The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Tbh i will prefer some capcom guy to notice it and copy the idea, i don’t even play on PC to begin with =)

I got the idea because i think the SF2V anime matador look will be close to his theme without suck like Story/Premium current ones

but the original sketch came from Onimusha DoD, keept it almost identical too (ever Capcom after all)

This might be a good place to get some feedback on the character prologues I wrote for the concept thread. The theme was adapting the MvC2 exclusives (Ruby Heart, Amingo, and Sonson) to the Street Fighter universe. I hope you guys enjoy!

Ruby Heart (CFN version)


Ruby and her crew are sailing off the coast of New Zealand, looking for the Warrior’s Dream. Ruby is looking at a map when one of her brothers calls out:

BAUS: "Land ho, Captain!"
RUBY: "So, it must be here! The ‘Warrior’s Dream’, hidden away centuries ago, lost to the world - until now!"
BAUS: “Captain, there’s some people on the island! They’re wearing yellow suits and army hats! Well, one of 'em ain’t…”

Ruby grabs her telescope and peers at the scene.

RUBY: "By Blackbeard, they’re taking the orb! Hurry, full speed ahead!"
RUBY: (That symbol … are they pirates too?)

Cut to Ruby and crew confronting Shadowloo troops. Birdie is leading them.

BIRDIE: "Oi, you lot! This here spot is secret, no tourists!"
RUBY: “Tourists? We’re pirates! And we’re here for that orb!”

A chopper flies away from the island.

BIRDIE: "It’s long gone, mate! Only artifacts left here are your clothes!"
RUBY: “I’ve had enough of your mouth, landlubber! C’mon boys, let’s harpoon us a whale!”
[Ruby and Birdie fight]

BIRDIE: [out of breath] “Aye, I thought I was being cheeky with my chains; you guys are just cheatin’! We’re outta here!”

Birdie and the Shadowloo troops hop on the chopper and leave. Ruby sits down, frustrated.

MOMOTARU: "It’s OK, Ruby. Sometimes you catch the fish, sometimes you don’t."
RUBY: "That thing was gonna pay back Dad for all the years he supported us…"
MOMOTARU: "I think he’s proud to see his little girl terrorizing the high seas. You always were his favorite."

Necalli forms in front of the cave entrance.

RUBY: [shocked] "W-what the?! Is that … the guardian of the orb! He only appears when someone’s about to steal it! Maybe there’s still hope yet!"
NECALLI: "A sc-school of fish, swimming into my ja-jaws…"
RUBY: “You wanna brawl, mud man? Let’s go, I’m just getting warmed up!”
[Ruby and Necalli fight]

Necalli melts away.
RUBY: “All right, let’s get that orb!”

Cut to Ruby and crew walking out of the cave, with Momotaru holding a stone orb about the size of a melon. Waiting outside for them is Kolin.
RUBY: [not noticing Kolin] "Seems like they just grabbed one of the statue heads and ran. Their leader must not be too bright…"
KOLIN: "How kind of you to bring our relic back to me. Unfortunately for you, it wasn’t lost, and you’re all thieves!"
RUBY: "What are you talking about? Finders keepers!"
KOLIN: "It seems you do not understand. I am the caretaker of these ruins, and part of my job is making sure vagrants like you don’t uncover things that should stay hidden."
RUBY: “Oh, and you’re going to stop us? I’d like to see you try!”
[Ruby and Kolin fight]

Urien stands on a cliff, overlooking the fight.
KOLIN: "You soldiers are all the same! You take whatever you want whenever you want, and you don’t care what you destroy to do it!"
Urien drops down in the middle of the fight, forcing both sides to back off.
KOLIN: "Lord Urien!"
URIEN: "Silence, woman! You have failed me enough already!"
RUBY: "And who’s this supposed to be? Your brother?"
URIEN: “You too, commoner! It is beneath me to deal with the likes of you, but it appears that I must take matters into my own hands if our Secret Arts are to remain secret. Kolin!”
[Kolin freezes Ruby and crew to the ground]
RUBY: "How did you-"
URIEN: “The ‘how’ is irrelevant. As I said, it is beneath me to deal with trash such as yourself. However, the international police en route to this location are more than happy to lock you away for the rest of your miserable lives!”
[A helicopter can be heard in the background]
KOLIN: "I suggest you make your decision quickly, for your family’s sake."
RUBY: (Family…)
RUBY: “Fine, you win! Here’s your stinking orb! I hope you choke on it!”

