The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

1- That’s the interpretation i gave to Gen’s words… the Oni path may give a faster run to it’s highest point, but the highest point is not as high as where the “correct” way of Ryu can bring a martial artist.
Akuma keep pay with “soul” every improvement he does… at some point he will have spent all of it, that will be his ceiling, does’nt matter how much he train to overcome it.
For him see Ryu rise above that limit will slap at his face that he gave away everything for nothing like a fool.

Or he will have some awkward last laugh of pride if they want ride the Dad-Akuma SFV thing lol

2- I don’t think they will sensationalize it, but if they do it right it can be classy character development… if you think about it the Sennin life and the Oni life are more or less the same.
Evil actions are pretty much the only difference, but even Akuma is’nt “evil” 24/7… and even when he is, most of times is just about him challenging his opponents “to death” instead to a normal fight, and even this happened rarely

Oro spend years doing cave hermit shit and becoming a monster too, even if he’s classified as “Sennin” instead “Oni”

He spent his life to reach ultimate power too, and while he does’nt increase that power to damage others* he does’nt use it help/protect them either.
It’s an egoist approach, power for power, just for self personal satisfation itself… Ryu on the other hand, feel the responsibility of his power.

Can’t imagine Ryu going on “who cares, i’ve my 2-years-telekinesis-training-in-a-cave to do, or i will never be a fucking Sennin!”

And on general i think Sennin life is anti-Ryu… aside some isolation trainings Ryu’s concept is being that dude that travel the world barefoot, know new peoples, make friends, challenge local fighters, learn something about himself from each new Master he meet

He’s often in contact with humanity, wich make him fit to be “peoples Champ” everytime some asshole villain menace it

Also if they want keep the HNK Ken parallel, the very last and most important technique of Hokuto is basically based on humanity… know others, know love, know sadness

But that will already be (to use your word) “sensationalize” it imho, i hope they stay away from it

I like it more simple and basic, as the concept of offer his inner power to defend others… as they did kinda good in SFV imho

*neither does Akuma. Exact opposite, he damage others to increase power

Yup agree, I hope that he would also think Ryu as not something worth it and Ryu would not be a matter to him latter then proceed to wait for the death battle he wants to but will never find it.

lol, I just hope in the end Akuma would end up just someone that is waiting for the ultimate battle of his life without relative thing that would possibly make thing meh or Capcom would used for more cheezy stuff until Ryu and Akuma is totally known in a very different way.

I just like him to stay that way until he his end it might be not what he desired but it’s the most peaceful among the rest.

The thing is he wasted a lot for it than living life free from being a slave to a way he believe to be a standard of a greatest warrior ever exist.

Agree, I just hate the thing that they keep on using the word humanity it feels like a westernized son-goku, I used to see Ryu as man that is about self improvement in a more humane way than akuma but not someone who fights for humanity it’s kinda vague word that makes him a superhero.

Capcom should have just used the idea of Gouken/mentor as Ryu’s hesitation to go that path, Something like “the Master have told me” like that or he that he despise SNH because it stole away Master Gouken once from him and ken. That less western comic book superhero stuff and more 90’s kungfu movies boyscout-teacher-relationship not a revenge form but rather obedience and gratitude to the man that raised and mentored him.

Tbh Abel is a dbag, not much older than Remy and not even really french, he’s born in labs and then Nash saved him

Watching the moveset (booms and somersault kick) i find way easier think that (put events to have chonological sense)


Nash at some point for whatever reason has been in France and got some fine ass green haired french girl pregnant (twice)

Nash become father of Remy and that other blond girl

Nash keep his “family” secret to keep them safe from Bison/Shadaloo

Nash saved Abel from shada-labs and bring him to France with them, as it’s the only safe place he know to keep him hidden

(So, even if was never stated, Abel possibly know Remy too)

Nash had enough years/time with his sons to teach Remy the basics of Booms/Flashkicks

SFA arc, Nash goes on mission to fight Bison, leaving his family to follow his fighter/soldier duty. And die.

Rest of Remy’s family die for whatever (related or not) reason

As result Remy hate fighters, because it all started with dat “i have to fight Bison” thing

Is strange try to place Abel in that sequence but more or less, Nash seem the most obvious candidate to being Remy’s father… assuming they want build up Remy’s past, and that they want him son of a known SFer

I always thought that Ono and the other senior producers wrote the story. They probably at least have “veto” rights over what happens to the characters. Unless there’s some “story czar” employee at Capcom we don’t know about.

