The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


Actually, the roster size of Vampire Savior was all they could manage due to memory constraints. It’s why both Savior 2 and Hunter 2, games based on the original Vampire Savior, had to replace characters instead of simply adding them. Capcom would go on to fix this in arranged versions running on next-gen console hardware, but the arcade base kept Vampire Savior as the gold standard for players.


If you like her, let her go were she feel at home, in Marvel games

I like Sakura, she should be only on Marvel games too imho. battling with Ingrid and Captain America


Maybe as Oni. But not as Akuma.


Yeah, well, she ain’t in Marvel anymore. Unfortunately.

I’d take her in Marvel over SFV in an instant, though. Easily.

Never really liked Sakura in the Vs series.


Here the first 3
Fun thing the DLC alts code to modify the costumes influece the way of design, like it allow two different designs to be on the same costume… it’s fun do concepts under that perspective, specially because have to kill good options to chose the “final” one is one of the things i ever hated most lol

PS: these are just edits, NOT straight-from-zero designs
Example the three above started as



Menat would blue ball the fuck out of Ryu so bad…


I want Viper back too. I think her chances are high for a return later on.


I don’t want Viper in SFV, you know they’d get rid of all of her advanced tech like feint cancels, super jump cancels, ect. Seismo would likely be moved to Vskill or something too.


Possible Zeku inspiration since last year everyone was wanting and speculating a Nunchuck User character


Fei Long did it first.


@Phantom_Miria I’m going to create a Character Concept thread. Between this thread and the Character Request thread. There are a lot of good ideas here on SRK. I’ll put all of my concepts there. It’s going to take some time though.

I’m not sure if anyone remembers my concept for Iro. The female Secret Society member that was in the vein of Gill and Urien. In that concept I mentioned her sister “Dimitra”. Well my insomnia kicked in yesterday and I made concept for her too. Pankration is the new Ansatsuken :wink:

Dimitra - The Vengeful Fury

Name: Dimitra

**Nickname: **The Vengeful Fury

Sex: Female
Ethnicity:** Macedonian

Height: 6ft 0in(1.83m)
Weight:** 165 lbs. (75kg)
B/W/H:** 36-27-36(92cm-68cm-92cm)

Hometown: Veria, Greece (Born in Gevgelija, Macedonia)
Appearance:** Dimitra is a towering woman with an olive complexion and athletic build. She has sage green eyes and 39 inch (1m) long legs. Her hair is ash brown in color, curly, and shoulder length. Her wardrobe consists of a juniper green singlet with wide walnut brown stripes on the sides. There is a walnut brown symbol of Gaea located at the center of her chest. Dimitra has juniper green gloves on her hands and ankle high brown wrestling shoes. There is a green gem located on the center of her forehead.

Likes: Spanakopita*, High Heels (She likes towering over people), Alexandros
Dislikes:** Her Foster Parents, Deceitful People, Urien
Fighting Style:** Gaean Pankration

Tone: Dimitra puts forth the facade of being an outgoing and sociable woman. In truth, she distant truly trusts no one.

Origins: Orphaned at a young age, Dimitra spent her earliest years in various orphanages. Her unusual height made her appear older than she was and seemed to turn off perspective parents. One day a family showed up with their young daughter. Their daughter, Iro, could almost be her twin. Iro’s parents smiled at her. Before she knew it, she not only had parents but a “twin” sister too.

Iro’s parents showered Dimitra with attention. To celebrate her adoption, her new parents gifted her with a beautiful green jewel that was implanted in her forehead. Iro and Dimitra truly looked like twins now. While Iro was sequestered at home with Antreas and her tutors, She was allowed to travel freely. Dimitra was sent to the best boarding schools. Where ever she went, her bodyguard and pankration instructor Alexandros, was always nearby. Dimitra hated training, however Alexandros insisted. No matter what, everyday, sick or well, Alexandros would make her train. Through Alexandros’ persistence and her efforts, she was able to master the Boon of Demeter. One of the 66 Secret Arts. Even Alexandros was taken back by this. To her surprise, he insisted that she did not tell her parents about this feat.

