The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Yes… Few more on my list Cyber Akuma, Cyborg Nash, The cute black girl with Ryu, polin, gouken niece/daugter? And im done.

CFN and Arika is what getting me excited recently

An some are going to be GLORIOUS =)

Makes me wish Hakan was in this game. His Supers on Abigail? Lulz.

Everyone wants to dream and believe it was something more

Yeah, I was pretty happy when I saw it too, though I pegged him as more of a prairie province kind of guy, lol.

Whereabouts in Ontario are you? I live in Stouffville (about an hour North-East of Toronto).


His father is a karateka,
and his mother comes from a lineage of Taekwondo masters.
Inspired by the Vale Tudo he saw in America,
he aims at becoming a fighter.

Name: Shin
Height: 178cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: July, 9
Country of Origin: South Korea
Favorite things: Music, Showy Things
Dislikes: Sober Things

A handsome young man.
He has great confidence in himself and is a bit of a narcissist,
but is a legitimate taekwondo expert.
He’s studying in America, searching for his way in music and painting.
During his stay at the hostel, he saw by chance
the Vale Tudo tournament “Eternal Fighting”,
and the match between Alex and Gerald Golby shocked him.
Inspired, he returned immediately to his home country
and resumed his taekwondo practice.

Ok, I can reason that Showy things means like flashy, stylish things right? What does sober things mean? Coffee? Asprin? Hair of the Dog?

I’m interested seeing him in the future along with the other new guys as a Nash replacement since

Everything plain, simple, and simply uncool.
This guy can’t enjoy life.

Wait, this isn’t the SF Alpha animated movie Shin, right?

No, he’s from Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation

Wait…so he uses Vale Tudo now?

What game is this Shin guy from? Never even heard of him.

Street Fighter Online

He’s not.
This Shin comes from Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation, aka SF:OMG :lol:
Maybe you were referring to Shun, but I don’t believe Capcom would ever canonize him.

No, it definitely states he still fights using Taekwondo.
Vale Tudo isn’t a martial art in of itself any way it’s a sport like MMA where each competitor can use any style they please against one another.

Awesome! I’m kinda near Etobicoke heh.

Nope, that Shin was a little brother clone of Ryu.

Cool that they got Shin, I know he’s got some fans here. I’ve never played mouse generation, generally I’m indifferent about him, but I’d rather have him in a future SF than OAV Shin. You wanna mine from that anime, bring in the fantastic Saddler and Rozanov. :clap:

edit: oops, other replies got it right, it’s Shun, my bad

Sadler, Shun and Rosanov maybe the Shun we will get won’t be related or never knew Ryu

There is still a unamed girl in the chun li pachinko/

Eh, still I don’t want Shun, I’d rather not have some 10 year old be Street fighter, or have a new plot trying to tie the main baddie into Ryu. I want Saddler to be more than “the latest dude who wants Ryu”.

Behold, people grabbing Abigail!