The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

I’m surprised you didn’t show that Honda vs. Ferret fight or the “epilogue” on why they only did three issues. Most SF media have some value, but this was …unsalvageable.

BTW, does anybody have the leaked Season 3 character list? I’ve heard Sagat, Oro and Q are on it, but I can’t seem to find it. It’s probably innaccurate, but I would still like to see it.

Pack it, lads. Shut it down.

Capcom is fucking retarded. We’re done here.

I have seen that in meme echo chamber spreading across FB SF and FG groups about the fifth element the day after the alt costume is reveal. Some even link it to Mileena’s flesh pit costume from MK9.

I’m not active in reddit

I have so many questions about Menat, I wish there was an origin story to her.

  • What was Menat’s childhood like?
  • How did she and Rose come to meet?
  • At what point did Rose choose Menat as her apprentice? And why her? What made her so special?
  • Since Rose lives in Italy, I would assume Menat had to travel there for her apprenticeship. What was it like studying under her? I would love to see the contrasting personalities on a typical day.
  • Did Menat always have a crystal ball that followed her around? Or was this something that Rose help her discover? Remember Rose uses tarot cards, another method of fortune telling. So did she have Menat try her way first before she went to a crystal orb?
  • Does Rose plan to have Menat be her successor? And if so, how will her “end” play out?

It’s more convenient for Capcom made Rose adopt Menat from her travel or Menat is entrusted to Rose than Menat travelling to find Rose.

I just hope Rose isn’t just a cartomancy user. Whatever form of divinition itself is connected and relevant to each other by symbolism having the same equivalent in form.

Rose should be expert in many ways using objects as reading. Yet Crystalomancy is different from what other objects does. I just hope Rose had more wide range of knowledge so it easily assumed she trained Menat. While Capcom would answer that Tarot is just Rose prefered choice than other medium.


Another sexy knife nut.
She pays much attention to her health
in order to maintain her good looks.

Name: Mary
Height: 161cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: B
Birthday: November, 7
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Jogging
Dislikes: Cockroaches

She goes along very well with her brother Leon¹
and likes to jog along Metro City’s Bayside Area.
While running, she also trains her legs’ strength
so her kicks become more powerful as well.

She likes cleanliness, and always keeps her room tidy.
When she was a little girl, she wanted to become a florist.

¹ Her male replacement in USA, obviously :rofl:

I dunno man, I hear combing your hat is the final stage of becoming…A FAMILY MAN. Gotta stop buying that hairgel to put the kids through college and as we all know, some habits die hard.

Same here, I’m legit curious about her;

-her design while fun, doesn’t match modern Egyptian culture, did she adopt a more eccentric look after meeting Rose?
-I’m also curious about how long she’s been active; with her considerable psychic abilities (enough to get Rose’s notice) did Bison ever target her as a Doll candidate? Do the Illuminati know about her?

-Menat likes to travel and get keepsakes (adorable), but I’m wondering if she likes to travel the longway or just teleport. How powerful is she? Does she have a different focus than Rose, allowing her to teleport like Bison? Can all soul power users do that but Rose just has never displayed such an ability? I’d love to know more about soul power now and what the requirements are.

-She’s light-hearted and adorably forgetful, but is there something more to this? Was she tampered with in some way that affected her short term memory?

Mary for Season 3

Damn Mary, slit my throat

Off topic Puzzle Fighter is returning for… mobile

Mobile only? Aww I’d totally be down for this on console. This and Gem Fighter were always good solid fun.

Eh, it’s a puzzle game. Mobile is fine.

That weird moment when a parody game’s Ken looks better than the version it’s parodying.

The new puzzle fight has got Chun-Li? Welp, I’m sold.

I like the Ryu they did more SF2 aesthetic. I hope this would lead to Gem fighters.

from Kotaku, They got HAGGAR!!

No Cammy?


We see Honda probably we get Cammy, Ibuki, Juri, Viper and Kolin…

What’s up with Ryu’s new voice?

Super Puzzle Fighter on both Sega Staurn and PS3 (HD remix) was the awesomeness

Will have loved a legit expansion/sequel on PSN, same as HD remix but with many new characters

There is hope for Billy and Sid yet.