The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Ironically boobs was like the worst part of Viper model SF4

Btw everybody got size upgrade in SFV, pretty sure both Mika and Laura break the 100 lol

I also think Laura may be overall the biggest girl SF ever got?

She’s tall muscular an thick… the ASF scene where she’s dragging the two unconscious grunts make her look man-size (wich on a giant tits brazilian girl should give suspects lol)

Actually, I’m pretty sure Ibuki got outright downgraded.

because are prequel-tits in her case =)

They’re still larger in SSF4 though. Like I said, she stuffs the breast cavity of her ninja suit.

imho the canon shoul go deeper about where she stuff her ninja tools

While searching for the cards, I stumbled upon a very interesting curiosity. Namely, the complete list of Demitri’s Midnight Bliss transformation effects in Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution. Some characters have TWO different transformations, the “special” one triggered by executing Midnight Bliss using all the punch buttons. Spoilered for size.



That’s the Indian girl from Street Fighter Animated Movie.


A stereotypical stars-and-stripes-bikini-clad-buxom-American girl.


Ooo boy whence should I start. This is where things become interesting. This character was presented on the now defunct CFJ official site as ザンギュラちゃんでロシアの蜜柑売り “Zangyura-chan, the little tangerine vending Russian girl”. This is Capcom rubbing it in Gamest’s face. Gamest was notorious for its numerous typos over the years, various of which have entered Japanese gamers’ language as jokes. One of the most famous of these occurred in issue 83, published in January 1993. There was a special covering SF2T location test, and they wrote about Zangief’s then-new Quick Lariat (provisionally named Super Lariat) that ザンギュラはキックボタン3つ同時押しで足に判定のない、早めの回転のスーパーリアッが出せる。“By pressing all kick buttons, Zangyura can do a very quick Super Uriajjō, without collision detection in his legs”. An impressive series of errors in a row, that deservedly earned them the laughs and scorn of their readers. They then tried to defend themselves declaring they had copied the names from a badly handwritten note, but “Zangyura” had already become a meme. With CFJ, Capcom canonised Gamest’s epic fail giving the name Zangyura to this female version of Zangief. Her aspect comes from Čeburaška, one of the most famous Russian characters, and extremely popular in Japan as well (so much so that its last animated movie was in fact done by a Japanese author). Zangyura sells tangerines because Čeburaška was discovered in an orange crate, a scene that became iconic. Just ask @PVL_93_RU :wink:

So, an epic typo + Čeburaška + little match girl gave life to this gem. You may have met some “Zangyura” used somewhere, as nickname or MUGEN edit. That’s its story.
I didn’t know about this until today, and it almost shocked me. The fact is, I used to imagine Zangief’s ending with crocodile Gena’s melancholic song Голубой вагон Goluboj vagon “blue train wagon” in the background for no particular reason… And then I find out that Capcom already did the Zangief-Čeburaška connection!


Bison dominatrix version. Pretty self-explanatory.


Sakura as gym teacher, as she appears at the end of Sakura Ganbaru!, also reprised in her SFIV ending.


A feminine Guy wearing Maki clothes (a blatant headswap of Guy’s head over Maki’s body, lol).

Special Guy

That’s Shadow Girl, a ninja character appearing in Capcom’s Gotcha Force.


Hey, IT’S LISA LISA! Capcom openly acknowledging and declaring the homage, well well…

Special Rose

That’s Enya the Hag, still JoJo after all… :rofl:


Another interesting one. That’s Karin as Reika Ryūzaki, from Sumika Yamamoto’s seminal manga Ace o nerae!. In the comic, Reika was the star of the tennis club, renowned for the grace of her game. She came to resent the potential abilities of the protagonist Hiromi Oka (a short-haired brunette, very much like Sakura…), but in the end Reika helped Hiromi and became her friend. This is the manga that started it all, the whole “rich and elegant princess at the top of her game becomes jealous of the commoner girl’s raw talent” plot back in 1973. You all should thank Reika for Karin and Lili Rochefort.


Alex’s feminine version. Nothing special.

Special Alex

Hello, Patricia!


A girl working for 昇龍軒 Shēnglóngxuān (Shōryūken in Japanese reading, yeah, pun intended), the restaurant Hoimei and Shaomei work in, with a giant shāomài on her head.


A girl clad in 水法被 mizuhappi (a short jacket) and 締め込み褌 shimekomi fundoshi, typical of the Hakata Gion yamakasa matsuri.

Women cannot participate in the race, but little girls are allowed.


Chun-Li’s Alpha costume.

Special Chun-Li

Chun-Li’s Pocket Fighter sprite :rofl:


Ingrid gothic lolita version. It became then a special win pose in SFZ3↑↑.

And that’s all as far as SF characters are concerned. Vampire and Warzard have far less curiosities about them; I can still post them if you want.

I prefer getting crushed by Rose’s boobs.

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More proof that Demitri’s Midnight Bliss is one of the best FG supers ever animated. A lot of Darkstalkers stuff has cool animations.