Cut to Ruby and crew sailing away on their ship.
RUBY: "Damn, who were those people?"
BEARD: "I don’t know, but that was a pretty close call. We’re lucky they kept their end of the bargain; that guy looked ready to kill us."
BEARD: "So, do you still want to be a pirate, Ruby? As you can see, it ain’t all rum and singing."
RUBY: "You bet your ass I do! There aren’t many of us left! If I give up, then that just means those Shadowloo guys and the people from the ruins will take all the loot for themselves!"
RUBY: "And if there’s no more loot, that means no more pirates! So here’s what we’re going to do: we’ll track these people around and wait for something shiny to change hands."
RUBY: “Then, when they least expect it, we swoop in and claim it all for ourselves! Now get to it men, we have a shadow to chase!”

Amingo (formerly Eleven)


[The opening panel is completely black]
URIEN: "Bring Eleven to the simulation room. Choose whichever stage you wish."
DR. WU: "What?"
URIEN: “It’s worthless if all it produces is inferiority. I will inspect the quality of its ability for myself.”
[The screen cuts to Eleven facing Urien on the Brazil stage]
DR. WU: “We will now, initiate the simulation.”
[Eleven fights Urien]

Urien strikes Eleven several times, knocking it to the ground.
URIEN: “Che. Not enough.”
[The screen fades to black]
URIEN: "It’s nothing but a repugnant failure."
URIEN: “It may as well be a walking mirror. Accelerate the program and improve its potential.”

We cut to an undefined time later, where Necro and Effie are riding a motorcycle through the Mexican desert at night. They’re wearing “inconspicuous” (re. extremely stereotypical) Mexican clothing, with Necro having a blue sombrero.
EFFIE: "That was a fun mission, Necro baby! Did you see the look on his face when I pulled the chainsaw out of that roast pig?"
NECRO: "Definitely, my little vatrushka! We just have one more errand to run before we return to base…"
EFFIE: "What is it, honey?"
NECRO: "I have to bury one of my brothers."
EFFIE: "The one we gave to that ice lady in New Zealand?"
NECRO: “What’s left of him, yes.”

Necro and Effie dig a hole underneath a cactus and bury Eleven’s remains. Necro rests his sombrero on top of the cactus.
NECRO: "Farewell, brother. May this place show you beauty unlike anything they (re. Secret Society) could ever give you."
Necro and Effie ride away. We see a short time lapse of the cactus morphing into Amingo. When it’s done growing, we cut to Amingo, in his current costume, standing over a cliff, looking at the sunrise.

URIEN: [echoing] "It’s nothing but a repugnant failure."
Amingo finally speaks, its voice strange and inhuman.
AMINGO: “Must… kill…”

Cut to several months later. We see Urien in Russia, beating up some random guys. He dodges a vine that attempts to grab him, and the camera pans over to Amingo.
AMINGO: "Kill!"
URIEN: "Interesting. It seems I must dispose of this experiment myself."
URIEN: “Even in death, you have failed to serve my needs. I will relish destroying you myself! Now, tremble before my superiority!”
[Urien and Amingo fight]

Amingo gets the upper hand, impaling Urien.
AMINGO: "Die!"
URIEN: “Perhaps you are more resilient than I thought. However, you’re still held back by mediocrity!”

Urien melts into a mass of white goo, then reforms into Twelve. The super soldier glides away. Necro steps in the building and looks around.
NECRO: "Geez, looks like the boss left a mess here."
AMINGO: "???"
NECRO: "Don’t worry guy, I’m not here for you. Glad to see you put my hat to good use."
NECRO: "He’s wrong, you know. I’ve seen his toys come and go, but you’re the only one to crawl back, much less put up a fight. Kinda inspirational, in a way."
AMINGO: "!!!"
NECRO: "If you wanna take him on though, you’re going to have to get stronger. I’ve had my fair share of fights with him, and he’s not just some tumbleweed."
AMINGO: "Grow… more?"
NECRO: “Yeah! Not sure how, though. Anyway, I just need to pick something up and head back. Stay warm out there.”

