The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

If SFXTk just force Tekken to SF playstyle with SF layout but keeping their iconic specials it would have been better in some way.

Hoping for more CFN in a week, If there would be 2 more Luchadore or graplers CFN coming after this one I would assume there is something related to the reveal.

Seeing Hakan’s daughters motivates me to “build my own village” someday.

need a hot wife like melike first

He’s the one who trained both of them. He was mentioned in El Fuerte’s profile.

is El Stingray the dude from Slam Masters?

Hakan’s daughters

They’re the daughters of Hakan and Melike.
Seven sisters full of vitality.
A large family that goes along pretty well, anyway.
It seems their father buys them whatever they want.

Name: Hakan’s daughters
Country of Origin: Turkey
Favorite things: Daddy and Mommy
Dislike: Daddy’s songs (LOL? :rofl: )

Their special trait is undoubtedly their incredibly unruly hair.
It seems it’s a bit of a sore spot for them, too…

Their names are…

The first: Abla¹
128cm / 29kg / July, 7

The second: Susam²
125cm / 25kg / October, 2

The third: Hurması³
124cm / 25kg / October, 2

The fourth: Tereyağı
121cm / 20kg / December, 7 now in her rebellious phase

The fifth: Kanola
122cm / 21kg / December, 7

The sixth: Zeytin
123cm / 22kg / December, 7

The seventh: Ayçiçeği
117cm / 17kg / October, 16

All blood type A.
Their order is visible from the number of blocks (?) in their hair.

They like a type of Hakan dolls
that oozes oil if you squeeze it.

¹ “Elder sister”, literally. They don’t have actual Turkish names, taking them mainly from oil-related Turkish terms. Meh, at least it’s a bit funny. With “Abla” they even played with the Japanese term 油 abura, aka “oil”, the Turkish “abla” being written the same in katakana.
² "Sesame"
³ “Persimmon, date”, but incorrect as it should be simply hurma. Hurması is the third person possessive form, so it’s actually “her persimmon/date”. But I imagine they chose it because in Japanese フルマジ furumaji sounds like “old really?”, lol :rofl: The Turkish ı (without the dot) is like the English short e in open.
⁴ “Butter”. The Japanese 照れ屋 tereya means “shy”, so they played with its meaning by having Tereyağı in her turbulent phase instead. The Turkish ğ doesn’t have a real sound, actually lengthening the preceding vowel. So it’s like it was written “Tereyah-i”. It’s the remnant of an old intervocalic g that lost its sound fairly recently, and it’s because of this that now we pronounce the “g” in “yogurt” (a word that came from the Turkish yoğurmak, “to knead”)… and they don’t anymore.
⁵ "Rapeseed"
⁶ "Olive"
⁷ “Sunflower”. The Japanese “aichichi” can mean “Love daddy”, hahaha. The Turkish ç is the English ch.

Kind of hope the Slam Master characters get there profile. Would like to see how they get redesigned

Essentially, the number of those little “Lego studs” in their hair determines which daughter it is. They each have from 1 to 7 of them.

We mostly call that “canola oil” here in the US for…obvious reasons…

LOL I know, the question mark was in the Japanese text as well. Kinda like “guys, WTF were we smoking?” :rofl:

Awesome more profiles. Also, lol Hakan plays with dolls.

Is that a reference the the memetic levels of goofy Hakan’s SF4 theme was?

Sounds like they took too many post-match oil hugs lol. Anyway, it’s just adorable that they have a bunch of little dolls of their father that they play with.

Just an addition, “tereyağ” is not a word in Turkish. It should have been “tereyağı” instead. I’m disappointed they chose those “names” for Hakan and Melike’s kids, though. No one gives their children those names in Turkey. I know they were trying to emphasize Hakan’s obsession with oil, but… Kanola? Hurma(sı)? Abla? WTF? The only two that could actually be considered as acceptable names in Turkish are “Zeytin” and “Ayçiçeği” and even those sound weird as actual person names to my Turkish ears.

Yup, thank you. I copied the word forgetting the final ı. :slight_smile:

Well, I told you…

Great work, though. I’m amazed by the amount of research you’ve done. Or did you already know all that about the Turkish language? If it’s the latter, then I declare you one hell of a linguist.

Well, I know about the main features of the language, the vowel harmony and so on, but never actually studied it. I cannot speak nor write Turkish, if that’s what you mean… But I already knew the phonology and some grammar before my post. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Meteorito Jr.

¡Viva Mexico! The God of Lucha Libre, born in Mexico.
El Fuerte’s and El Stingray’s master.
As his name implies, he has a very cool meteor shining in his mask’s forehead.

Name: Meteorito Jr.
Height: 177cm
Weight: 90kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: April, 20
Country of Origin: Mexico
Favorite things: Movies (he acts in them)¹, Baseball
Dislikes: Aeroplanes

He was originally a superb high-flyer,
who used as his special move
a modified Moonsault Press named "Yucatán Tornado"².
When he came in Japan to fight, (he went by ship because he’s afraid of planes)
he injured his neck after having been caught in Antler Inoki³’s Abdominal Stretch.
From then on, he started using as a finisher
a Spinebuster named Kukulkán.

He’s known as an excellent trainer
and has opened his dōjō in Mexico
where he’s raising many promising young wrestlers.⁴

¹ That sounds a lot like El Santo.
² This references Último Dragón’s move Cancún Tornado, a Twisting Moonsault (that Último Dragón mainly did springboarding outside the ring). The inventress of the Twisting Moonsault was Chaparrita ASARI, who named it Skytwister Press, and for this reason it’s considered mainly a female wrestler move in Japan: think DOA’s Tina, or Tekken’s Jaycee for instance, both equipped with the move. For years I’ve dreamt about Mika using it as an Ultra. It would’ve been so fitting for her having a Twisting Moonsault that leaves a rainbow trail behind it…
³ Antonio Inoki, obviously. With even the same finishing move…
⁴ Exactly as Último Dragón himself has done with his Toryumon.

@Miðgarðsorm doing Gills work for us again. Great job as usual. I was a huge mark for the Ultimo Dragon. Meteorito needs to replace El Fuerte.

Thank you. Último is indeed a great man.

I miss WCW. Ultimo Dragon, Juventud Guerrera, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Misterio etc. etc. So many guys that could put on a show.