The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Except for some of Bengus’s artwork looking a little underwhelming, but regarless, i’m still excited for story mode

Watching the trailer again and the scene where Necalli sucks and gulps the energy of the Murderous Hadou. I think Necalli defeats Ryu.

cmon charlie kick Bisons ass once and for all

come at me @Daemos

Judging from the trailer I’m guessing that Necalli will be the device that ends Ryus SNH arc.

I like how calm and confident Bison is while everyone is invading his base.

There’s also this.

Visual confirmation that Alpha 2 ending is his canon death.

Everything is as it should be when bison is back to being the boss.

Judging from screentime:

Ryu - 30s
Charlie - 30s
Bison - 30s
Necalli - 20s
Rashid - 6s
Ken - 6s
FANG - 5s
Chun Li - 5s
Cammy - 5s
Mika - 5s
Karin - 4s
Zangief - 4s
Birdie - 3s
Vega - 3s
Dhalsim - 2s
Laura - 1s

The SF5 story is almost officially doomed.

The trailer is HYPE AS FUCK, damn!

…Although I’m not a fan of SnH returning to Ryu, I liked the “sealed by Gouken” end to it. But that aside, everything is awesome, but hat’s off to the badassery of Bisom. Damn!

P.D.: @Daemos hasn’t posted yet because he has fainted after such a badass Bison display, hahaha!

From the F.A.N.G. introduction video:

F.A.N.G.'s winquote to Ryu: *Finally, I have obtained a vessel capable of enduring Lord Bison’s power! *

“Finally, I have obtained a vessel capable of enduring Lord Bison’s power!” - F.A.N.G to Ryu

Daemos is in heaven right now. Literal heaven. I mean, hell, if I was a Bison fan I’d be in one too right now. Everything about him in SF5 screams “BADASS. STRONG. COOL. VILLAIN. POWER”


Something else interesting I guess people already know, but I thought was a pretty neat portrayal none the less. The “ink streaks” that swirl around the fighters in certain scenes all culminate around Necalli at the very end as he’s transforming into his VTrigger. It’s like he’s absorbing the characters “fighting spirits” to make himself stronger.

Daemos hasn’t replied to those posts because the video killed him. It literally killed him. Upon seeing that portrayal of Bison his heart burst out of his chest, ran around the room, consumed his body, donned a black cape and red officers cap, then flew out the roof of his house and straight towards the sun. When it finally reaches our star in 500 years, it will collide with the heart of the sun and infuse it with so much Bison-love that the entire thing will turn purple, bathing Earth in Psycho Power colored rays for the rest of time.

Ryu is the lead protagonist of the series, so seeing a lot of him isn’t bad nor is it unexpected. Necalli, as most already know, is a huge driving force in this particular narrative. Nash coming back and his possible connection to Illuminati also seems to be a large arc; all in all, the amount of screen time each of them recieved in this opening is justifiable.

As long as it’s interesting and connects well with the story they’re trying to tell, I have no problem with the SnH returning. Also, Dictator has always been a badass :slight_smile:

I like how I just talked about no one being good enough to knock Bison’s hat off…only to see it get knocked off in this trailer. Hehehe…

But seriously, that trailer was amazing. I’m really looking forward to the whole Ryu/Necalli, Bison/Nash showdown. I’m also glad we finally know Nash’s Alpha 2 ending was the canon outcome. I always preferred that to the Alpha 3 outcome, anyway. It just made more sense to me.

Bison’s hat and Nash’s dog tag fell at the same time after Bison did that weird purple thing with the loudass sound effect. I think that was Bison finally getting around to doing his Ginyu body switch.

The dogtags are more likely a symbolism to the question of “will Nash will triumph over Bison?” (and vice versa), because Nash doesn’t have his tags to be knocked off. He lost them when he was first shot by Bison’s helicopter in A2, and they are in currently in Guile’s possession by the time SFV rolls around. They could be part of his flashback, but they’re not presently on his body when he’s fighting Bison. None the less, its very interesting that they would use the exact specifications of the dogtags from the SF4 scene.

Ahem, looks like I was a little late for the party. Just now watched the trailer.

Agreed. That, and the fact that everything regarding Alpha 3 Nash is down the drain saddens me. Makes me wonder if they erased Alpha 3 off the canon entirely?