The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

It DOES have an Arcade mode. It’s just there’s no story content in it.

Which is fine if there are also individual story modes for all the characters, but it doesn’t seem like there is, and there’s only the one cinematic story mode.

Which sucks.


I misspoke. Meant to say no Arcade Mode endings, which sucks.

Phantom, I’ll post the translated endings later. EX, EX+, and Ex+ Alpha all had different endings. Same with EX2 and EX2+.

I do like Capcom’s approach in presenting these characters.
As far as arcade mode and potential story elements are concerned, I had some ideas in mind to share. Although, there is a lot to read (though, I fear that it may veer just a bit off topic, even though it vague mentions of the story-based elements will be mentioned).


If SFV staff members were to actually make the arcade mode, then what they should probably do is create a ladder system.
Obviously, the player will be able to toggle the difficulty settings and they will be allowed to access online features and play against others as they advance through this arcade mode. This would also help explore certain aspects of the character’s story a bit more.

There will be three ladder:
One ladder will have up to four matches at the minimum, generally being as short as the character story chapters for example. This will be designed for those who (somehow) dislike the idea of fighting game arcades and just want to get to the point. There will be no bonus bosses, no bonus rounds, or juicy stuff to speak of in this mode. All you get is three regular fights and a (regular version) of a final boss, which to say the least is intentionally made anti-climatic.

The second ladder will have up to six matches, including a stronger, slightly “unfair”, and higher damaging version of the final boss, whom would be M. Bison. There will also be designated sub-boss battles at a certain point in the arcade run, specific to the character the player is utilizing. Last, if the player is going through the arcade mode on the second ladder on any difficulty higher than normal mode; they will be offered a chance to also fight against a different version of Necalli, a particular powerful version of Urien, a possibly stronger version of Kolin (the reason why Kolin would be involved as a secret boss in this condition is because of her associate with the Illuminati, as well as both Urien and Gill themselves), possibly Nash (because of his general role in the series as well as his contributions on behalf of both the Illuminati and the fact that he has been known to have fought Bison several times, plus having a bit more elaborate of a story line, though this could be problematic: You can’t make every other character into a boss, but Nash seems to be reasonable) or Shin Gouki (this one is nearly a given). Also, you DO fight the regular versions of these characters in arcade mode but then you have the “other” variations of the characters that do exist. To speak about the bonus rounds, it would be funny if the bonus rounds were also character specific; forcing the player to utilize their character’s greatest traits: For example, Ryu’s Parry V-Skill being used in a mini-game, Bison’s V-Skill being used in another way, Menat’s V-Skill reflecting stuff, etc. Of course, you can also bring back the barrel breaking experiences back from SFII, much like they have done in SFIV and then have the characters destroy a vehicle. While the player is participating in all of these activities in consideration, they can still choose to fight other people online and have their share of fun or simply learn something before having to travel to another tournament and such.

Some of these ideas may not suit tournament players but it will at give casuals something to do from a broader perspective. These little elements would also make Street Fighter V a better “video game” product, as it is already a decent fighting game in a manner of speaking, though (in my opinion) a lot of characters need… buffs. In general. When I say in general, I am referring to making characters have increased walk speeds on a broad scale, making anti-airs a lot more threatening, increasing overall damage, making characters with projectiles a bit more intimidating yet still manageable from a distance (like Ryu and Chun-Li for example), increasing the character hitboxes on some of their normal moves so that they can be more viable in footsies and possibly one additional defensive mechanic. But, this is just my perspective. Opinions on the subject will end up varying.

The third ladder will have up to nine matches, including M. Bison once again as the final boss. This time, there might be up to several cutscenes depending on the character, in addition to having more bonus content to mess around with. Plus the reward for completing this mode will be a lot greater especially if the player ends up encountering more than one secret super-powered boss in their run. The arcade mode would simply stir the pot a little bit on what players will do in their spare time as they play at their house alone or with family members and/or friends.

But… I highly doubt if something like this is going to manifest and plus with everything I just typed, it is still nothing more than a opinion and an idea. I am no game developer nor am I a professional. I also don’t want insult anyone’s intelligence with these concepts…


A man who came to Metro City to become rich.
He possesses a chiseled physique and a grim hairstyle,
but he’s actually a big softie.
He has a wife and a daughter.