While visiting her parents in Rhodes, Dimitra, Alexandros, and her parents came under assault by a group of robed figures lead by well dressed man with a jewel in his forehead like her own. Her parents quickly fell, right before her eyes. However the robed figures were no match for Alexandros and her. The well dressed man was another matter. Even with their combined strength they were quickly overwhelmed. As she fell to the ground and faded from consciousness the last thing she was Alexandros being struck down. Awakening in the morgue, Dimitra stumbled away into the night. Vowing vengeance against those wronged her.
Her Rival:** Urien

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 2 Range: 3 Mobility: 4 Technique: 3

1000 Stamina 1000 Stun

Macedonian Buster – P+K: Dimitra grabs her opponent by the head with both hands and drives them face first into the ground as she falls into a seated position. The attack is basically a Sit Out Facebuster
Macedonian Slam* – B+P+K: Dimitra picks up her opponent and violently power slams them behind her.
Unique Attacks:**

Erinyes’s Vengeance– F+ HP (Overhead): Dimitra reels back and slams her opponent with a brutal headbutt. Slow start up, safe on block.
Falling Boulder*– D + MP (In Air): From the apex of her forward jump, Dimitra executes a cannonball dive straight down onto her opponent. Must be blocked high.
Earthen Axe*– B+ HK: A high front kick that can be used as an anti air if timed properly
V-Reversal: **

Shield Breaker- F+KKK: A swift knee to the abdomen to causes her opponent to crumple to the ground


Focus of The Furies– MP+MK : Dimitra lowers her head and clinches her fists causing the gem in her forehead to glow. This eliminates the charge time of her next special attack. Completing the animation causes her to gain a small amount in V-Gauge. Landing a charged attack after a successful Focus of The Furies also gains V-Gauge.

Boon of Demeter*: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Dimitra infuses herself with power of earth. 10% of all of the damage dealt by Dimitra is converted into stamina recovery. All of her normal and special attacks gain a 5% damage buff. She takes no white life damage during her V-Trigger. 2 bar V-Trigger


Earth Breaker- HCB+ P (Command Grab): Dimitra grabs her opponent by the ankles, yanks their legs out from under them causing them to slam the back of their head into the ground. As they are slamming into the ground, Dimitra jumps into the air and rains down a powerful punch to their head. LP(Most Range, Lowest Damage) MP(Less Range, More Damage, Higher Frame Advantage on hit), HP (Least Range, Most Damage, More Frame Advantage than LP, Less than MP) EX (Throw Invincible, Most Range, Most Damage, Highest Frame Advantage)

Discus Lariat- Charge B,F + P: Dimitra rotates 360° degrees as she quickly dashes forward and floors he opponent with a violent clothesline. Projectile invincible during startup, punch button determines the distance traveled. LP(1/4 screen distance, -2 on block) MP(1/2 screen distance, -4 on block), HP(3/4 screen, -5 on block), EX(3/4 screen, gains armor on frame 3, -2 on block)
Titan’s Hammer* -Charge D,U+P: (Anti Air) Dimitra strikes her opponent with a rising double axe handle blow followed up by a sit down power bomb. LP (3F Startup), MP (5F Startup) HP (7F Startup) EX(3F Startup, Fully Startup Invincible, Power Bomb causes ground bounce)
Aftershock - Charge B,F + K: Earth Ki based projectile. Dimitra stomps the ground generating a waist high shockwave of ki that travels along the ground towards her foe. Kick button determines speed. LK (Fastest startup, slowest recovery and speed), MK (Slower startup, faster recovery and speed) HK (Slowest startup, fastest recovery and speed) Must be blocked low. EX version puts the opponent into a crumple state.
Critical Art
Wrath of Gaea*- HCFx2+K: Dimitra stomps the ground with incredible force creating a powerful shock wave beneath her opponent’s feet. The force of the shock wave sends her opponent sailing high into the air. Her foe then crashes into the Earth with enough to force to plant them into the ground.

Reasons to be in SFV:

Dimitra has spent the last several years training with an intensity and focus that she never had before. She relives the her near death and the lost of her family every night in her dreams. Wondering if she had taken Alexandro’s teachings more seriously if she would have been able to save them and have him. During this time she learned an awful truth. Alexandro left all of his earthly possessions to her. In his belongings, she found a letter. A letter told her that her parents only adopted her to die in Iro’s place. When he learned this awful truth, it was he and not her parents that opted to train her. While he was honor bound to serve them and his younger brother Antreas, he was determined to forge Dimitra into a warrior that could survive trials to come. Now Dimitra no longer seeks revenge for her family only Alexandros. She not only seeks to fell the man known as Urien, but also her “sister” Iro and her mentor Antreas to see if she was complicit in this betrayal.

**Spanakopita is Greek spinach pie
-Gaea is the greek goddess of earth
-Demeter is the Greek Goddes of agriculture and harvest.
-Erinyes are the Greek furies, the goddesses of vengeance
-Alexandros and Antreas were saved from the Secret Society by Dimitra’s adoptive parents and owed their lives to them. So they begrudingly aided in their plan to save Iro from the Secret Society. Antreas copied the codex of the 66 Secret Arts for Alexandros and ensured that the green gem bestowed upon Dimitra was genuine. They wanted to honor their life debt but give Dimitra the best chance to survive her fate. Iro has no idea of what her parents had planned.
-Dimitra was selected from several candidates for adoption. Her adoptive parents did extensive research into her family’s background and history. They wanted to be certain to find a “twin” that could be passed off as their true daughter. Their data indicated that Dimitra would mirror Iro’s physical appearance into adulthood.*[/details]

Here is Iro for reference

Name: Iro (Personification of Hera)

Nickname: The Veiled Goddess

**Sex: **Female

Ethnicity: Greek (?)