Is there a list of Anakaris’ Curse transformations in CFJ? If they did MB sprites, I imagine they did new sprites for that as well.

Ok got the tit tier list put together after doing some digging. Something interesting considering Elena and Ibuki. Apparently, developers had made three sizes for them during one of the Q/A’s in the AASF3 Fighting Bible (The current book I’m in need of). They listed Ibuki with a B 83 cm, W 58 cm, H 88


They also had a height of 157 cm listed for her. SSF4 lists it as 162cm but I’ll get to that later[/details]

and Elena with a B83/W58/H88.


Now switch to SF4 era and we have a change in Ibuki’s stats

but not Elena’s.

I wonder if this is due to Elena being released late into SF4 eras lifespan in USF4 and during the beginning, they pulled a Nash like A/AB blood type situation and just forgot about it and then some senior people actually took noticed later on and they were like “Hey these characters actually have bio stats??? I thought we just Ono it and throw some shit at a wall and see if it sticks???”. Maybe some other mishap it’s interesting. Ibuki started off rather small, but she grew in the tit tier list and Elena remains rather low.

Juri (pre retcon)


Sakura, Makoto

Ibuki (AASF3FB)

Juri (post retcon), Cammy (Alpha), Karin (Alpha), Elena

Chun li (Alpha), Juni (Alpha)

Maki (SFA3)

Cammy (SF4), Decapre

Chun li (SF4)


At least the first lady of SF is higher than mid tier.



pretty big for being fake

Juli (Alpha)

Ibuki (SSF4, SFV)

[details=Spoiler]Remember that a high school kunoichi has bigger boobs than Chun. No wonder she liked showing them off in her SF3TS win pose


R.Mika (Alpha)



She’s a mom

Now, regarding Laura, Kolin, Karin, and Mika in SFV. Mika and Karin both gain weight in SF5 Mika going from 62kg in her first appearance to 70kg and Karin going from 48kg to 59kg. I’m pretty sure Laura’s actually the heaviest recorded female SF weighing in at 72kg (I say recorded because Chun is technically secret so she may be heavier lol). Kolin is 65kg which is more than Mika pre SFV. In short, the new gen of SF girls is 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚.

I can speculate that Kolin is larger than Karin. I’d probably rank Kairn on the same as Chun now and, Kolin just a bit higher into Ibuki or Rose range. Mika and Laura definitely break 100. Juri is second to last from canon tit tier list which ends at Sakura and Makoto who are both young girls. I can see how being called flat by an 8ft tall giant with building sized man boobs would piss her off. It’s also crazy to think she was flatter than Ingrid pre retcon. Here’s the full picture of the profile pre retcon. Her favorite thing is listed as “Big tits” 巨乳.

^That was interesting about Dimitry’s Midnight Bliss, thanks. @bakfromon is there a miscellaneous or extra section in the plot guide -already over 700 pages!!! :open_mouth: - to add these? Or how about a companion guide for interesting tidbits of information like these?

Speaking of interesting misc info

Ah, yes, I remember. Pity they changed it.

I say Chun is much thicker than Karin, i ptobably place her at 65kg (same weight but shorter than Kolin)… and probably pass the 60 piss her a lot lol

Btw Kolin is very proportioned aside bein generous on dem legs and tall, i doubt she will break tits records… probably somewhere on 90-95

But you never know, Viper looked skinny and with shit ingame tits, and still she got record numbers =)

I think body sizes are like the story itself in SF, their history can be erased with any game.

Yes, the guide does have a Misc section at the very end but it’s pretty small. Good idea on the companion guide for random trivia like this. Maybe if I can get some more stuff together like this and the Nash blood type thing and it could justify it.

This came up in the Character Request when the subject of Q’s origin came up, and I felt like posting it here, because it’s kind of a backstory theory/wish I came up with there:

Now that they’ve revealed that Twelve is called Twelve because he’s the 12th iteration of the G-Project, not because he’s one of 12 identical subjects, I want them to make it so that Necro, Effie and Q are all earlier iterations.

If the Twelve and Eleven can shapeshift, I want it so that Necro and Effie are, like, subjects Seven and Six. Necro can’t shapeshift, but he can stretch, make it so Effie is flexable, but cant’ stretch, etc.

Then I want Q to have been a super early part of the project. Probably subject One. And their earliest attempt actually had the opposite effect, where it made his flesh super hard instead of super flexible, and also messed him up in such a way as he can’t speak and has to wear the mask.

I like all the ideas here, but considering all these within the general SF lore makes it look like everything the series has going for it is test subjects, cloning, experimenting etc. I want Illuminati to be drastically different from Shadaloo. Their origins and basic motives look different as is, but everything else is becoming way too similar. They should focus more on the occultist side of Illuminati rather than its scientific side, IMO.

Cool, good to know =) :bow:

Juri was much better as a small breasted character. Heck her gameplay was better too… guess she went ahead and got those implants

Well, the only one I’m actually adding there is Q. Twelve, Necro and Effie being part of the G-Project is already canon. I only added the part about Necro and Effie also being Numbers.

Boob lore is best lore.

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Is Effie a fighter?