The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

226: Gerald Golby

Bob Sapp much?

Just wanted to say the Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie Blu Ray is well worth it.

I’m sure Gerald actually tries in his fights though.

Damn, he looks serious. Gotta love the “BUSTER!” on his trunks.

Say it again Sam.

Gerald Golby

He fought against Alex in the semi-finals
of the Vale Tudo tournament "Eternal Fighting"¹.
Alex KOed him with a Shoulder Tackle.

Name: Gerald Golby
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 140 kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: June, 10
Home Country: South Africa
Favorite things: Training, Meat
Dislikes: Losing, Weak People

A newcomer in the MMA world who very quickly distinguished himself.
An elite wrestler who started his training since he was 4 years old.
In his university days, he played also American football.
His special move is a violent face crusher² called “Monster Buster”.
With his forged body, his fans expect much from him next time.

Although he did unfortunately lose against Alex
in the Eternal Fighting tournament,
he’s scheduled to fight in the Pan-American Battle Tournament
in which even Ken Masters will fight!
Who would win?!

¹ This tournament, incidentally.

² As in English, Japanese uses the term to generically indicate any face-planting throw, so we can’t be exactly sure what it is. It could be any of these moves, actually.

Basically a jobber they invented to not make Alex win over Rog canon

You already have Bob Sapp, it’s called Birdie… specially the SFV version

Btw new edits =)

I really am wondering why there’s such a surplus of blondes in SF5. Looking at Cestus’ treatment for Vega makes me wish he had hair more in line with that. Would definitely change things up. It’s getting more than a bit ridiculous at this point.


Honestly, I think it’s mostly coincidental. A lot the characters that hadn’t been in SF in a while were blonde. Vega’s hair color has always shifted between brown and blonde. I remember it bothering me when I was younger.

That’s EXACTLY who I thought he was when I first saw his artwork, especially since they said his fight with Ken (from Third Strike) hasn’t happened just yet. Makes more sense, considering they’ve been doing all of these cameo characters in the Third Strike endings lately anyway.

Whoa, finally something I have common and can relate to with this character. Never liked Ryu before but now I might have a reason to play as him.

We can… uhh… you know, do it… you and me?

so CFN are going ending characters… probably Senoh would appear later

Still waiting for alternate SFverse Fallen Balrog/Revenger Balrog, Mech Gouki, Mech Dan, Cyborg Nash and G13EXZero-Gouki.

I just wished they would cover Zero and SF2


For whatever it’s worth, TV Tropes is saying that Gerald Colby is the guy Ken’s defeating in his Third Strike ending, so I think we’ve officially identified him. Also, I know we’ve talked about Kevin a good amount, but I’m still confused. Was she created by Capcom to be part of this new Mika and Nadeshiko VA Podcast, or was she the first fan-made design they took off of Twitter for the CFN Portal, to be like, 'Hey, if you’re lucky and you Hashtag your fan art on Twitter, this could be YOU!"? I wouldn’t mind if @Miðgarðsorm would kindly grace us with a translation of it, since it could offer some more insight into the matter. Or am I just overthinking the whole thing here?

I really wish I knew about the contest…I would have submitted something, though I don’t know eligibility, rules, deadlines, etc…

Really now, side characters from endings?

Wait Capcom had a contest for a character submission and I wasn’t informed?

Lol, but you live in Turkey. That is kinda too far from London. Besides, being offered pity sex by a T.Hawk player isn’t exactly how I want to lose my virginity.