The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

yup it’s shaping up cause CFN is back…

Ah…wait? CFN? Capcom fighters network? Did…the online portion go offline?

CFN profiles just came back with 3 profiles after months of absence

Antler Inoki huh? Looks like he may get a profile after all. If that means that Demon Machami and Shin from SF: Online get profiles as well, I’m all for it.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie…”

Antler Inoki

The worthy rival of SASA Nishiki and Meteorito Jr.
He even fought against macho mayor Mike Haggar,
a true wrestling legend!
The image below depicts him when he was still active.¹

Name: Antler Inoki
Height: 191cm²
Weight: 100kg²
Blood type: AB²
Birthday: February, 20²
Country of Origin: Japan²
Favorite things: Sunflower Seeds³
Dislikes: Egg Dishes

With his unique talent for sports,
he was active as a big name killer.⁴

He had friendly relationships with various federations in the whole world,⁵
and several wrestlers came to Japan
to wrestle him in famous matches.

He has a fan club,
who every month receives cool Antler Goods.

¹ Antonio Inoki is currently retired and is a wrestling promoter and politician, well known in Japan for his meetings with Saddam Hussein before the Gulf War and, more recently, with North Korean officers, in an effort to improve the relationship between North Korea and Japan. It was during the trip to Iraq that he converted to Islam.
² All copied straight from Antonio Inoki’s real stats. Yup, even his blood type, found in the Japanese wiki.
³ Antonio Inoki actually sells his own brand of sunflower seeds.
⁴ Amongst others, Antonio Inoki beat Andre the Giant and Vader during his career.
⁵ Even with the then WWF, in which he was an unrecognized champ, having beaten Bob Backlund in a controversial match.

Awesome, I love that they’re doing pro-wrestler bios, maybe the Slammaster guys are around the corner? I think it’s also cool that they’re hinting that SASA Nishiki (father of Vivian Nishiki) may be also getting a profile. Man, I’m so glad these profiles are back.

Kidman was an unintentional oversight. Chris Benoit was my favorite wrestler but I left him out on purpose. I don’t bring him up for obvious reasons.

If anyone cares. I got bored. Made a SFV Sean. If anyone with knowledge of Portuguese could check behind me, it would be much appreciated.

[details=Spoiler]Name: Sean Matsuda

Nickname: The Cannonball Kid

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Brazilian (1/2 Japanese)

Height: 6ft 0in(1.83m)*
Weight:** 185 lbs. (84kg)*

B/W/H: 45-33-34 (114cm-84cm-86cm)

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Appearance: Sean wears a yellow long sleeve hoodie with a black stripe running the length of his outer arms. The sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. The hoodie has a large black on the upper chest. Sean wears matching yellow jogging pants that have black strips running the length of his outer leg. He has on red MMA fighting gloves. Sean’s basketball sneakers are red with white soles and striping. His hair is dark brown (nearly black), styled in short dreadlocks on the top of his head, and shaved on the sides. Sean’s eyes are brown.

Likes: Ken, Basketball, Futebol (Soccer), Gaming, Bubble Gum

Dislikes: Dan, Laura’s bullying

Fighting Style: Matsuda Jiu Jitsu combined with self taught Ansatsuken

Tone: Sean is a jovial person. He enjoys the competition of sport and only seems unhappy when his sister is pestering him.

Origins: Sean is the youngest grandson of Kinjiro Matsuda. While his older brother (Fabio) and sister (Laura) gravitated towards the family martial art. Sean was more interested in sports. His only motivation for learning Matsuda Jiu Jitsu was to be able to fend of his older sisters playful “bullying”. After being attacked by F.A.N.G and Shadaloo, Sean became enamored with learning Ansatsuken from Ken Masters. Ken wasn’t interested in having any students. So Sean took it upon himself teach himself Ansatsuken by watching all of Ken’s fights and mimicking his techniques.

His Rival: Laura

Attributes: Health: 2 Power: 2 Range: 3 Mobility: 4 Technique: 2

1000 stamina 900 stun


Seoi Throw – LP+LK: Sean performs a classic Judo forward throw.

Tomoe Throw – B+LP+LK: Sean grabs his foe by the shoulders, put his foot into their sternum, and falls backward tossing them behind him.