Name: Bull
Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: May, 22
Country of Origin: Canada
Favorite things: Animals as a whole
Dislikes: Lumbago

Perhaps because he grew up in the nature
he loves animals and plants.
He already adopted a lost white dog¹ once.

It seems he’s thinking about a change of occupation
since he hurt his back during his previous job.²

Wait, wasn’t there somebody named Bill already…?
…Oh, right, Bill Bull.

¹ Maybe the white dog who barked at you in the original FF Bay Area?

² Well, it seems he crossed his path with Haggar… :lol:

First @Daemos now @“Evil Canadian” , which SKRer will Capcom add to CFN next. If it’s someone with incredible language skills, I think we know who :smirk:

Thanks, always doing God’s work.
I wonder if these endings will end up or are already in the plot guide.

Pretty sure I added them already…
Edit: Nvm I never did…we’ll add that to the list now

Already would have been a way better Canada rep than Abigail…

Elena’s Family
Jafari (Dad)

Amina (Mom)

Marcus (Bro)

They did V.Rosso, i’m semi canon.

Look like Slim Gief at the end of the video lol

Didn’t know they were in the guide. That’s good to know.

For Phantom’s convenience, I’ll just copy the post I compiled of all of the info way back:

EX Arcade Endings:

[spoiler]Evil Ryu
“So much evil ki… It could destroy anything!”

He raised his red-dyed fist to the heavens, laughed, and suddenly… He was nowhere to be seen. The Surge of Murderous Intent… Will the tragedy of a deeply burdened fist be repeated?

Bloody Hokuto
“As expected… The fate of blood has been altered…”

Lamenting the fact that Hokuto has become an assassin, her adoptive father looks up at the sky and apologizes to his friend. “Brother, it seems the sister has already been devoured as well… After all, perhaps such a bloodstained path cannot be changed… Yet, I still have one last hope…”

Cycloid Beta, Cycloid Gamma
A pair of mysterious Cyborgs suddenly appeared. What is their true nature? The only thing certain is that they’re combat weapons capable of absorbing the techniques of martial artists. Will the “true warrior” be the one who will stop these advanced combat machines? Or will it be the one who has mastered the Surge of Murderous Intent?

“You must bring yourself to the limits”
That was the true meaning of a bloodstained lineage. He walks the path of the Asura by himself. What awaits him at the end? Is it the Master of the Fist? Or… It won’t be long until the destined battle arrives. Will he find the answer then?

Allen Snider
The strongest man in the American Karate Circuit is now traveling the world. Will he have his revenge on the people who claimed he was a big fish in a small pond? And will this be the birth of a new legacy? Allen Snider, his true battle has just begun.

Darun Mister
Darun, the strongest wrestler in India, has become the strongest in the world as well. From here on, he
will have numerous adversaries who will face him as the champion. Darun will continue fighting in order to maintain the privilege of being called the strongest.

”Whoa! Excellent Mighty God Bomb!”

Blair Dame
Blair, the mistress of a strong gentle heart, was once again passionately engaged in her martial arts training today.

“If I don’t become strong enough, how will I be able to protect everyone if something happens?
But I’ll be alright, if I can get some future gents to protect me (heart)”

…with that said, will she have the same fate as Chun-Li

“I moved aside at that very moment! For my name is Gouki! Master of the Fist!”


All sense of justice disappeared when the laugh of the demon echoed. Everything on his sight
is his people who surrendered to the might of his Psycho Power.

Bison the Demon, is there no one who can stop him?

“Death suits you well.”

There were once men who passionately aspired to be martial artists, but died and were taken in by the Surge of Murderous Intent. Will their souls ever find peace? Can such a relief be given? The tragedy of men consumed by the Surge of Murderous Intent continues.

The eternal challenger Ryu. Will his battle ever end? Or will he continue his challenge for all eternity? What will he find at the end? Will he…

“I must find someone stronger than myself.”

Of course I’m the strong. If someone truly wants to defeat me, they better bring along a tank. If a lost at the place like this, Eliza would’ve been mad. Besides…Ryu! The next we’ll meet, things will be different!!

Father, are you alright? I’m doing fine myself. I still hold your words dear in my heart as both, a person and s a drug investigator.

“One must help people.”

Today I’ve accomplished my assignment without harm. And now I’m writing you another letter. To my dear father, wherever you may be.