Necro leaves Amingo alone. The mutant begins to burrow into the ground, leaving behind a hole and some leaves.

Sonson (child of Son Wukong)


We start at the Wukong village, where Sonson meets her father (Son) in a courtyard.
SONSON: "Greetings father! It’s a beautiful day out today!"
SON: "Indeed it is, my child. Do you know why I have called you here today?"
SONSON: [excited] "Did the servants make extra meat buns?!"
SON: [laughs] "No, daughter. This is something more important than meat buns. This is about your future."
SONSON: "My future? Do I get to go on an adventure?"
SON: "Adventure… Yes, you could call it that. I need you to find a bald monk in Japan and deliver a message to him for me."
SONSON: "And then we go on a big journey to the west and fight demons and-"
SON: "No, Sonson. Only a message, then you must return."
SONSON: "Aww!"
SON: "Never fear; the future always holds new and exciting adventures. Your time will come soon enough."
SONSON: “Okay then… I won’t disappoint you!”

Cut to the Kanzuki Estate, where Sonson is running along rooftops.
SONSON: "Now, where did father say that monk was again…"
Sonson stops and smells the air.
SONSON: “Meat buns! I was getting hungry anyway!”

Below, Birdie is sitting alone at a table full of Chinese food.
BIRDIE: "Ah, food! They always make the best-"
Sonson jumps down and takes the entire plate of meat buns.
BIRDIE: "Meat buns! Oi, gimme back my dinner, ya monkey!"
SONSON: “Oh, about that…”

The camera pans over to Sonson with a mouthful of food and an empty tray.
BIRDIE: "My food!"
SONSON: “Piggy, why are you so angry? You have lots of food! Especially in your big belly!” [giggles]
BIRDIE: “I’ve about had it with you! I’m gonna eat those meat buns, even if I gotta eat you with 'em!”
[Birdie and Sonson fight]

Birdie is knocked into the water.
SONSON: [giggling] "Looks like you get a bath today, piggy!"
Karin walks onto the scene.
KARIN: "Oh my, it appears we have company! Are you lost?"
SONSON: "Lost? I just won!"
KARIN: "I mean, why are you here? Other than sampling the Kanzuki family secret recipe meat buns?"
SONSON: "Why am I… Oh! I’m looking for a bald monk about this high. Have you seen him?"
KARIN: "A bald monk? I think he lives on that mountain to the east."
SONSON: “Thanks a lot, lady! I’ll be back later for the rest of the dinner!”

Sonson runs off. Cut to Akuma’s stage, where he and Retsu are locked in battle.
AKUMA: "You sealed your fate the day you stopped fighting, fool!"
RETSU: "You were always a disappointment, Akuma. Your master, your brother…"
AKUMA: “And who are you to judge me, weakling? Prepare to die!”

Sonson jumps in
SONSON: "Hey, back off you big meanie! Go find someone else to play with!"
RETSU: "Is she… ?"
AKUMA: “Hmph! You dare mock me? I shall end you first, you insolent tree monkey!”
[Akuma and Sonson fight]

SONSON: "I don’t care how strong you are! I’m bigger than you!"
Sonson turns into a giant ape and roars. Akuma teleports away as she smashes the ground.
AKUMA: "Impressive, for someone so young. Very well, this match is concluded. I’ll come back when you can give me a true fight to the death."
Akuma disappears, leaving Sonson and Retsu behind. Sonson transforms back into her normal form.

RETSU: "That was amazing! You must be Wukong’s daughter!"
SONSON: "That’s right! I came here to deliver you a message!"
Sonson hands Retsu a scroll. The monk pulls it out and reads it.
RETSU: "Hm. It seems I will be returning with you."
SONSON: "Really! That sounds so fun! How do you know father? Did you see him fight? Is his big form really the size of a mountain? Can-"
RETSU: “No need to rush your questions, Sonson. The journey will be long, and we will have ample time to talk.”

