The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

From the guide:

Bison Street Fighter 2’ HF:

Complete File Entry:

Psycho Crusher:

So based on the above, we know he learned Psycho/Soul Power under a master that he eventually killed with the Psycho Crusher.

Ok, so he is very similar to Akuma (without Gouken), he killed his master too…

Agree, Yup those were handy and hassle free for a quick local spar matches than quitting a whole mode entirely.


personally i will find cool af if chars get both personal rival and personal boss

Said that, rivals i will like to see with ingame cutscene intro

Fang-Chun li

and many others

They’re similar in that regard, but the reasons are different.

Akuma and Goutetsu fought in a battle to the death, which seems to be a thing for practitioners of the Ansatsuken.

Bison just up and killed his master because he wanted to prove he was the only one worthy of wielding Psycho Power. He needed to use that power to take what he wanted. Fighting strong opponents in a controlled setting was no longer something he desired.

Just a small addition: both SF2’ Champion Edition Gamest Mook mentions that in the past, before Vega/Bison was trained, there was the assumption that 2 more people learned to throw masses (projectiles) of Psycho Power… Mysteries of The Hadoken (Hadoken No Nazo) implies that those projectiles could be… the Hadoken.
For a while, it was suspected that Ryu, Ken and Vega’s master were the same person. Of course this was all before the introduction of Gouken and Gouki/Akuma.
The master was really old when Vega killed him.

Interesting. I would like to know how Rose plays into all of this.

Actually, no. SF2’CE Gamest Mook clearly mentions that Vega killed his master because, not only the master worked with Vega to control his killing intent, but also because he had learned everything from him and, by killing the master, he wouldn’t teach Psycho Power to anyone.

The reason that you mentioned, was more or less what Vega says in his SFZ1 japanese ending. That he knows how to use power, that he and Rose possess the same power and that now, he was the sole Psycho Power wielder.

She doesn’t.

Rose Z1 account in All About SFZ1 mentions that Rose spotted Vega in an limousine and she realizes that he was the one who she saw in an nightmare where the world was destroyed with infernal (bluish) flames. She then, remembers the words from her master: "One day, you surely will head to the battlefield. Do not forget one thing: ‘soul power’ is, for you, a powerful weapon, and also an weakness that cannot be overcome… " (the last sentence, she says the same thing in her Vanilla SF4 prologue). I don’t think that Vega would say something like that to anyone…
The same book also mentions that she learned Soul Power under someone who she calls “master”.

The thing is… Vega and Rose don’t know each other (at least it seems that they don’t know each other), during Z1 and Z2… While in Z3 they seems to be old acquaintances. Rose even mentions in her dialogue to Balrog/Vega that “once divided, it shall become one again”. I’m not sure if she knows that she and Vega shares the same soul at that moment. It seems so.

I had no idea the master worked with Bison to control his killing intent. That’s honestly my first time reading about that.

When it comes to Rose, the storyline seemed to have changed significantly in Alpha 3. AAC says her ending revealed that she was once a “disciple” of Bison’s, so it seems like they were trying to go for a master/pupil connection there. Not sure what the original says, but Bison basically acknowledged that he allowed her to “grow thorns”, which seems to indicate that he’s why she became as powerful as she was.

There’s a lot between Rose/Bison that was either never explained or done in such an obscure manner that Capcom will most likely retcon it by accident. The way I see it, all I can be sure of is that Rose, wielding Soul Power as an energy of absolute good, considers the absolute evil of Psycho Power an abomination and makes it her mission to stop Bison. However, Psycho Power practically consumes Soul Power so Rose will always struggle to defeat Bison in a head-on fight. Unlike Mu, which provides nothing for Bison to feed off of, Soul Power is pure energy in both the pseudophysical and moral sense of the word. Knowing this by the time of SF4, Rose’s only hope is to stall Bison’s plans while Ryu finds the secrets needed to win.

Of course, with Bison dead, she can go on to be a regular fortune teller/oracle, as assumed in her CFN profile and having Menat as an apprentice. Or, she could steal Guy away for a night of sherry and bubble baths (and more wink wink), but she’d have to go through this


Unlikely. Given that Ed’s story shows us that he’s no more “dead” this time than he was after SF2.

I’m hoping that they remember what made each arcade mode in their respective games good and implement them into this one also.

SF1 and 2: the bonus games (skippable just like in USFIV).
SF3: you get to choose one of two opponents + the parry bonus stage re-designed for all the characters’ V-Skill features, so Ryu gets to parry everything being thrown at him, while Bison has to a) parry, b) deflect and c) dash through them etc.
SF4: everyone gets a second rival in the game. So, if you’re playing as Necalli, you get Ryu or Akuma as your rival, choosable at will.
SFA2: you get a final boss depending on who your character is. Following from the Necalli example, your final boss battle would be against Bison.
SFA3: your character gets an epilogue as to why s/he’s out there fighting + you get to fight “stronger” versions of certain random characters/characters that normally would appear rarely in the arcade mode when you meet certain conditions (you fight Kolin as a rare fight or V-Trigger-always-on Bison if you didn’t lose a round up to that point, got a few CA finishers etc.)

Only an arcade mode like this would atone the atrocity that is character stories. But knowing Capcom, I’m 99% sure we’re merely getting random battles against the CPU + an ending.

Bison, dead? Lol newbs! Bison will never die so long as there is evil and conflict in the world. He is a true fighter to the core, not even death itself can stop him from ambition to keep fighting, forever.

Assuming these old stories still check out, Bison killed his master for the same reason the Sith kill their masters - To prove that his master’s teachings were complete. Only when the student surpasses the master, can a master ever consider themselves GREAT. Though I think if Bison did have a master, it would be decades, possibly even centuries before SF1.

No - THEY are similar to him. Akuma’s entire persona and backstory were quite literally plagiarized from Bison and tacked onto an evil headswap version of Ryu.

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I haven’t really gone anywhere guys. Like I’m active on these forums, but I lurk this thread more these days - Mainly because the discussions recently digressed too far from SF story. But this is understandable. But soon, we shall feast on the flesh of Arcade Mode and the ASF expansion!!! :nunchuck:

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That’s one thing that I found interesting and frustrating, I’ve long been so so on Akuma. His appeal soured for me early, but looking at the old elements that were there – Bison targetting Gouken, Bison being the one that killed him, etc, those would make my issue of Bison having Ryu as his final opponent sit so much better for me. The thing is, with them deviating from this line, Bison has only continued to grow and, as you’ve previously mentioned, has become like the Devil of the SF and transcended humanity to become a demonic figure. Yet Akuma has been doing the same thing for ages with only minimal advances. While I’m happy with what we’ve currently got, it makes me wonder how Bison would have benefited if some of those old connections to the ol’ Hadou clan remained.



Preaching at The Church of Bison and Latter Day Dictators.

They not plagiarized, they’re just based off of characters that already had that that set archetype. Best example is Roah from Hokotu no Ken but even he isn’t original. There are plenty of stories in martial arts media which present an evil apprentice usurping his master by killing them.