– Chun-Li

My burden is different from yours. For the sake of my friend, for the sake of Holger, I can’t rest until I have saved their souls. Because I am an avenger!

To my dear comrade Zangief:

I heard the news about your fight. Well done, my friend, excellent. Please show the world that great strength of yours, for the sake of our motherland. From your beloved friend.

“Scatter like the cherry blossoms.”

She continued the battle of the Asura, unaware of the true meaning of her bloodstained lineage. Will she continue the battle until she is reunited with her brother and their fists are mutually dyed red? Or else?

Doctrine Dark
“Your resistance is futile. You won’t do it again. I threw away my soul… as well my happiness and my tears. Now I’m going to show you that hell. Where are you hiding?”

Doctrine Dark, the man formerly known as “Holger”. Is there anyone who could save his soul?

“I will continue to fight as long as evil lurks in this world! Whether it’s to the end of the world or space itself! For I am a Hero! But being a Hero is a difficult task one way or another. But today I am in the middle of an errand to defeat evil. Mumu! I must hurry! For the sake of my dearly beloved wife and children and my pet Pochiro-kun! To the Greengrocer! Super Skullocrusher!”

Pullum Purna

She wasn’t aware of it herself, but she had a relative within the Shadaloo organization who was being nominated for manager. What will become of that portion of Shadaloo when she learns the truth? After all, she is a pretty selfish young woman…? Will that be alright with him? With Bison? Perhaps its best left to someone else…

Cracker Jack

“No one can stop my fists!”

Cracker Jack the Power Fighter disappeared from the rest of the world shortly after the battle. Nobody has any idea where he went, but it is certain that he will come back someday. For his fists contains the greatest of powers.[/spoiler]

EX+ Endings:

[spoiler]Evil Ryu
"A wicked chi is rising… Everything shall be destroyed."

He raised his bloodstained fist in the air, laugh, and not long afterward… He went away somehow. The surge of murderous intent… Will the tragedy of a skilled fist be repeated?

Bloody Hokuto
"I thought so… Has the death been confirmed?"

The adoptive father grieves over Hokuto, who returned to her devilish state, as he looks at the heavens and apologizes to his friend. “The brother and the sister have both been devoured … The path of the Shura that you spoke, I understand… But the bloodline of the head family has been staked… Nanase, you must rescue those two if you can.” The 17-year old daughter became another participant in the field of battle.

Cycloid Beta
Beta, the mysterious cycloid who suddenly appeared. A close-quarter combat weapon that analyzed, studied, and assimilated the fighting patterns of its opponents. His actions are determined solely by his program.


Cycloid Gamma
Gamma, a weapon developed by Barba, Pullum’s father, with the intention of demolishing a certain criminal empire. It is not known how he came up with the technology for Gamma while he was being kept under close surveillance and house arrest. Regardless of the fact that it would be used against his own will…

"With the protection of the God of Fire Agni, let the divine flames guide us…"
"To save his people from illness, the Yoga Master stood before the field of battle.

Dhalsim, the warrior who fights with a compassionate heart. Today he entrusted his fate again to the motherly river of Ganges, for the sake of his loved ones and people he protects.

"Justice prevails! Isn’t that right?!" “Hey Sakura, what are you going to do when you get to Thailand? It can’t be… Don’t tell me you actually believed what that guy in the pink gi told you again?”

Sakura has already gone to the fighting arena, putting Kei’s concern for her aside. “Hey, want a street fight with me?”

Cracker Jack
"No one can stop my fists!"

Cracker Jack the Power Fighter disappeared from the rest of the world shortly after the battle. Nobody has any idea where he could have went. But it is certain that he will come back someday. For his fists contain the greatest of powers.

"You must overcome yourself."

A man who was forced to follow a bloody fate while being descended from the main family of an ancient style of jujitsu. What will he find at the end of his path? He is being drawn in by the recollections of an assassin… Isn’t there anything that could relieve him?

Allen Snider
"Don’t you ever come back here!"

The strongest man in the American Karate circuit took a trip around the world. How long will it take for him to find his true strength? Perhaps the veterans around the world will learn something from him. Is he nothing but a big fish in a small pond? Or is this the beginning of a new legacy? Allen Snider, his true battle has just begun.