This is prep for the new true boss of Marvel infinite

Psycho Powered SonSon.

At first, I thought it was Ono, but I have the vaguest of memories that around ASF coming out a name (not Japanese sounding) was floated around so my thoughts went astray on that hah, but yeah, I can definitely see the veto rights being in place as you said.

@Cestus I dunno man, I can’t see Charlie being Remy’s father. It’s one thing to have his family in hiding, but I cant see him randomly leaving a pregnant woman in France twice by her lonsesome, before starting his heroic crusade and then going back and training the kid. Things are a bit different now because of how alpha 3 and SF2 combined and overall the timeline’s been compacted. With SF3 so close to SF5 and so short after SF2/alpha 3, would there even be enough time for Remy to be a teenager?

Guile and Charlie are the best of bros, I cannot see him leaving his family in the dark about any of this Shadaloo business, let alone not telling Guile he’s got his own family. It’s like the old soldier movies were they ask them to look after their family if they die. Guile would have been told about Chuck’s secret family before starting out his war against Shadaloo.

Here’s also the big different, apparently, (need confirmation on this) Remy’s attacks are based on light rather than sound. Charlie taught several troops his style, but only Guile was any good at it. I can easily see some of the lesser soldiers giving up and maybe one guy tried and learned other styles, but compensated his inability to make a sonic boom with a light based style he discovered or was taught.

Heck, Charlie discovered that his unit was really corrupt. For all we know, Remy’s dad could have been one of the troops on Shadaloo’s take, but kept his distance and only learned his moves by observing Charlie, but never mastered the ability, thus, later and later learned a light based fighting style, but combined it with what he saw.

I see Remy’s father being a scumbag or at least some form of coward to explain his absence. That’s just me. Anyone else have any other thoughts?

@“Evil Canadian”

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Thing is, everything can be adapted… the woman does’nt need to be a random fuck of a night lol, they could be in serious (even if secret) relationship, keep it secret is for her/kids safety.
And after all could have been a wise idea, considering first time he died shot in the back by an “ally” USA chopter

I’m not saying that Nash is Remy’s father, i’m saying that IF they want make Remy the son of a known SFer, Nash will be my easy bet without think twice

Nash would have had to father them at a relatively young age. Assuming he’s about Guile’s age. He’s be 20ish when Remy was born.

This avatar is eternal.

But if SonSon actually was in marvel infinite, then I would play the game 100%

According to AAC, when Cammy was first introduced into the series, many speculated that she was Guile’s illegitimate child. I never heard that back in the day.

Guile abandoned his family to pursue Bison and Shadaloo, but he’s definitely the furthest thing from a coward. He was also obsessively filled with revenge to the point where I can’t imagine him Sonic Slamming some pussy in his free time.

Keep in mind that this is what i mean speaking of “humanity” is’nt Goku like planet earth defender of the human kind*, i mean that he’s a very grounded “human” character, part of humanity… he travel the world, he know peoples, he improve as martial artist trading strikes with fighters from different places with different styles

Think how many times you seen him designed with his travel bag

In SF3 you even have it stay on the background when he’s fighting, minor detail but great characterization, that’s his life and how he improve as martial artist

He is about self improvement, but his improvement pass throught others… he search fighters to fight them, he fight them to know them, he know them to improve as human and martial artist

That what i was saying, he will start for a while his training under Oro, months, even few years maybe… but then he will realize that the Sennin path will push him away from his own humanity, feel it “wrong” and reject it

*it’s true that sometimes he actually truly save the world from the big villain, but is far more common to him being in some shady street knocking out 5 or 6 thugs that were trying to robber somebody, or being in some local clandestine fighting circuit, or challenging a local champion
He’s by nature faaar more “street level” than planet level character… he’s by nature very “human” figure

Thanks. I really wish we generally got deeper, more character-driven SF stories in media. Too often characters are left static and not allowed to develop in interesting ways…it keeps the Udon comics, for instance, INCREDIBLY uninteresting. Their fight choreography is also terrible in the comics and highly uninteresting as opposed to something like Ryu Final.

I could probably pitch half a dozen story arcs for various characters off the top of my head…

-Cody being released 24-hours style to team up with Chun-Li utilizing his knowledge of Mad Gear to bring down a cell of them. Interpol agent + vigilante against Mad Gear.

