The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

I think it goes beyond slut. A slut is someone who bangs a dude she doesn’t know because the only way she can feel validated is with a cock inside her. That’s fine. A little sad, maybe, but to each their own. I think we’re all a bit slutty sometimes.

This is a female character literally going “I’m going to get raped by a monster, that’s pretty hot”. That’s just fucked up. Not to mention the lead-up. As fucked up as modern Red Sonja comics can be when they insist on keeping the 1930’s plotline of “I’ll fuck any dude who can kick my ass”, at least she gives consent beforehand. This is some hentai “women secretly love being raped” shit right here.

I didn’t read that comic initially because I’d rather wait for me to buy the actual thing.

Yeah, Laura’s pretty out of character and too mean spirited in that thing. I can see her following an old legend hoping to get into a fight with a powerful mythical opponent, I can’t see her getting that aggressive and nasty however. She is, as GrieversGunblade, a cheerful character which is not very bright at all and makes a lot of innuendo jokes probably without even realizing it.

The “curiously attractive for a fish-man” is a line taken by that god-awful Darkstalkers cartoon by the way.
That’s a cute reference.

I think there’s a reasonable chance that Bison might be evil.

Everyone is a slut for Rikuo. Women, men, monsters, etc. That’s the joke.

“Blowjobs practicioner”? o__O

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but your alternative works as well.


A lovely skinhead.
He shaves in his bathroom.
A man with an unique aesthetic sense.

Name: Mic
Height: 178cm
Weight: 79kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: March, 3
Country of Origin: France
Favorite things: Muscle Training
Dislikes: Roof Leaks

He’s pretty stoic.
Has a little too much confidence in himself,
so he often looks down upon other people.
His latest craze
is training while hearing French hip-hop.

The apartment house where he lives has horrendous roof leaks, though.

I’m loving the poses and personality on these Mad Gear guys. I could see a FF series and having these be the comic relief baddies while the heroes investigate the adventure of the week sort of thing. Kind of Like the Ginyu force hah

@YagamiFire confirmed Ed

Menat needs to needs to put Laura’s soul through purgatory.

If Yagami is Ed, does that mean that Daemos will now try to get into his body?

@Daemos is definitely Fang, not Lord Bison himself

Nobody is Bega-sama but BEGA-SAMA!

sob The image album is falling so far behind with nobody cutting out all these new characters…

Looks like MvCI isn’t getting endings in the arcade mode. Sucks for those of us who expected an actually decent arcade mode for SFV.

I won’t miss em. Story Mode is all the endings I need.

Is it just me or is Retu’s Mad Gear thugs kinda hipster-ish?

That on top of a laundry list of things that disuaded me from purchasing MvCi. And I was so hyped for it from the start. But things have only gone down hill. And I hate to admit it, but my hype for this game and my desire to buy it has gone out the window.


  • Chun-Li’s face: They Fucked up Chun-Li’s face in the beginning (the most unforgiving of sins). And even though they “fixed” her, she still isn’t as beautifully delicious as her SFV build. I want to enjoy looking at Chun as much as play her. And since I don’t play competitively, which face/body do I want to look at more? MvCi Chun or SFV Chun? (spoiler: SFV CHUN WINS)
  • New Chun VO: Speaking of Chun, her new voice just sounds… bland. This doesn’t sound like the Chun-Li we know at all. Now granted, the following is of course my own personal opinion. English Dubs are usually not as good as the Japanese VO. And I know Laura Bailey’s Chun-Li voice has had it’s up and down moments, but she has been our English Chun for almost a decade. From 2009-2017, she’s done the voice of Chun for SFIV, SFIV: Ties that Bind, SFIV Aftermath Chun-Li Prologue, SFIV Juri OVA, MvC3 games, SFxTeken, and SFV. She’s been doing such an iconic role for so long that she has grown on me. And it also doesn’t help that Laura Bailey is one of my Top 5 Favorite Voice actresses. This new Chun doesn’t sound like the Chun I know, and as a result, she’s become almost a complete stranger to me. Now I don’t know if this switch is going to be a one-time/one-game deal, or if its going to be permanent. But until this new voice finally grows on me, I’ll continue to cringe every time I hear Chun-Li’s MvCi voice.
  • Arcade mode endings?: Good news: they brought back arcade mode! (Yay!) Bad news: all you get at the end for completing it is a lame ass “CONGRATULATIONS” screen at the end and maybe a new costume color depending on difficulty (… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)
  • Lackluster story mode: Based on the 3 story trailers we’ve seen, this story’s plot direction looks worse than SFV (and that’s saying alot). I’m not sure what the plan was, or what kind of summer-blockbuster story we’re gonna get, but if Marvel blockbusters have taught me anything, they are widely hyped when they are released, then when you watch them some time later, you start to see how lame they are. Maybe that’s what this story mode will end up becoming.
  • Recycled animations: I haven’t checked every single character, but from the little I see, their intros, victory animations, hyper combos, etc just looks like they are recycled from MvC3. That is another huge insult. I wanted a NEW game with NEW visuals, NEW additions, NEW animations, NEW moves, NEW EVERYTHING! I MIGHT AS WELL PLAY MvC3 SINCE THEY LOOK THE SAME!!! (but wait, they got rid of the 3 character and added infinity st…) I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEM INFINITY STONES!!!
  • No X-Men/“Characters are just functions”: THe ultimate insult to a casual gamer from a developer:“characters are just functions”. … … … … (HULK SMASH!!!)
    Seriously, as a casual fan of fighting games, I don’t play fighing games characters because they are “functions”. There is a reason why I keep coming back to Street Fighter: their characters are more than just functions, they have become fascinating entities with history, depth, style. You can have the greatest fighting game with perfect net code, balanced gameplay, and a character that plays 95% of what Chun-Li is (other 5% for originality). I won’t be as interested because Chun-Li has become more than just my favorite character: She has become a part of me. She has changed the way I look at kung fu (movies/martial arts/etc), the way I view strong and powerful women and how you don’t need to show skin or be objectifying to be sexy, and the way I see the world. She’s become my waifu, and the reason I keep coming back to Street Fighter. And while she may be the biggest reason, other characters such as Ryu (as plain and stale as he is), Ken, GUile, Cammy, Karin, Urien, Sakura, Vega, Balrog, The Mighty M. Bison, nearly everyone of the SF characters has captured my heart. And whether I love them, hate them, or think they are as incredibly dumbfuck as Abigail, they all have made me feel. I don’t get that same feeling when I play Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear, Blazeblu, etc.
    Characters are the reason people are drawn into a fighting game. And by taking out beloved ones like the X-Men (the ones who started the versus franchise with X-Men v. SF), it’s a huge slap to the face for casuals.
    (I’m sorry about the rant, but that’s another one of my biggest gripes about the Capcom developer’s treatment to casual fans)[/details]

I’ll probably watch the story mode on youtube, and maybe write a little review at the end. If Chun-Li has THE BIGGEST SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN THE STORY (but I highly doubt that would happen), maybe I’ll purchase it. But as of now, I’m just over the hype.

The lack of X-Men is a Marvel decision. They’ve only started to be more open to putting them in their current games recently. The X-Men/F4 ban because of Marvel’s beef with Fox over their movie rights is why there’s none of our favorite mutants and Dr. Doom in MVCI.

Capcom’s side has no such excuses, though.

I’m okay if they put general ending in motion graphic style in arcade mode.