Darun Mister
"You’re not into it! Kid!" Darun went from being the strongest wrestler in India to the strongest wrestler in the world. From that point on, he invited many challengers to fight him as the champion. Darun continues fighting for the sake of having the honor of being called the strongest.


Blair Dame
"Huh? Over already?" Blaire finished her Savage training and was then accompanied by personal guards who were bringing her tea. “Do you think I went a bit easy on everyone?” …A bit? Blair didn’t notice that her guards’ eyes became dots. “The weather is nice today. Perhaps I will give Pullum a visit.”

"My name is Gouki! Master of the Fist!" A pile of corpses is built whenever the Surge of Murderous Intent shakes the Earth. Goutetsu, Gouken, Bison, and now… What awaits a man who threw away his humanity to become a fierce god…?


All sense of justice disappeared when the laugh of the demon echoed. Everything on his sight is his as people surrendered to the might of his Psycho Power. Bison the Demon, is there no one who can stop him?

"It’s the death that suits you well."

The dark power captured the thoughts of men who continued suffering even in their deaths due to their pursuit of the “power”. Isn’t there anyone out there who will give them the peace they seek? The tragedy of men obsessed with the surge of murderous intent continued…

"I will never stop, as long as I’m shaken by the thoughts of fighting!" Ryu’s journey knows no end… For it is the path of a “true warrior”. Is there an “answer” at the end? He continues walking, believing in his own fist. The path he pursues will be a long one.

"As usual, I win!" Polishing a rare kind of talent, Ken is a man whose will to fight burns with the desire to challenge his eternal rival Ryu. Will Ken be the victor next time? Or else…? The battle of this passionate fighting genius continues.

"Wait for me father, will be reunited soon… I’m certain." Her wish was not only to surpass the evil fists of Bison and destruction of Shadaloo, but also for the safety of her father. The beautiful warrior dances again today.

"Holger! Revenge is not everything!!"

Guile, the soldier who fought for the sake of revenge, for the sake of his old friend. He suffered because of it… He feared that this very hatred was changing his own soul. Is it too late to convey that feeling to Doctrine Dark?

"I am the Red Cyclone! Everything that gets dragged by me will be destroyed."

Zangief, the wrestling master from Russia. The power of his motherland shines brighter whenever his muscles of steel roars. Once again, he danced high above the sky today. “Humph! FINAL! ATOMIC! HUNNNNN-BUSTER!!!”

"Wait and everything shall return to whence it came."

She was entrusted to the Mizukami family as an adopted daughter. She took the place of the father who sealed Kairi’s memories, and went to the scene of the battle. Everything must return to nothing, even if she must dye her fists red and comb out the seal within her.

Doctrine Dark
His mind was ruled by lone cry. Overwhelmed by a strong desire for vengeance, he was burdened with the fate of a Shura, a fighting demon. His cry could be heard throughout the sorrowful night like a requiem. Doctrine Dark, the vengeful monster. Is there anyone out there who can save his soul?

"Because I am a Hero!!"

As the yell of a perverted maniac echoes throughout the neighborhood, the Nishikoyama residence gets a sudden visit from the angry housewife next door. “Do you have any idea what time it is!? Please keep quiet!” Blah blah blah… And yet the Nishikoyama family were still a happy bunch.

Pullum Purna
"Who do you think I am?" echoed the shrilling voice of the spoiled girl.

She was doing nothing, but making her companion groggy. “And that’s another tactic of a young high-class lady.” While talking, her butler began to prepare her tea. "It seems there are no suitable men for this young lady.[/spoiler]

EX2 Profiles:

"Where! Where are you! Foul villains! I suppose you’re fleeing over my new power-up? Yeah, I thought so. Was my red scarf and cool mark on my face noticeable or not? Relax citizens; I’ll protect the peace of the world as long as I’m around!"

Special Moves:
“Super Skullocrusher”, a cloud that dances in the sky or a phantom
"Super Skulloslider", a super kick that slices the wind
"Skulloenergy", the stress reliever!
“The New Skullodream”, this is the clincher!

At the unknown recesses of a mountain lies “Kukunochimura”, the village of tree spirits, where the legends speak of a mythical swordsman. Once upon a time, a storm called “Orochi”, the giant snake, suddenly appeared at the village, which caused a giant flood and took away the sunlight. The villagers, in order to calm the wrath of the mountain god, offered a young maiden to anyone who could help. And then, a single swordsman appeared. Alone, the swordsman was able to defeat Orochi and save the villagers. However, it is said that the swordsman was never seen again in the village after the incident. Months and days passed by and Hayate was born.

