The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


I just checked the translation and it wasn’t the master who worked with Vega to control his killing intent. But Vega himself tried to do it and almost went crazy. However, after killing his master, his self control shattered and he went on an killing rampage, not sparing anyone, men, women and children (babies? LOL). Sorry, my bad.

He doesn’t say that. Vega only remarks that “Just like in the past, submission is what suits you best”, which Rose replies “And that’s what triggered all this tragedy.”

In the japanese text, at least from the translation I have, he doesn’t go to find Gouki. He says he will defeat Gouki right there.

Alpha 2: Rose goes to stop Bison from further abusing his Psycho Power. Bison totally disregards her and mocks her. She temporarily succeeds at defeating him, but failed because Bison was still around.

AAC mentions that, with the inclusion of the Zero series, that part of the story changed. Also, Revival and USF2 doesn’t mentions that Sagat is a Shadaloo leader.

Well… she did it with someone else…

Or… she could simply access Vega’s soul memories, calling him master.

Capcom had a LOT of chances to actually hint/say that in a more straightforward way… starting with Revival (where they even updated some of the endings, mainly Cammy’s). Not even USF2, with 2 new endings (and 17 crap endings from HD Remix), mentions/hints anything like that…
AASFZ3 have a section with a small description of what each character did in each game. They openly merge Z1 with Z2.
Here’s the opening text for that section:


@bakfromon, could you please skim over it and tell us if there’s anything that looks like SFZ3 merged with SF2? Thanks in advance.
The only SF2 retelling that I know is SFEX…

And now with the new storyline… probably this will never be answered.

I think that if the supplemental material doesn’t conflict with the new story, I don’t see why it can’t still be valid.
A lot of material mentions Rose going after the one who uses the power for evil deeds. The bluish flames with the image of a man at the center are details that where given and the limo part is when Rose senses the evil energy and sees Vega with a bluish aura (just like in my avatar), realizing then that’s the man who will bring the destruction . Even Vega mentions that dream in Rose Z3 ending, but with now, the image of Rose instead of Vega. The master/pupil relationship was totally created for Z3 to wrap up their story. It doesn’t sound that they ever met before Z1/Z2. The only thing that happened between them before Z1/Z2 was that Rose sent messages to Vega through the astral plane. Which he totally ignored.

It could be interesting that, Rose’s dream, could be revisited in her story if she ever becomes a part of SFV. The world engulfed in purple flames (SFV way to portrait Psycho Power) fits like a glove with the Black Moons incident…

The scene plays the same in both games. Almost the same dialogue…


No, that doesn’t say anything about SFA3 merging with SF2, in fact, that timeline says that SF2 takes place 3 to 4 years after SFA3. Now I have read on a Japanese blog somewhere… that in order for SFA3 to lead into SF2 Bison would have to survive the event, meaning he never dies during SFA3 and he continues with the Psycho Drive for 3 - 4 years into SF2 where he is ultimately defeated. This would kind of tie the events into each other, but of course, it’s not official, but it does flow with whats being presented officially without actually merging the two.


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Nothing really I’d love to write more than SF.


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Thnaks bakfromon! Yeah! I’ve thought about that as well… I wouldn’t say that Vega would have to survive, he can revive. Only the Psycho Drive would have to endure until the end of SF2. It was stated on Cammy’s SSF2 account that Shadaloo isn’t the threat that it used to be… so something happened before SF2…
Yeah, that makes sense.


Ono possible for DLC Dhalsim for Arms?


Yet, Bison himself learns what the SNH is only after fighting Akuma himself in SFV (check Bison’s winquote to Akuma). Even Seth, Bison’s puppet, is aware of the power and watches it in action via a monitor in SF4: TTTB. I hate when Capcom do that and not play their own games before releasing another one, contradicting themselves even in the easily detectable stuff as a result.


RedCyclone’s blog is a gold mine of informations. Not to mention the fact his speculations are done by someone who knows the original material and not the badly translated¹ English one. He wrote interesting digressions about SF facts the Western Hemisphere knows nothing about. Like his speculation that Zangief is actually the most educated amongst the Street Fighters. All based upon hints coming from Zangief’s Japanese win quotes scattered around the games, the majority of which were never translated in English.

Did anyone know that Zangief cited - albeit incorrectly - Lev Tolstoj in one of his SFZ2 win quotes? And that in X-Men vs Street Fighter Zangief urged his opponent to read a book sometimes, lest he transform into a dumb musclehead? Yeah, exactly. You could argue that the VS series is not canon, but the characters’ personalities are consistent with themselves… In their Japanese version, that is.

"Read a book sometimes! If you only do physical exercise, you’ll end up with muscles even in your head!

¹ When we’re lucky they have translated something, obviously.


I tried to take a look at this blog (emphasis on trying, I’m just deciphering the mess google translate offers to me) and, while I might disagree on some of his speculation (emphasis on might, because it’s not easy to tell what he’s saying exactly and it’s definitely hard to tell what is backed by sources he has and what not), the trivia and details he offers are definitely awesome.

All this unbelievably cool stuff hidden behind a language barrier…
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I want to incorporate some ideas too like aura for blocking sharp objects, then if possible to contribute just for the Ryu part and a bit for the Akuma part.


ii don’t know about the most educated, but is kinda ever been there that he’s not a brainless brute… more than books he show patriotic (close to propaganda) love anything related to mother Russia culture… books, food, costumes, tradition

Even the Xmas dlc have him not a
s Santa Claus but as a
russian culture counterpart

Most educated imho may be

Seth (cheater)


This picture just reminded me of some things I’ve been thinking about:

  1. Is there any meaning/significance to those earrings and that necklace Rose wears with this dress?

  2. How come Rose has a lighting bolt but Bison doesn’t have a similar symbol that shows him using his power?

Also that picture of Rose is cute. I’ve never seen it before. Is it from some long-lost manga or doujin?


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I mean Bison technically has a lightning bolt inside the Shadaloo’s logo skull (edit: which is also represented on his uniform etc)

I guess it’s supposed to serve as his symbol of power instead


:open_mouth: Illuminati confirmed?


Rose is a goddess of love and war.

Just the way I like her. SOUL SPARK!


I could always use some extra cash. I need the funds to get more source material to put into the guides and it would give me more time to do translations lol.


Got ya covered!




He also has one on his belt and one burnt through his chest according to his story mode costume.