
He gazed at his fists with a happy smile.
And so… I realized it. Finally.
That man was me when I was young. When I was content to spend my days simply painting pictures. The nights I despaired of ever reaching those heights. My friends and my teacher. My body was overflown by surging emotions that repeatedly destructed and recreated it, over and over again. Fulfillment and longing. There was life in all that.
“I’m going to stay here for the night. And you? The Sun is already setting.”
“Ah, well, right… I’m heading back home. Keep at it, Ryu.”
“You too.”
“You haven’t lost yet, haven’t you?”
Maybe I misheard these last words. I didn’t exactly hear them; rather, I had a hunch they had resonated directly inside my chest.
The wasteland was getting dyed vermilion. Leaving the sunset behind my back, I started to walk along the way whence I came.
When I turned around, the young man was reprising his practice.
Suddenly… He raised his fist up. Vigorously, high in the sky.
Upon seeing the young man’s shadow overlapping the bright red disc of the Sun, I strongly felt the urge to go to my canvas.

¹ The classic Japanese headband, often with writings to inspire the wearer.
² Generic term for all martial arts-related uniforms.
³ “Field of the Mysterious Warrior”. Obviously an invented name, but it must be specified, as some places in SFA3 were REAL.
⁴ The central bailey and keep of a Japanese castle, where the Lord lived.
⁵ The Vermilion Bird, Chinese symbol of fire.


Thanks. I really don’t know what happened today. I got pissed at the servers. Lost like 500 LP and fell back into ultra bronze on PS4. I started reading the thread. Ideas started flowing into my head and I just started writing. Maybe I should get wrecked on SFV more often LMAO

Something interesting about the whole low health or defense.

In the Japanese character description of Evil Ryu and Violent Ken for USFII, it gives the general story run down of Evil Ryu while describing him as having a lower defense in exchange for having stronger specials, which is pretty much true for every appearance he’s made. Ken has the standard story background in his, the irony being that he is also a low health, low defense, and highly aggressive style character, yet nothing being mentioned in his description.

Not really saying in game stats reflect anything in canon, it’s just pretty interesting that they would mention Evil Ryu having a low defense in a character background not based on gameplay.

I’ll be honest with you, I can’t judge the rest because that part still cracks me up whenever I try to reprise from there. :rofl: :lol:

Well, you know I like making people laugh =)

I fucking love this. If/when Poison makes it into the game, I hope at the very least that Roxy turns up in the Character Story.

Given your affinity for Poison, you approval means a lot to me.

@Miðgarðsorm thank you for the insightful post regarding the Genbu Fields (It’s actually a part of my avatar as a matter of fact). A lot of Ryu’s character I assumed about him is pretty much described in it.

Capcom is too keen on playing coy about Poison’s backstory for this to be made official canon, but I really loved the way you put their history together.

Unrelated Side Note: I think @PoisonKiss is the only one that got my Lisa Lisa joke…

From head to toe, baby.

If nothing else we can hope JoJo getting popular in the west will draw attention back to a lot of really great 80s bands.

Very true. If I were at Capcom. I would have to leave things more vague. This how I would “Capcom” the origin. I wrote.

Origins: Roxy grew up in an orphanage in Metro City. She was tomboy and because of this she was ostracized and bullied by both the boys and girls of the orphanage. The few friends she did have began to avoid her so they wouldn’t get picked on. That was until a new orphan showed up. He was different, but anyone that tried to pick on him learned not to. The hard way. He took Roxy under his wing. Taught her how to protect herself and they shared a special bond. He was the family she never had. Through him, she was able to find her “sister” Poison.

the attribute charts in Street Fighter V are based in lore not game if not how Birdie who has 4 in power does more damage than Bison who has 5 or how Akuma has 3 in Health like Nash, Ryu, Ken Guile among others however his life is less than normal; again Bison has 4 in Mobility like Ken, Karin, Laura, Chun-Li and is the slowest character in the game. That’s what I mean if her current damage in the game is not very high I understand that Capcom do it all the time. Rose doesn’t do a lot of physical damage ok but her Soul Power is used precisely to compensate for that, she imbues her physical attacks just like Bison therefore at least 4 my opinion should be 5.

I do not try to be antagonistic, It is only my opinion about her, I have always considered that Rose is one of the most powerful characters in Street Fighter´s lore.

@“Darc Requiem” I like it because in the only official stuff about their relationship, it said Roxy was a cisgender female and disapproved of Poison’s trans situation, which I think is sad. This is a more modern take, and I think would be more realistic, honestly. If Metro City is anything like NYC – and it should be – then the cis and trans sex workers are usually a team. You have each other’s backs because nobody else will give a shit about you. I do LGBT community work and I know girls who were kicked out by their families and went through orphanage scenarios like this and wound up hooking, and they all had bigger things to worry about than what was in each other’s skirts.

I am most drawn to Poison, actually, because I think in many ways she’s a very realistic presentation of something a lot of trans women and gay men go through on the streets, and I don’t think the games shame her for it. They’ll make jokes about her being ‘mannish’ now and then, but in general she’s made something of herself, people respect her, and she’s seen as sexy and smart. It’s a pretty progressive take given that the character had less than progressive origins lol

Darc, that’s pretty much how I’d want Rose to look if she were included in V. Everything looks great.

Great job, homie.