Unique Attacks:

Sean Pachiki – F+HP : (overhead) Sean strikes his foe with a vicious two hit headbutt

Rolling Sobat – F+HK: A jumping Sobat kick that sails over low attacks and has long range


Zenten – MP+MK : Sean rolls forward toward his opponent. Roll is projectile invincible. Can pass through his opponents at close range or when they are down. Can be canceled into to Sean’s low kick attacks only. V-Gauge is only gained from blocked or landed low attacks.


Hado Explosão– HP+HK : Sean focuses energy into a powerful fast moving Hadoken. Causes a hard knockdown. Does 125 damage/250 stun. Fast start up. Long recovery on whiff. Low durability. Is canceled out by standard projectiles (except Ibuki’s kunai) and loses to multi-hitting projectiles. Sean has two Hado Explosãos per V-Trigger. 2-Bar V-Trigger


Matsuda Shoot-QCF+P: Sean forward dashes low towards his opponent. The strength of the punch determines the distance traveled. If no input is entered. The Matsuda Shoot is simply a forward command dash with no invincibility that does not pass through his opponent.
[] P- Sean Tackle: (Hit Grab)Sean executes a double leg takedown followed up by punches. The strength of punch button used to Matsuda Shoot determines the number of punches. LP (2 hits), MP (3 hits), HP (4 hits), EX
(5 hits), must be blocked low.
] K- Kinjiro Triangle (Command Grab): Sean leaps onto his opponent’s shoulders causing them to fall backwards while he locks in a triangle choke. The strength of punch button used to Matsuda Shoot determines the
number of hits. LK (2 hits), MK (3 hits), HK (4 hits), EX (5 hits), only grabs standing opponents.

Shoryu Esmagamento-F,D,DF+P: An improvised version of Ken’s Shoryuken. Sean spins 360° at apex of his ascent and tacks on an aerial punch that sends his foe crashing to the ground. All versions do two hits. Strength of the punch button determines the height of his ascent. More of a combo ender, lacks invincibility. Anti-airing requires precise timing with the MP version.
[*]EX (Shoryu Canhão): Sean’s version of the Shoryu Reppa. Has full startup invincibility. Rapidly pressing the punch button increases the damage/stun and hits. Maximum of 10 hits.

Tornado Kyaku-QCB+K: Sean’s self taught variation of the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. He jumps toward his opponent striking them with alternation left and right flying kicks. Distance traveled and number hits determined by the strength of the kick button pressed. LK (2 hits), MK (3 hits), HK (4 hits) EX (5 its, final hit causes juggle state)

Ryuubi Chute-QCF+K: (Dragon Tail Kick): Sean performs a high flying arching with wheel kick. Laura’s Volty Line (overhead) is variation of this technique. Goes over projectiles. Kick button determines distance. EX version is fully projectile invincible and causes a knockdown.

Zankuu Ryuubi Chute-QCB+K:(In Air)(Sky Slashing Dragon Tail Kick): Sean executes a falling Ryuubi Chute from a forward jump. Has to be inputted at the apex of his jump. Kick button pressed determines the descent angle. LK (10° Angle), MK (20° Angle), HK (30° Angle) EX (15° Angle) plus on hit, allows for a followup combo.

Critical Art:

Tornado Jinrai Kyaku -QCBx2+K (Tornado Thunder Kick): Sean’s version of Ken’s Shippu Jinrai Kyaku (Super Art 3 in SF3). The first five kicks of this attack mirror Ken’s technique exactly. However, instead going into a rising Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaka. Sean goes into a rising Tornado and ends the attack with powerful Céu Cauda do Dragão Kyaku that sends his opponent hurtling to the ground at high speed.

Reasons to be in SFV:

After being attacked by F.A.N.G. and his Shadoloo goons, Sean couldn’t stop thinking about how weak he was and how cool Ken was. He has seen world class grappling growing up but he had never seen striking on the level of Ken’s. He dedicated himself learning everything he could about Ken’s style. He got videos of all his fights and dedicated all his free time to master his signature moves. If he can show Ken how strong he’s gotten on his own, Sean is sure he can get Ken to accept him as a student.

*CFN Profile card lists him as 5’9” (1.75m) and 149lbs (68kg). He had a growth spurt. Both his father and brother are 6’2” (1.88m) and 180lbs (82kg).

-SFV Sean is in the vain of his SF3 New Generation/Second Impact play style. His damage is below average but his stun output is high.

-Renamed the dash from Sean Tackle to Matsuda Shoot and named the Punch follow up Sean Tackle. This was to allow the for a secondary follow up Kinjiro Triangle (named for his grandfather) to show off more of his Matsuda Jiu Jitsu training.

