The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

That was fast, thanks

Well, seem like team lesser-evil won, i like current Menat over large majority of sketches there

Feel like they were going after crappy trends, but last minute they saved it and returned to classic “World Tour” SF vibe, giving SF a funny Egypt rep

Will like these as alts though


as different theme alt, this can be good

Also i liked the idea of making her a staff/pipe(LOL) user, they could have gone like that

and let her have bubble moves too =)

This way she will have kept acrobatic kicking game (maybe even improved it, i’m thinking Kilik from SC), and let stick fighting techniques replace her (not existent) punching game… i’m thinking at old mvC Gambit P normals, were pretty cool and will have fit her
Also it will have visual enforced her concept as little girl… she already got magic Soul Power, but SP+Staff will have been even better

Will also have reminded me the staff girl from Pilgrim Yager

I’m currently translating the article about her early concepts (veeeery interesting), but remember that Menat would have had a different personality as well, depending on her design.

Meh, agree to disagree. I don’t have many qualms about Menat currently actually. She’s fun and all, she sort of reminds me of Pullum and another crystal ball user from the 5th iteration of a fighting game that starts with an “S”, but that’s ok. The other concept is just more interesting to me. Menat being a fortune teller who uses the most generic form of fortune telling is just gaudy and not part of her design that interests me. Rose uses tarot as a means of fortune telling but she doesn’t really use her cards for battle, her being a fortune teller is pretty inconspicuous design wise. She doesn’t really scream she’s a fortune teller by throwing tarot cards all around like Gambit (which would kinda be cool now that I mentioned it but ntl).

The other design just seems more mysterious and exotic like Egypt feels like to me. They could have also made it so her smoke was actually the way she told fortunes instead of the crystal ball. Capnomancy/ Libanomancy is a very old method of telling fortunes and just seems less cheesy to me than a crystal ball. I think it would also be a cooler fighting mechanic with the smoke rather than just wopping people with a psychic controlled ball.

Completely agree. Not only is the design better. She actually uses a martial art, and one that fits her nationality. Instead of just throwing crystal balls(which aren’t even an Egyptian thing) around.

Looks like we’re back to the *Final Fight 2 * goons!
#238: Elick


A man who attacks with his handmade power generator.
Unbeknownst to his friends,
he frequents an aerobics gym.

Name: Elick
Height: 160cm
Weight: 109kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: December, 12
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Electrical engineering
Dislikes: Dogs

He admired his father, who worked at a Metro City power plant,
so he studied electrical engineering all by himself.
Loved pranks since his childhood.
Nowadays it looks like he’s hanging out with his hometown friends
and has a hand in some crime…

Dude looks like Porco Rosso.

I am partial to this one

I like the look of villanous Egyptian royalty figures like Akasha or Purgatori

you said it :triumph:

Honestly, current Menat design with a bubble/smoke-stick would be pretty awesome. Also original as compared to crystal ball.

Tbh i’m ok with the crystal ball as it link nicely with Rose’s ability to infuse a normally harmless object with SP and turn it into a powerful weapon able to fight off world’s best fighters

Rose does it with the scarf, Menat with her crystal ball, Maggio likely with his yoyo… and if we think about it Bison does it with his hands/body

But i also agree that the staff/pipe will have been more exotic and better potentiaal for both normals (staff) and ki specials (pipe/smoke)

They could have made her able to psychic control smoke shape, movement and hado-like solidity

Eric. :stuck_out_tongue:

After seeing her concepts which doesn’t involve the crystal ball.

Soul Calibur’s Viola and SS’s Amakusa inspiration probably just later inclusion to her specials not her initial intended design.

I remember her directly refer more into the game Martial Champion character.

Chaos which is really Egyptian and with a more likeness Menat’s visuals than the rest.

I wonder if Menat takes baths with Rose.


I want to.

Glad they didn’t go Wendy’s and Magician on Her. Magician concept on her trying to be a DC’s Harlequin or a red head Zatanna is a waste potential.

I’m okay with a Card Magician Fighter but not Her, but to a Him that is something similar to KOF’s Oswald then with Gambit things. That also use strings and like Hisoka in HxH.

I’ll be honest, when Rose comes back, I kinda want her to be using tarot cards instead of a scarf. It makes for a better reference to her character, and makes her less of a direct Lisa Lisa ripoff.

I like Kamen Rider Blade, Ryuki and Decade that use cards.

Rose using cards to bind her opponent’s movement or like putting spells on them are kinda cool. Like some cards make your next damage double, some life drain, gauge drain, some makes the opponent stun, scramble the direction controls and the cards that act like XMen Cota’s Spiral Knifes (which is now with Menat)

His Bison intro in A3 fits that idea smootly. I wonder why would Rose choose a card as a weapon against Bison in her intro.

Off topic…

Nice mod the best is Fang’s CA.

Initial development ideas for Menat

Good morning everyone.
Menat uses Soul Power with her crystal ball (“Left Eye of the Lion”)¹
We had various ideas about this disciple
of a famous fortune teller.

Assassin pizzeria girl version


"certainly, sir! :heart:"
Uses pizza cutter as weapon

Also, there’s buono “tasty” written on her uniform.

She talked gently and cheerfully, but was actually an assassin.
She would’ve waited for her opponent’s distraction and then slay him/her, like B.B. Hood.
Actually a breadwinner for a family of 33 people.
Her master would have kicked her out².

