The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Mark is* fabulous.*

Reminds me of this…

Which isn’t that far from the truth. :tongue:

I loved his design, a crude mix of the rustic with the sensitive

They fixed his dislike to pickles…

I’m getting a JJBA Josuke vibe tbh


He loves beautiful things, and also himself.
He’s a man like Lord Vega.
Because he always uses strong perfumes
everyone spots him even when he tries to hide.

Name: Mark
Height: 166cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February, 20
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Himself, Handsome Men¹
Dislikes: Slimy Things²

Due to the influence of a movie he saw in his childhood
he dreams to become an actor.
His excessive self-esteem
led to him taking countless auditions
but he was always rejected due to his personality.
Because he faced financial hardships, he got his hands dirty with crime.
While he now belongs to a criminal gang,
he didn’t give up to his acting career dream, and still cares for his appearance.
His reactions are over the top, and his voice is loud

¹ As @Cestus already noted, this (and Mark’s new design) references OnePunch-Man’s Puri-puri Prisoner, constantly flirting with handsome men.
² Likely a reference to Puri-puri Prisoner’s defeat by Deep Sea King.

Just to add a minor blunder, I checked Final Fight 2 for Eliot’s story… And, in the original game, the gatekeeper out of the Hong Kong’s port warehouse was actually Elias. Eliot attacked you from behind only after you had already beaten Elias.

So, he’s clearly gay. Does likinening him to Vega make Vega gay too? Also, I never knew this guy existed. Turns out Final Fight was full of queer (I’m depleying the term as used by Butler) characters, which is awesome. It shows how brave 90’s Capcom were.

Nah, only Mark is fabulous of the two. They’re saying he’s a beauty chasing narcissist, only he prefers handsome blokes while Vega likes beautiful ladies and his greatest muse, that crimson vixen known for live-giving contributions…Hemoglobin (When I was a kid I thought the term was hemoGOBLIN – cue an image of a maniacal little goblin shooting blood everywhere like those crazy lizards.)

I’m conflicted, all this Final Fight love makes me want a new game, but I dunno how modern Capcom would handle it. :c

Somehow, I doubt the generic thugs had actual individual personalities back when the games were first coming out.

I’m willing to bet the majority of these details about these characters was created just now specifically for these profiles. So while Mark is clearly gay now, I doubt Capcom gave any consideration to his sexuality back in the 90s.

He was more of a Guile reference, I think. The added “fabulousness” is entirely due to OnePunch-Man.



A man who moves quickly and attacks with his metal rod.
He’s obsessed with jinxes and lucky items.
His peers are always uncomfortable when he’s around
because he does fortune-telling and is always right.

Name: Elias
Height: 195cm
Weight: 85kg
Blood Type: Not Checked
Birthday: April, 4
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Karaoke
Dislikes: Fat Meat

Has a characteristic laugh
that once heard will never leave your ears.
His specialty is astrology.
He’s an avid reader with an extensive knowledge.
Also loves housework.
He’s quite taciturn.
…He could be an unexpected indoorsman, after all.

Mark is clearly a queen here though. Not necessarily gay though.



I think Zeku’s story might incorporate some of these Final Fight 2 characters, like how Abigail’s story had a few Final Fight 1 characters in it.

So next batch would be FF3 thugs? Glad CFN is keep on going through. I hope to see a Kabuki Fighter in Zeku alt maybe.

And so the jojo references continue


What they added @Daemos to CFN now? You finally made it fam. There is hope for the rest of us. :smiley:

They haven’t even done the FF3 bosses yet.