The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


I hope they bring Eagle back with all this sass, he’d have so much fun with some of the SFV cast.



These are actually a must


and a MMA Jean Reno
and a Savannah Capoerista vagina
and a Eskrima Gentleman
and a Tomahawk doll
and a Fedor Emelianenko
and a Fat Sumo Missile destined to canon marry Chun Li FOREVER


Am I the only one that things Menat’s little navel window is just kinda weird?

Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some bare midriff, but the way it’s all decorated around the edges makes it seem like some kinda weird ornate eyeball peeking out.


Looks like Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers #5 will have some “WTF” moments:



Wtf? That little simba bitch cheating on Elena!


I want Ryu X Menat… A dark skinned petite lady for Ryu!

She seems perfect and better.


Morrigan trolling Gouki?


Something of that nature would happen though. Not that I have a problem with it.

Gouki: “I am the Master of the- oh great.”

Morrigan: “Oh, shit! It’s the crazy martial arts wannabe-demon person! Come hither! Let’s play!”


I was actually always surprised they never stuck Akuma in the Darkstalkers games consider how they were putting him into everything around that time. Not like he’d have been terribly outta place either.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was intentional.
Menat is a fortune teller after all, eye motives kinda fit.

And so Akuma’s badass decay inescapably continues.


And it doesn’t surprise me at all.


Back then they could have done an huge DS cast if they wanted

Starting from DS3 as base,

Ruby Heart

These were basically already made DS characters with same art/pixel style and moves
Then characters from Warzard, Ghouls’nGhost or even DMC universe, imagine Dante as guest

They just wanted none of it lol

Thing is, even if they ever do a new DS i don’t know how much trust them… that artstyle was perfect, and they abandoned it in all theyr current games because they’re shit scared of western audience judgement


I miss Viper. Admittedly, I wasn’t a huge fan of hers when I first got into SF4. I thought her playstyle was weird (because I could not use her at all), thought she looked out of place, and hated how arrogant she came off. When they first announced her for MVC3, I was baffled. What’s funny is she ended up looking more at home in the Marvel system than she does SF. I enjoy the connection she has with her daughter. I guess the harsh outlook she demonstrates is something that comes with the territory as a secret agent. She has to be able to play the part and do things she normally wouldn’t like to do.

Seeing the amount of skill it took into using her was something I always appreciated. Using Viper was something I could never do, though I tried a few times. I learned to admire Viper play from afar instead. It would’ve been nice to see her take 2011, but it wasn’t in the cards.

Anyway, Viper is someone I really want to see return in SFV.


Actually, the roster size of Vampire Savior was all they could manage due to memory constraints. It’s why both Savior 2 and Hunter 2, games based on the original Vampire Savior, had to replace characters instead of simply adding them. Capcom would go on to fix this in arranged versions running on next-gen console hardware, but the arcade base kept Vampire Savior as the gold standard for players.


If you like her, let her go were she feel at home, in Marvel games

I like Sakura, she should be only on Marvel games too imho. battling with Ingrid and Captain America


Maybe as Oni. But not as Akuma.


Yeah, well, she ain’t in Marvel anymore. Unfortunately.

I’d take her in Marvel over SFV in an instant, though. Easily.

Never really liked Sakura in the Vs series.


Here the first 3
Fun thing the DLC alts code to modify the costumes influece the way of design, like it allow two different designs to be on the same costume… it’s fun do concepts under that perspective, specially because have to kill good options to chose the “final” one is one of the things i ever hated most lol

PS: these are just edits, NOT straight-from-zero designs
Example the three above started as



Menat would blue ball the fuck out of Ryu so bad…


I want Viper back too. I think her chances are high for a return later on.