-Young Bison laying the foundation of Shadaloo as he investigates the origins of things like Psycho Power

-Adon’s problematic training beneath Sagat that shows the younger fighters incredible potential stifled by his poor attitude and Sagat’s terrible mentorship

-Urien’s maneuvering outside the Illuminati in the criminal underworld of the Capcom universe as he works to lay the groundwork of his new Illuminati (think Scarface + SF)

-Blanka struggles with terrible fight performances as he has to deal with the reality that abandoning his feral origins has weakened him. He returns to nature to try and find if there’s a way for him to regain his fighting spirit without giving entirely into the beastly side of him…a strange jungle hermit in Brazil who has been watching over him longer than he realizes aids him

Like I said…just off the top of my head.

Regarding @Cestus and @The_Shakunetsu talking about Ryu and humanity…

Ryu’s journey is one intrinsically tied to humanity. The entire “communicate with fists” nature of Ryu’s journey is tied to understanding other people because in martial arts lore there is no better way to understand someone than to clash fists with them. Ryu’s path of enlightenment is raising that concept to its highest level. The nature of his goal is inherently tied together with the concepts of humanity, empathy and communication. Violence to create meaningful connection is somewhat contradictory…but we see this all the time with boxers or UFC fighters that respect each other, fight one another in fair combat, and feel a deeper, more thorough connection to each other as warriors because of it. It deepens their connection and respect for on another. They see each other as more complete individuals. Rivals become friends become brothers. This is the journey Ken & Ryu took. The two did not like each other much at first…they were kids, it happens. They were rivals…we see this even in Alpha where they’re friendly rivals…but clearly still rivals. By the time SFII and SFIII rolls around? Wins & losses are totally irrelevant. They’ve moved beyond even being just friends…they’re brothers.

Sagat and Ryu echo this journey as well, starting as BITTER rivals with Sagat carrying much hate in his heart for Ryu. If I were writing Ryu, he’d hold a level of resentment (perhaps unknowingly) towards Sagat as well because Sagat “forced” him into tapping into the SnH, sending him on a dark, trying journey. Ryu would, however, recognize that Sagat actually helped him with that…and that Sagat’s strength forced Ryu to confront what it means to be a warrior. Sagat, we see, has an awakening of the same kind. They now respect each other. Brothers in arms.

Love your brother. Love your foe. They are the same person.

Ryu is on the path to find out what that all means…and how to achieve a level of martial arts mastery that lets him always strike to the heart of his foe so that he can understand them. A true martial artist is one who realizes his art is, ultimately, about compassion. It is about knowing when not to throw a punch.

In SFII the movie, Gouken asks Ken what he sees beyond his fist. Ken answers “his destiny”…and returns to help Ryu.

What is truly beyond your fist, however? Your enemy. Another human being. Something to always keep in mind. How do you choose to wield your fist against your opponent? Because that is what truly determines your destiny…perhaps even more-so than the destiny of your target. Ryu throws a punch at Ken. Akuma throws a punch at Gen. Why are these things so very different? Because the former is thrown with compassion, respect, trust and brotherhood and the latter is thrown with the intent to harm, to win, to conquer. Ryu throws a punch as a martial artist. Ultimately, someone like Akuma throws a punch simply as a murderer.

Thanks a lot! (Yeah, I know it’s been a while :stuck_out_tongue: )

About Ed… I quite don’t remember who mentioned this… But wasn’t Ed rumored to be a grapple type character?

Doubt Ed would be a grappler. He’s most likely the silhouette that looks like a boxer. Which makes sense considering he was “raised” by Balrog.

I think his play style is gonna be like Ermac from MKX, using his pyscho telekinetic powers to bring his opponents close to him so he can do damage.

Really like Cage Matsuda’s adult design. I wonder if he has any relation to Laura and Sean?

About the “Nash could be Remy’s father” debate, I think the developers MIGHT have considered making Remy Nash’s son at some point because they didn’t know what to do with Nash after Alpha. However, they scrapped that idea when ASF came along to tie him into the current progression of the story in a different way, since Remy is no longer relevant at this point.

The guy inherited SOME Psycho Power and is a long way away from having it be developed, certainly without a mentor to guide him. I’ll be surprised if Capcom actually give him flaming normals for example.