The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

That was obviously Wayne.

224: Ken Kakutani

Apparently he’s this guy from Makoto’s 3rd Strike ending:

Don’t quote me on it, but I think 拳一 is Kenichi? But I’ll wait for the experts.

From what I know, 健一 is how you write Ken’ichi, but I’m no expert either. I’m just as confused as you are, so we’ll have to wait for a clear answer.

It’s weird, Google translates his name at the top as Ken Kakutani, but then as Kataya Kenichi further down.

Also, his image file is named Kakutani.

Also also, these are the characters we are now getting instead of getting Guile’s wife, Blanka’s mother, Hakan’s wife, Rufus’ girlfriend, Viper’s daughter and Rashid’s Friend.

Ken’ichi Kakutani¹

A man who appeared in Makoto’s SFIII ending.
He was beaten with a single blow and a
but he’s actually a competent and strong man.

Name: Ken’ichi Kakutani
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: January, 2
Home Country: Japan
Favorite things: Dōjō yaburi², Tests of strength
Dislikes: Alcohol (He can’t hold it)

A karate master and teacher.
Travels within Japan in search of stronger opponents.
His special technique is a Jōdan Mawashigeri³ called Ittetsu⁴.
He was an old friend of Masaru, apparently.

¹ “Ken’ichi” is only the most common reading of his name’s kanjis. If they’re feeling nasty, the very same kanjis could be read Kenkazu, or Kenhito… Although usually (usually) with a rarer name they also give its correct reading. The same could be said about “Kakutani”, who could also be read “Kadotani”, “Kadoya”, “Sumiya”… But here we have the .jpg name to prove the former reading, at least.
² Lit., “Dōjō break”. The practice of challenging all the members of a single dōjō and beat them one after another.
³ High Roundhouse Kick.
⁴ “One Iron”.

it kinda surprised me that her brother (who went to find himself knowing that the dojo was all good in Makoto’s hands btw) and grandfather got skipped in favor of a guy who got on-shoted by a teenaged girl.

I bet that Higashi/Samchay looking dude in the ending gets a bio next.

The same thing happened when everyone thought that Makoto’s brother was named Masaru because her grandpa was talking to him in her ending, and of course, he was talking about the picture he was holding.

You know who else dislikes alcohol due to being unable to handle it? Rick.

They repeated the same dislike, and it was very specific. I guess that’s what happens when you have to write hundreds of profiles for very minor NPCs.

Next character to get a profile is probably gonna be this random Muay Thai jobber

Then afterwards it’s gonna be this whole line of jobbers individually

Cool, thanks. I wonder what made them give him such a drastic make over heh, went from short, seemingly hefty guy to a dude who looks like he could be a former SFer.

The Jobber-ocalypse is coming!

Fei-Long behind Old Man Sagat at the end of the line. Sighted.


Really want Slam Masters and Rival Schools profiles as well. Come on Capcpom.

Especially when Biff and Gunloc are in the SFV Visionary book and Tiffany and Hinata are clearly in the game.

You know, finding that Richard bio gave me the urge to look for more stuff.

So, @bakfromon or anyone, if you have any suggestions, lemme know.

Having seen the new blu-ray SF2AM after many years; I’ve come to the conclusion (again) that it is one of the best animes of all time. It has ZERO pretense and what it is and does, it does EXCELLENTLY. This franchise has so much to owe to that film. It’s like you can divide the history of the franchise in two segments - before and after the anime movie.

Sadly, I don’t think anyone will be able to replicate its genius again for the series. It’s one of those rare films that are a 10/10.

Also, something I NEVER noticed in all my screenings of the film is WHY Bison was going after Ken. The “secret P Project weapon” that was mentioned quickly in passing is basically implanting a Shadaloo Psycho Powered soldier in the American government to ensure that their puppet presidential candidate is safe and wins the election. Otherwise, the alternative new US government could become an opposition to Shadaloo’s interests.

Shadaloo was the Illuminati before the Illuminati even existed. That Bison, he’s not a monster, he’s just always ahead of the curve.

Give me Senoh or give me death!

Yup. Been saying that for a while.

It is absolutely the best anime adaptation of a property ever. Totally inarguable.

Also the best motion picture version of a video game ever.

Before FANG and his posse of Kidnapped SIN scientist’s Black Moons, there was Senoh and his monitor cyborgs and BRAINWASHING MACHINE. He probably was also behind such scientific marvels as the Psycho Drive. Recognize Capcom, fucking recognize!

It’s more than adaptation, it takes the source material and improves it in every conceivable way. It set the bar so fucking high that Capcom are still trying to hit those standards and failing on some accounts to this day.

Too bad the plot is garbage with like a hundred of unresolved subplots