The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

I really hope so too, Hakan’s wife and daughters is a small step, but these supporting characters are either important or semi-important to the plot or have been around for 20 years or longer. I think they’re doing the characters on Nakayama’s poll first (which means finally Shin may get a profile), after that it should be buisness as usual. I mean, how many other obscure characters can they pull out of thin air like this?

Yeah CFN profiles is definitely back!!

Shin is easily the most obscure playable character in the series, if you can even consider him an actual Street Fighter character, that’s it.

Technically I think he’s the first Korean and Taekwondo using character in the series, preceding Juri by a couple of years.
But who the hell would ever put Shin before Juri in pretty much anything?

It’d be cool to have a CFN profile for him though, so that he’s not completely forgotten.
We had profiles for Kevin Straker and Troy/Dr. Jose, so it’s established that everything’s allowed on CFN.

Interesting…! Hmm, to me, I feel like this would be at home in a “bossmode” Bison.

agree surely a fitting story mode or arcade mode final boss

Demon Machami¹

And we keep on introducing the pro-wrestlers.
A skilled worker who uses powerful moves.
She chose a heel way of life for herself
and will continue until she burns out!²
A heel amongst heels, a super heel!³

Name: Demon Machami
Height: 168cm⁴
Weight: 90kg⁴
Blood type: B⁴
Birthday: January, 7⁴
Country of Origin: Japan⁴
Favorite things: Tsukemono⁵, Musical Activities⁶
Dislikes: Hairy Caterpillar⁷

The boss of her inherited female heel stable “Demon Army”.⁸
The match between “Shocking Demon Machami” and Rainbow Mika
saw the then-newcomer Mika stormed by fouls,
run-ins and all sorts of stormy violent actions.

Mika’s seconds tried to enter the ring to help,
but Mika stopped them from interfering.

Mika’s resolution to a fair and square fight deeply impressed the crowd and Machami herself.
Mika won the match pinning Machami with her Dream Driver.

After the match, Machami build a good friendship with Mika.
She’s a very good singer.⁶

¹ Based upon Devil Masami. They even forgot to change the name of the image, where she’s named “devilm.jpg”, lol.
² See note ⁶.
³ “Super Heel” was the last gimmick of Devil Masami before her retirement.
⁴ All copied from Devil Masami’s real stats from the Japanese wikipedia (in her English page her weight is 70kg).
⁵ With her real name Masami Yoshida, Devil Masami is the shop manager in a traditional Japanese tsukemono restaurant in Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyūshū, named 小倉城 糠蔵 Kokura-jō Nukagura (“The rice bran granary of Kokura castle”). Catering industry is a common activity for retired professional wrestlers all over the world.
⁶ Devil Masami was also an enka singer, and released an album (“Rain of tears”) and various singles such as Silent Goodbye and 燃えつきるまで Moetsukiru made (“Until I burn out”). The last one is referenced in her description.
⁷ “Hairy caterpillar” in Japanese also stands for “pest, irksome person”.
⁸ Devil Masami entered the female heel stable ブラック軍団 Burakku Gundan “Black Army”, whose “boss” was Yumi Ikeshita, in 1979. After Ikeshita’s retirement in 1981, Masami took over as the boss of the newly renamed デビル軍団 Debiru Gundan, “Devil Army”. Hence that “inherited”.

Awesome work with the translations dude!

All these wrestlers make me wish Capcom was more daring and would revive Slammasters :c

Awesome female wrestler.

Also regarding Bison teleporting…I swear, a main design concept of SF5 was to make it as a safe and vanilla as possible. So much stuff was excised through the beta-process, etc. Sad.

Nakayama tweeted that they’re going to do all the characters from the poll anyway. So I expect the next to be Shin, because he’s the only one left…

That’s exactly why I’d like a profile for him. This series has so many characters, even crappy and cloned characters have something unique about them. The fact that there are so many playable characters, to begin with, is unreal. When people think Street Fighter they think the SF2 crew first and foremost with characters of other installments having different levels of notoriety. Even for those who didn’t know the Monitor Cyborg was a playable character, absolutly no one knew about Shin, me included, until recently.

I can’t wait for that day.

How I like Juri to be some how related to Shin maybe a former rival in taekwondo tournament or something…

Waiting for Cyber Akuma, Fallen Balrog, Cyborg Nash, The little girl in the pachinko, the cute black girl with Ryu and Gouken Daughter/niece.

Shin was a terrible SF char lol

Glad Juri end up being korea/TKD rep

Shin was like guile and nash

So since Nash is out his fine to me unless you’ll recommend.

I could see that rivalry, the rich, materialistic, wannabe artist vs. the tragic, sadistic, assassin.

I’m actually surprised the Cyborg-Akuma wasn’t done yet.

You’re not wrong, I tend to gravitate to characters most fans don’t care about (Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Rufus etc.)

Isn’t it interesting though? Not only did Capcom finally make a TKD character, but that Shin actually came first. Heck, his game was the equivelent of a crossover game and he wasn’t a Street Fighter to begin with and now he may be recognized as the first Street Fighter TKD rep.

He was more Nash x Hwoarang (or Nash x Rook)

Thing is as concept was zero, looked like the result of some regional focus marketing group about how to design a “cool character” that local peoples may appreciate

Was SFO mouse gen made for korean market? (honest question)

So with Abigail being seemingly confirmed ( - the title of page is “Abigail Character Data”), how do you guys think he’s going to be intertwined into the story?

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Zeku was shown in Abigail’s Character Story.

1- My point was more that Shin IS’NT a SF design as design process to begin with, while others may be “poor” SF designs… btw if help i like both T.Hawk and Rufus as designs (an i’ve been defender of the latter), while DeeJay was a tragedy lol

2- Yeah, i’m not a fan of TKD itself but the absence of a SF Korea/TKD rep ever felt wrong and a big hole of old pre-SSF4 cast

Curious thing Ryu/Ken style Ansatsuken is not pure Karate but was supposed to be a Karate-TKD-Judo mix iirc

Shin maybe know as Korean but his visual and moveset is so Nash and Guile. I’ll pick him than remy as a substitute for Nash.

I think they can go in any direction with Abigail since he has yet to appear in any form in SFV.

Since he’s a former Mad Gear member, I could see him running around trying to cause trouble during the Black Moons power outage. Doing things in the midst of chaos is pretty much a Mad Gear thing and that would seem like a perfect time.

Or maybe Poison got him to convert his attention to wrestling. He’s certainly got the size. I could easily see his story touching on this.

I’m really interested in seeing where they go with this. Zeku appearing would make sense considering the whole Final Fight angle.

More or less this, i can see them make MGG (or spiritual successor) do some kind comeback to NYC/MC after the satellite strike, wich can give the excuse to bring back some FFers too

Thinking something like that months ago (since ASF), will have been cool if they basically insert unused Capcom All Star plot into SFV, with Death taking the role of new crime/terrorist leader in the city

Dude looked cool

I remember they (Capcom) say that for FF chars they needed MGG memebers too, so that was probably theyr intention since begin
MGG has never been as big as Shadaloo or Illuminati, so it’s ok see it get a mini/collateral arc

Also if FFers don’t appear (or just 1-2) be fun if Alex (NYC citizien) will take on MGG members, after all he did nothing in ASF events