Some time later, the two arrive at Sonson’s village. Her father is waiting for them.
RETSU: "And that was how your father lost to the Sennin after a 3-month long fight."
SONSON: "Wooooow!"
SON: "You have returned! Without danger, it seems."
RETSU: "Indeed. Your daughter is quite the character!"
SON: "Now, about our agreement…"
SONSON: "Agreement?"
SON: "It appears Master Retsu is satisfied with your abilities. We will now begin the next step of your journey."
SONSON: "Journey?!"
RETSU: "You will accompany me on my travels. I have some old friends to catch up with, and I think you would enjoy meeting them."
SONSON: "I get to go on a journey with Master Retsu! Thank you! Thank you!"
RETSU: "Come, Sonson! We must hurry if we are to get to the noodle stand in Bejing before it closes!"
SONSON: “Right away, Master!”

I enjoyed reading each and everyone of your stories for the Marvel vs Capcom 2 original characters


Motivated, but not motivated as Joe

Joe focus > your character focus


He deals with weapons and illegal things.
Because he’s so silent and serious
his companions always welcome and trust him.
…Just why doesn’t he work honestly, then?

Name: Eliot
Height: 188cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: August, 1¹
Country of Origin: UK
Favorite things: Alcohol
Dislikes: Pickles²

He’s in charge of the key of a secret port warehouse.
Always walks to the warehouse, carrying the key.
Every time there’s business inside, he becomes the gatekeeper
and intimidates anyone who gets too close.

He’s a maudlin drinker
and whenever he becomes drunk, he cries and tells something about his past.
Because he has a very good memory, when he’s very drunk his tales go on forever.

¹ Same as Joe. I smell a mistake…
² Mistakenly left blank at first, now fixed.

Great work as usually @Cestus

The Balrog and Vega are particularly awesome


Mark is clearly Tumblr’s new favorite character in anything ever.

That said, I also kind of think he’s great lol

Mark is* fabulous.*

Reminds me of this…

Which isn’t that far from the truth. :tongue:

I loved his design, a crude mix of the rustic with the sensitive

They fixed his dislike to pickles…

I’m getting a JJBA Josuke vibe tbh


He loves beautiful things, and also himself.
He’s a man like Lord Vega.
Because he always uses strong perfumes
everyone spots him even when he tries to hide.

Name: Mark
Height: 166cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February, 20
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Himself, Handsome Men¹
Dislikes: Slimy Things²

Due to the influence of a movie he saw in his childhood
he dreams to become an actor.
His excessive self-esteem
led to him taking countless auditions
but he was always rejected due to his personality.
Because he faced financial hardships, he got his hands dirty with crime.
While he now belongs to a criminal gang,
he didn’t give up to his acting career dream, and still cares for his appearance.
His reactions are over the top, and his voice is loud

¹ As @Cestus already noted, this (and Mark’s new design) references OnePunch-Man’s Puri-puri Prisoner, constantly flirting with handsome men.
² Likely a reference to Puri-puri Prisoner’s defeat by Deep Sea King.

Just to add a minor blunder, I checked Final Fight 2 for Eliot’s story… And, in the original game, the gatekeeper out of the Hong Kong’s port warehouse was actually Elias. Eliot attacked you from behind only after you had already beaten Elias.

So, he’s clearly gay. Does likinening him to Vega make Vega gay too? Also, I never knew this guy existed. Turns out Final Fight was full of queer (I’m depleying the term as used by Butler) characters, which is awesome. It shows how brave 90’s Capcom were.

Nah, only Mark is fabulous of the two. They’re saying he’s a beauty chasing narcissist, only he prefers handsome blokes while Vega likes beautiful ladies and his greatest muse, that crimson vixen known for live-giving contributions…Hemoglobin (When I was a kid I thought the term was hemoGOBLIN – cue an image of a maniacal little goblin shooting blood everywhere like those crazy lizards.)

I’m conflicted, all this Final Fight love makes me want a new game, but I dunno how modern Capcom would handle it. :c

Somehow, I doubt the generic thugs had actual individual personalities back when the games were first coming out.

I’m willing to bet the majority of these details about these characters was created just now specifically for these profiles. So while Mark is clearly gay now, I doubt Capcom gave any consideration to his sexuality back in the 90s.

He was more of a Guile reference, I think. The added “fabulousness” is entirely due to OnePunch-Man.