The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

haha cameo, atleast they change the lower part

Random Muay Thai jobber: check

next up is a whole 3 months dedicated to filler characters

Place ya bets! Who’s next?

Makoto’s brother and grandpa
Remy’s sister
Guy who beat the shit out of Sean
Guy who got the shit beat out of him by Ken
Handsome boy from Ibuki’s ending

Lol they turned him a bit into Buakaw
I’m ok with it

I think they did’nt yet, i remember it into a group of pics projected on a panel during an event.
Aside the ones i edited i got chun, cammy, vega, gief, fang, sim, necalli, rashid, nash, karin.
If you got some other (checkered) pls share

Problem is’nt the costume itself, if they don’t fix the 3D model it will still be just a 40yo tranny on meth with SF3 Alex costume.
Not that will not help, from where he is anything can help… But still just fix the damn model, pls

That’s quite a nice touch, but there’s something I don’t understand. Ryu has been depicted as VERY serious and sulky for a long time. I know there’s no direct correlation between the two, but Ryu’s supposed to be a kind guy and kind people SMILE a lot. Why is he always so morose? The only time I remember him smiling are when he encountered that beggar girl in SF2:TAM (which is not canon) and in this pic:

And as far as I’m concerned, he has ZERO kind actions towards others in the canon. What the hell is up with that? Have we been lied to? Is he actually a selfish, goal-oriented bastard who enjoys fighting and doesn’t give a fuck about others? Wait… Is… IS… IS EVIL RYU HIS TRUE FORM?


A man who appeared in Makoto’s SFIII ending.
He was beaten with a single blow and a
but he’s actually a determinate man.

Name: Somsak¹
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood type: 0
Birthday: November, 20
Home Country: Thailand
Favorite things: His Father, Muay Thai
Dislikes: Lack of Sleep²

He trained in Golden Tiger Gym.
He’s a southpaw boxer, whose special move is a violent elbow strike
that he calls “Invisible Elbow”.
His father was also a muay thai boxer,
and happened to challenge the champion Nuakan once.
Somsak grew up respecting his father, and became a splendid fighter
then decided to travel the world to test his strength.
During his second trip to Japan, he heard the Rindōkan dōjō
had a new instructor, and challenged her… Much to his chagrin.

¹ The name likely references Thai pro boxer (not muay thai) Somsak Sithchatchawal, who’s also a southpaw.
² Yup, so did Gillian…

Wait a minute?

Ohhhh, I get it, he’s tiny right now. So that means tha giant rock behind him is a coin. How did I miss that?

I like most of these profiles so I don’t care. For everyone else’s sanity, I’ll say Remy’s sister, at least she’s “the Charlie” for him plus maybe Capcom will tell us what happened to her.

You know, this reminded me of that particular scene in the movie, right after his fight against Fei-long. You would have thought some kind of friendship was born between the two but…

Ryu… Despite having his arm broken (and probably a few ribs too) Fei-long accepted his defeat, was friendly, and didn’t hold any grudge against you. Was it so hard to at least be polite and say goodbye/good luck/ take care?

Well, as much as I wish it were canon, SFII:TAM has not been deemed canon, yet, so I can’t cite that.

However, in the SFIV Ties That Bind, which is canon, he protects Cammy, or tries to, but then goes all Satsui and almost nerfs Sakura out of the series.

He does go on to say to Seth that his goal is to rid the world of diabolical fools like Seth.

At the end, he has a cute bromance head to head moment with Ken.

Does that count?

I think TTB is an alternate story on the S.I.N. arc.

For example: Cammy has no idea who Viper is in SF4. When Viper approaches Cammy in her rival battle, Cammy says she heard from Chun-Li that someone was getting in her way. Some rival battles can be disregarded, but Viper later appears in Cammy’s ending when she’s in the SIN lab. That at least tells me Cammy is unaware of who she is. In TTB, they fought and Cammy got her sweet ass bodied. No way would she have forgotten her if that actually happened.

Eliza is near the end of her pregnancy during SF4 and has Mel in Super SF4. In TTB, Eliza informed Ken for the first time that he was going to be a father.

To me, TTB was a nice attempt at telling a separate story from the actual game, but it’s drastically different from what’s told there. The Juri OVA, however, actually fits perfectly with the events of Super SF4.

In Alpha 3, Ryu overcame Bison’s brainwashing to protect Sakura, so there’s that. Most of Alpha 3’s story seems like an unknown based on everything we know now, though. The one thing we know is that Gief and Mika stormed the Shadaloo base and likely destroyed the Psycho Drive.

Despite being worthless as a villain you still place your hopes in Necalli and FANG is just all types of crap, yet Laura is the only one you don’t want to return?

You enjoy sausage that much?

Laura is many times better than both, looking through any type of objective scope.

FANG is amazing and Necalli has more story potential than Laura. I can see where he’s coming from.

Meh only if amazing is synonymous with complete shit.

Laura had her fam documented and has a unique fighting style as far as women in the SF universe are concerned. FANG is interested in being under Bison and doesn’t seem too interested in having his own motivations.

And if you’re not making the most out of your potential in your debut, chances are you’re not ever going to be better. Necalli was a sorry ass villain. You two must be high.

But Laura didn’t make the most of her debut either. She is blatantly nothing but TnA, has zero major plot relevance (“But she’s related to Sean!” is not major, as he never did much either) and zero personality. FANG had the most personality out of ANYONE in ASF, orchestrated Shadoloo’s entire plan, had a badass (and sadly, censored) murder scene, and we got to see him deteriorate. He started off as an arrogant, scary, (mostly) composed guy and declined to a psycho angrily lashing out at everyone (Rashid, Marz, Chun-Li). That’s a lot more character development than we can say for miss “I like fighting just like everyone else in this series, and I’m dumb. There’s my personality!” Plus FANG does have his own motivations; that’s kind of what his whole prologue story covers: Kill and don’t be killed.

Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu, titties, ass=Laura’s story.

Not that I have a problem with that, but still…

F.A.N.G. started out as a master assassin who thought his Poison ability was unrivaled. Once he encountered Bison and barely survived the encounter, he became so enamored by Bison that he put together a diabolical plan to plunge the world into despair just to power-up Bison. That’s some real fanboy shit right there you can’t help but respect. He’s also creepy as fuck…in a cool way.

Ryu can’t spend too much time in one place. He’s gotta stay ahead of Sakura and those child support payments.

I guess you have trouble reading. I said he doesn’t have his own motivations when working under M. Bison. Did I ever say that Laura was better in terms of character and personality depth? No you and many others are claiming that Necalli is better despite being a dud. You’re hoping against what was shown in the story that he would be better. He blew harder chunks than Seth.

FANG is one of the worst things about SF5.

Looks like Ryu started a family but never divorced the path of destiny.

Still waiting for that epic Shinnok VS Shao Kahn story wise…

Also seems like Capcom kinda ripped off their story from the MK9 story… Gill shows up at the end stating prophecies; Shinnok shows up at the end having foreseen this…

FANG is all about being on the side that kills instead of on the side that is killed. Why do you think he’s on the side of Bison? Maybe because that’s the side that kills. His motivation didn’t suddenly go away when he started working for Bison; his motivation is the REASON he started working for Bison and stays loyal. And if you agree Laura is no better, then why does it bother you that Daemos doesn’t want her back? Try to refrain from being so hostile, please. I love the overall friendliness of this thread, no reason to ruin that.