The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

The belt was fine for me, even if that would appear in the headband or the karate gi because it look natural, but it’s like a special customized gloves IMHO. the best sense is from Gouken

So that’s why you say you designed SFV Ken. It all makes sense now. Remember I didn’t read the first 300 pages, so I may have missed this.

Ohhh. Now I understand your signature.

Richard Burgman Wayne Nakamura


Wayne Nakamura

The boss of David Spender and Gillian Leigh.
He’s an important figure in the American Central Intelligence Agency.
He devotes much of his energies to train and guide the younger members.
He’s currently investigating the mystery of the Man with the iron mask.

Name: Wayne Nakamura
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: February, 22
Home Country: USA
Favorite things: Cigars, His Subordinates
Dislikes: Fried Food

He’s a veteran, having been in charge of difficult cases and bizarre phenomena for 30 years.
As an experienced analyst for the HQ,
he doesn’t miss even the smallest detail.
He still continues to investigate a man in a trenchcoat,
whom he once spotted in an American port.
He watches over the “odd couple” of David and Gillian,
kindly and strictly.

Any idea on his name change? Did they simply rename him out of the blue, or was he called Wayne Nakamura in Japan all along? Where did the name “Richard Burgman” come from, the UDON comics?

Best I know, the dude wasn’t named in 3rd Strike, so I think UDON gave him one. Don’t quote me though.

A man in a trench coat spotted in an American port?

As far as I can tell there’s no TXF reference in “Wayne Nakamura”, which is odd after the other two. I suppose Wayne and Walter (Skinner) both start with W?

WHOA! I am LOVING his redesign. Look of character and ties him personally to Q?! I love it! I like the look, always had a soft spot for badass older dudes (it’s what I wanna be as I climb up there hah). Interesting note is old Burgman design was normal, slightly hefty dude in a suit, but this guy’s noticeably fit, intense and also has a soft spot for his team.

Interesting thing. He first saw Q in a port. This ties to his ending photo with the “Robodekka Q” and if they wanted, they could canonize the disproved “rumour” of Q being in Ken’s stage in SF2.

He was named in a document from 3rd strike, it was that letter neither confirming or denying Q’s existence. His name was signed at the end of it. Don’t know the origin, but I’ve come across it before, I’ll see if I can dig up the text.

Holy shit, did they just canonize Q’s being that guy in Ken’s background?

Oh, so they’ve stopped pretending that guy didn’t look like Q. Nice.

Found a source from the Japanese SF3TS OE site quoting a “Richard Burgman” in Q’s profile.

Q should be added into the stage in USF2.

I rewatched that scene so much as a kid. It was so well choreographed and badass.

Hmm, then that means Q actually has emotions? Cheering in a fight and all?

Maybe he got more monotone and worn out from ducking the CIA for a few years hah

Need that active Kolin costume.

I want a SFII Ken stage remake for SFV with Q chilling in the background.
Also, I want Ken’s win quote against him to be something along the lines of “Say, you look familiar. Weren’t you watching one of my fights a few years back?”