-Sean’s special attack names were often a combination of English and Japanese. I believe this was left over from when Sean was intended to be American. Changed that to a Portuguese-Japanese combination.
Hado Explodir – Hado Burst
Dragon Smash – Shoryu Esmagar
Shoryu Cannon – Shoryu Canhão
Tornado – Tornado Kyaku (Tornado in Portuguese is Tornado)
Ryuubi Chute - Ryuubi Kyaku[/details]

much CFN profiles… work is piling up for me

Strange they did’nt mentioned this at all in some way

That was one of the darkest days in my life. Even now, I still wonder why the hell should I continue with wrestling, and I have Chris to thank for a good part of those doubts.

I’m on it!

Hado Explodir - If you meant explosion, that’s explosão. Explodir is the infinitive verb, “to explode”.
Shoryu Esmagar - Same as the above, esmagar is the verb. It should be esmagamento.
Shoryu Canhão - That’s correct.
Cauda do Dragão Kyaku - Portuguese is correct, but usually the pronounce kyaku is reserved for kanji compounds; in all other cases the y prefer keri/geri… Or the anglicism kikku. :tongue:
Céu Cauda do Dragão Kyaku - cauda do dragão is correct, but that céu (sky) is awkward: it would flow better if written cauda do dragão do céu (“dragon’s tail from the sky”).

Because it was one of the most boring matches of the entire history, I guess… :tongue:

Benoit’s T/E ratio was 10 to 1. So I can only assume some sort of combination of CTE and Roid Rage was the cause. I’ll update my Portuguese thanks. Edit. I think Ryuubi Chute would be a better alternative. Otherwise it’s a mouth full. Chute would be the correct word for kick, I think. I remember a lot of Brazilian MMA fighters coming from Chute Boxe Academy.

Sure, but that’s not an excuse when you shouldn’t have taken that shit in the first place… Why risk anymore when you already have to face the consequences of all those blows to your head? I’d never want to have those things in my bloodstream.

You think well. :tongue:

Of course it was (rules made it suck specially), but historically was huge regardless for martial arts world… in everyone’s eyes being the HW boxing World Champ was being the King of fighters (not in snk pussy way), the baddest man of the planet, the ultimate challenge for any fighter

On other side you got a fucking fake wrestler

And of the two Ali was the one to regret it

Bob Arum remembers:*
“So fine, OK. It was terrible, it was embarrassing. But Ali is bleeding from the legs. He gets an infection in his legs; almost has to have an amputation. Not only the [Ken] Norton fight would’ve been not happening, but Ali could’ve been a cripple for the rest of his life.”*

Specially in the east, it was big deal
“The 1976 Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki fight played a role in the history of mixed martial arts, particularly in Japan. The match inspired Inoki’s students Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki to found Pancrase in 1993, which in turn inspired the foundation of Pride Fighting Championships in 1997. Pride was later acquired by its rival Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2007.”*

That’s exceedingly insulting, if I may say so. Particularly when Inoki proved to be more than a match for Ali… Had Inoki been allowed to throw or submit him, Ali wouldn’t have had a chance.
And you still throw that “fake wrestling” around. I can assure you that pro wrestling is anything but fake.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mention of El Stingray before

To whomever added Hakan’s family to tvtropes… Two girls’ names are wrong. :tongue: It’s Tereyağı and Hurması, the ı is without the dot.
And they do not produce oil from their bodies, I made a horrible mistake about that… Never translate after a day of translation work. It’s their Hakan dolls that oozes oil when squeezed! That makes sense, at least…

Ever played Saturday Night Slam Masters?

Amazing that Capcom has way better Luchadore designs than El Fuerte sitting around. Hope to see Meteorito or Stingray in SFV someday. Hell anyone from Slam Masters.

Japan had fake wrestling much more hardcore than 'merica, but still scripted fake wrestling

They trained like fighters, that’s true

And i agree Inoki would have won (easily too), as on general rule person with a takedown and ground game > person without TD defense and ground game

Specially considering that Ali showed to have no idea about how to approach a mixed arts fight, he expected that japanese guy was going to stand and trade punches with boxing world champ lol

Again, being fake wrestling does’nt change that in japan MMA started there… but still fake

Again, “scripted” is not equivalent to “fake”.
Any martial arts movie has “fake” bouts as well, and yet no one ever accused Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and so on of being “fake”… That fact never ceases to amaze me.