Italian delinquent version


On her right leg, 保喪道路 pomodōro, “preserved mourning road”, an obvious play over Italian pomodoro, “tomato”. There’s lots of totally random and gratuitous Italian language just for the sake of a bit of Japanese play with equally random and gratuitous kanji that have “cool & edgy” meanings and a pronunciation that could suit the Italian one.
On her left leg, 辺蘭杏鳴 meranzuna, “nearby Dutch apricot cry”, Italian melanzana, “aubergine, eggplant”. I could just imagine them randomly browsing an Italian restaurant menu… “Oh, that sounds cool! SUGOI!!!1!! Let’s write that with kanjis!!11!1”

Centre, 武怨女流膿 Buonjorunō, “weapon grudge woman current pus”, obviously the Italian greeting buongiorno “good morning”. Repeated at the centre and as an explanation on the left.
Back of left arm, 丸下梨多 marugerita, “round down pear many”, Italian margherita, “daisy”.
Left, 負越土地涅 fuettsuchine, “negative over earth sediment”, Italian fettuccine.
Left down, 不十里 fujiri, “not ten villages” (ROTFL), Italian fusilli.
Right, 羅美檻 rabiori, “silk gauze beautiful jail”, Italian ravioli.
Right down, 凛愚伊音 ringuine, “cold stupid italian sound”, Italian linguine. Well, at least they’re actually genoese… :tongue:
Also, there’s Italian cinquantanove (fifty-nine) written at the bottom for some reason.

I quite liked this design.
She was addicted to delinquent stories that she read in comics during her childhood.
She loved Japanese manga and anime, and her first love was **Dragonball’s Goku.**³
Loved cosplaying, but kept it a secret from her friends (if found out, she would suicide by seppuku).
Her motto was “If I want, I can do anything!”,
and she would have awakened Soul Power abilities in herself.
Her name would have been Rita.

Magician ver. 1


An apprentice of a fortune teller who also doubled as a stage magician.
She used her top hat to materialise things
and fly Soul Power-charged little birds at her enemy.
She would’ve fought by charging objects with Soul Power.⁴

Magician ver. 2


Still a magician, but a slight novelty.
She manipulated and flew cards,
who formed swords, shields and so on, and fought using them.
She would’ve betrayed her master and killed her.⁵

Egyptian bōjutsu version


She fought using an Egyptian stick fighting style, named taḥṭīb.
Around this time we switched her concept to Egypt.⁶
She was adult and responsible.
Her hairstyle and decorations resembled the actual Menat very closely.

Perfume user version


She worked (?) at her master’s shop, burning incense.
She fought making up for her lack of strength
by hardening with Soul Power the smoke of the incense and entwining it to her body.
Putting Soul Power to practical use, she would also have transformed into smoke herself.

Perfume user + bōjutsu version


She was well-informed about hygiene and health.
One of the many ways with which she kept herself healthy was… being a taḥṭīb master.
She also used incense and hookah, that empowered her while fighting.
She would have fought against her destiny
because her master told her she should have had a very short life expectancy.

Golden sand user version


Made with Bastet⁷ as motive.
She fought with charmingly sinuous dancing movements,
and blending golden sand into her body.
She hardened the sand, and her body as well; also, she attacked by shaping the sand as characters or animals.
There was an idea for a move that hardened her opponent and made him/her explode.

Rhythmic sports gymnastics version


This is when the idea of a native Egyptian who used a crystal ball became fixed.
A simple design.
Because she had less muscle mass than other street fighters,
she could fight by toying with her crystal ball and Psycho Power.

Traveller version


A traveller who moved from place to place while doing fortune telling.
She traveled the world searching for her disappeared mentor.
In her “fortune-teller bag” she kept golden sand and incense.

Generally decided version


A former rhythmic gymnast.
Because she was used to move her body,
with the combination gymnastics+Soul Power she was strong in combat
but rather weak in her crucial fortune-telling.
To come of age and become a real fortune-teller before the eyes of her master,
she did her best every day.

Her first published silhouette had cat ears,
a remain of this design.

And that’s all, folks.
Because she’s a completely new character,
we still have various other design ideas of her.
We’ll have fun next time!

¹ So “Left Eye of the Lion” is her crystal ball’s name… Further analysis soon.
² I can’t envision ROSE keeping an assassin with her, too.
³ My God… No thanks, there’s already a weeb in SF, and that’s Sodom. I’d rather have him back.
⁴ This just screams “Italian Zatanna + Gambit”… Sort of cool anyway.
⁵ Just NO, Capcom. Not only would have she been a bad Harley Quinn/Gambit ripoff, but also… You actually, seriously considered to KILL ROSE? Capcom, you’re NOT funny.
⁶ It’s also interesting that ALL “Rita” Italian concepts saw her with red hair, while nearly all her “Menat” Egyptian ones with purple. Well, I knew an Italian girl who was the closest to a real-life Merida you can imagine, but red hair definitely aren’t so common in Italy. And Rita would’ve been the third Italian redhead in a row, after Aprile and Maggio…
⁷ The cat goddess. So the cat motive was born here.

The Italian Delinquent doesn’t look Italian at all. Her clothes are straight up Japanese delinquent. She looks like a Jojo or Kunio-kun character.

I’d play him. would make a decent fat character: it’s a part of his schtick although not upped to eleven, has the actual Street Fighter vibe going for him while keeping his unique feel and with his more serious look he can feel intimidating and imposing. Replace the “high power” generator with a old car battery and the tuning forks with some enlarged alligator pliers and it’s a deal.

Well, she’s a weeb, so it’s kinda justified. But good luck trying to keep THAT hidden from your friends, if you don’t want them to know you like cosplay and you’re a bloody walking cosplay every day.
Then again, Street Fighter character ∌ logic.