Height: 6ft 2in(1.85m)
Weight:** 176 lbs. (80kg)

B/W/H: 39-26-39(99cm-66cm-99cm)
Hometown:** Rhodes (Rhodes City, Island of Rhodes)
Appearance**: Iro is statuesque woman in supreme physical condition. She has curly, sandy brown hair that is waist length. Her eyes are emerald green and her legs are 40 inches (Just over 1m) long. Iro has an olive complexion. Her attire is essentially of Women’s MMA gear. She sports a ivory colored top/sports bra with gold accents along with ivory colored shorts with gold accents. She doesn’t wear gloves nor shoes. Iro also has an ivory headband that covers her forehead*.
Likes:** Nature, Languages (She speaks most known languages), Reading, Ancient Architecture

Dislikes: High Heels (She’s already tall), Condescending People,Callousness
Fighting Style:** Veiled Pankration

Tone: Iro has had limited contact with the outside world. Which makes her curious and inquisitive. Her friendly demeanor can quickly turn sour in the face of rude behavior.

Origins: Currently residing in Rhodes, Iro moved frequently throughout her life. Living on various islands in homes with impeccable sight lines and quick egress points. Although, they never spoke of it. It was clear to her that her parents were constantly on the run. Since she has been able to talk, her parents have brought in the finest tutors to educate her. This also holds true for her martial capabilities. Trained to her physical limits and studying until mental exhaustion daily. Through this rigid lifestyle she was able to master the Armor of Gaea** and the Blades of Themis*** two of the 66 Secret Arts described to Iro by her parents. After mastering those two arts, her parents placed her in the care of Antreas, the family steward, and sent her to the island of Rhodes.

Her Rival: Urien

Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 2 Range: 4 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4

1025 Stamina 1025 Stun

Fall from Grace* - P+K: (In Air): : Iro catches her opponent by the throat and slams them into ground.
Athenian Spike* - P+K: (Iro grabs her opponent, lifts them over her head and drives them head first into the ground while falling to her knees) Essentially a more vicious version of the Tombstone Piledriver
Reverse Athenian Spike* - B+P+K: ( Iro grabs her opponent, lifts them over her head, turns in the opposite direction, and then drives them head first into the ground while falling to her knees) backthrow version of her forward throw
Unique Attacks:**

Amazon Headbutt – F+ HP (Hit Grab): Iro extends both of her arms, grabs them by the head, and hits them with headbutt
Earthen Hammer* – F + MP (Overhead): Iro clasps her hands together, pulls them back overhead and slams them down on her opponent

Gail Heel – F+ MK: A quick push kick to the abdomen

Titan’s Wall - F+PPP: A quick striking shoulder charge that knocks her opponent across the screen


Gust Lariat – MP+MK : A clothesline punch. Can be charged. Uncharged version does not knockdown. Fully charged version knocks down and side switches at point blank range. (Similar to Gill’s Cyber Lariat)

Armor of Gaea*: Iro’s body becomes as hard as stone. She takes no white life damage during her V-Trigger. Cyclokinesis now hit her opponent twice and puts them in a juggle state if landed at point blank range. All of her strike based specials gain 1 hit of armor (from frame 3 on) and a 10% damage buff. All of her normals gain a 5% damage buff. 3 bar V-Trigger

Cyclokinesis* - QCF + P: Wind Ki based projectile. Iro generates a ball of cyclonic (wind) ki and fires it at her opponent. Moderate recovery time. The properties are determined by the strength punch. LP (Horizontal Slow Moving, MP (Horizontal Fast Moving, HP 45(° Angle Moderate Speed).

Summit Avalanche - HCB+ K (Command Hit Grab): Iro charges her opponent, grabs them by the neck with her left hand, lifts them over her head and slams them into the ground. The strength of the punch button determines the distance traveled

Meteor Strike - HCB + P: (Overhead) Iro somersault’s forward and strikes with a powerful overhead punch. Punch determines distance. EX version is projectile invincible.

Turbulent Assault - HCF+ K: Iro charges her opponent, strikes them with a side kick to the abdomen, and follows up with a rapid succession of kicks to the ankle, knee , hip, and finally a kick to the chin which causes a juggle state. The strength of the kick button determines the distance traveled
Critical Art:**

Blades of Themis - HCFx2+P: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Iro strikes her opponent with a powerful bladed punch to the sternum. Upon impact, her opponent is surrounded by twelve wind based ki attacks resembling the blades of a sword. These ki attacks converge on her opponent in unison inflicting massive damage.
Reasons to be in SFV:**

Iro’s parents along with her adopted sister Dimitra**** were slain shortly after she was placed in Antreas care. Unbeknownst to Antreas, Iro has been investigated the murder of her family. All of her leads point to a mysterious man with white hair and a jewel in his forehead…

** Iro’s headband conceals a green gem in her forehead. This glows upon activation of her V-Trigger and during her critical art.
** Gaea is the greek goddess of earth
*** Themis is the Titan goddess of divine law and order
***Iro’s doesn’t know that Dimitra was adopted as her body double. While Iro was sequestered away in the family estate only leaving the grounds when they were moving to another location. Dimitra has allowed to go out in public. They also had a green gem implanted in her forehead. They tipped off the Illuminati to their location after Iro was sent away. In their eyes, they were finally granting their daughter her freedom.[/details]



Brilliant work if only capcom cared that much about the story. All capcom team of 10 year old writers will do is have them fight over fart noises or them wanting to be strong like potatoes. I doubt we’ll ever see a well thought out story like yours until capcom gets a whole knew team. Or just give you the job


Capcom really doesn’t have a writing team . all the writers for Street Fighter 5 are from Dimps. the main writer for both SF4 and SF5 Emiko Kawasaki is from Dimps and she just happens to be Assistant Manager for the company. there’s a saying too many cooks Spoil the Soup. in other words sometimes for a story have more writers isn’t always better.


Iiiinteresting. I never knew that’s the way that Capcom operates in regards to stories for SF5.



[details=Spoiler]Hi man! when you have some time, could you please take a look at the following text?
It’s from the SFV Vital Box special DVD. While the DVD is mainly about the combos and special techniques of the 16 original characters, there’s a character introduction. I got the introduction of Vega/M. Bison and Cammy.
Don’t know if you have seen this yet, but the scene plays as the following: the middle rank soldier (red cap and green text/top) is instructing the low rank soldiers (a female soldier, with pink text; the Nakayama soldier, with orange text; and Ayano soldier, with blue text). Every time a new character apears, we get a reaction from one of the low rank soldier (the female soldier gets all excited when Chun-Li appears, which causes her to be scolded by the middle rank soldier).
I would like to know if there’s anything interesting about Vega and Cammy in the text that I got. Anything like why Vega is with white hair, there’s something mentioning the Dolls and then the number 50 and something about Cammy being part of the Doll project.



Crackpot theory: Any character with a Kiki CFN profile picture will not appear that way in game, or at least not as their default. Case in point:

  • Akuma: Wayy off, though I guess his battle costume kind of fits
  • Kolin: A bit of a stretch, but the name Kolin was given to her secretary design, not her fur design
  • Ed: Massive difference from his CFN art
  • Abigail: Literal massive difference from his CFN art

Zeku could easily disprove this, but people have pointed out that his silhouette doesn’t really fit with his depicted outfit. This leads me to another point: We can infer S3 (possibly S4) characters by closely observing the CFN art. As a rule, characters who look different but maintain that look in the story don’t count.

  • Sodom looks completely different from before, like Abigail did
  • Haggar is shown with a shirt and glasses, while he’s normally known for his Final Fight or Slam Master outfits
  • Rufus’ color scheme is completely reversed
  • Eagle’s pants/suspenders are different, and he has the SF1 bowtie
  • Lee became a drunken master
  • People complained about Tom no longer looking like Jean Reno, perhaps this was a red herring all along?
  • Cody’s in a modern prison jumpsuit
  • Blanka has a mohawk instead of his normal hair
  • Hakan’s pants were replaced with shorts

Perhaps these guys are candidates for Seasons 3 & 4?


Interesting theory. Wonder if we will get alts based off Kikis designs?
I think it would be very unwise for Capcom to bring Rufus back in any form except as an unplayable training mode opponent.


Rufus can only come back if he’s Slim Rufus, to balance out Fat Birdie.


The female soldier is Kana Urasawa, she’s another part of Capcom’s staff. She’s an all around Chun fan and has cosplayed her in the past for SF promotional events and tourneys which is why she probably got excited at the mention of Chun. She posts all of her old pics on twitter from time to time

(She does make a fine irl Chun imo, apparently, she’s wearing the same exact costume that was used in the old Japanese SF2 Turbo commercial)

Anyways I’ll translate that piece soon