Special Moves:
“Resshin Kamaitachi (Cut of the Earthquake)”, the opponent is sliced in no time
"Raizanshou (Thunder Slice Flight)", a fierce slicing to death
"Tsumuji Kagerou Kyoku (Whirling Heat Haze Extreme)", a whirlwind blade that does not give a minute of a chance

Sharon is a beautiful redhead who leads a double life: she’s a nun in a monastery who takes care of orphaned children, as well as an A-class agent of a secret intelligence agency. Living in a contradicting mission, the only thing that is barely assures her in her heart is her desire to be reunited with the blood relatives that she has never seen before. While investigating a certain international crime syndicate, Sharon learns that one of its key members shares a certain trait with her. “A tattoo of a red rose… Who on Earth could that person be?” Sharon begins an undercover investigation by herself in order to ascertain the true identity of this individual.

Special Moves:
“Sharon’s Special”, the cornered target cannot escape.
“Hammerhead Rush”, a punching counterattack not to be taken lightly
"Shuttle Combination", a glamourous air attack

Kairi fell from the cliff, as he was unable to dodge the “Shinki Hatsudou” technique performed at him by an unknown person. In escaping death, he lost all of his memories and from that fear Kairi began to instinctively fight everyone who possesed a fighting spirit as his only means of survival. Kairi’s mind was so disordered that when he was reunited with Hokuto, he coudn’t recognize his reality. “Who are you…?”

Special Moves*:
“Shinki Hatsudou (Movement of the Quaking Demon)”, the residual thoughts of an assassin
"Shinki Hatsudou (Movement of the Divine Demon)", an energy wave from the heavens
"Hyourou Kyoshu (Leopard Wolf Assassination)", a floating body fist which strikes the whole body
"Garyuu Messhuu (Elegant Dragon Destruction Kick)", the cornered prey is cut with a whirlwind
"Kyouja Renbu (Faradango of Great Evil)", the ultimate death technique of ancient jujutsu

A certain government has been use the pretext of authority in order to get away with their crimes without legal repercussions. A man named Shadowgeist appeared in that country. Thinking of a countermeasure against the Government like a modern-day “Deadly Working Man"*, he came up with the dangerous method of bringing physical punishment to his enemies by artificially strengthening his own body. “Can you fight the extend of such power”

Special Moves:
“Super Deathcrusher”, a rush of steel
"Death Government", a rampaging fire-storm
"Death Energy", a dark fighting energy is released
"Death Dream", the phantom of death

Garuda, a mass of evil that was brought to life by man… He exists because of negativity. Everyone who has ever felt fury, hatred, jealously, betrayal or disappointment. Everyone one of them has contributed sufficiently to the driving force of Garuda’s existence. It is said that Garuda’s form differs depending on who faces him. To those seeking strength he becomes stronger, and to adversaries who carry a grudge, their hatred becomes even stronger. “Come if you dare. You will learn how powerless you really are…”

Special Moves*:
“Kienbu (Dance of the Devil Bird)”, a murderous rotating dagger
"Kienshou (Flight of the Devil Bird)", the strongest anti-air attack
"Gen (Phantasm)", a giver of disappointment and despair
"Kirenzan (Devil Lotus)", the sword dance of inescapable death
"Soukontan (Twin Spirit Shot)", a cursed surge is shot

The flame of Agni, the personification of Yoga, is a false flame that does not harm adversaries more than necessary. A warrior with a passionate flame, Dhalsim unavoidably fights to rescue the refugees. The enlightened Dhalsim isn’t absorbed in his training today. “One must seek comprehension within the soul with Yoga”

Special Moves
"Yoga Inferno", the approaching opponent is engulfed in hell-fire.
“Yoga Drill Kick”, the terror of Yoga drops from the sky.
“Yoga Legend”, the opponent is invited to Shangri-La

It is said Blanka’s life changed dramatically ever since he was stranded in the jungle after the plane crash when he was young. Living in a hostile environment where any creature could become his enemy, Blanka learned many wild techniques which used his own body as a weapon in order to survive.

Special Moves
"Grand Shave Rolling", his body becomes a human bullet
"Beast Hurricane", his wild blood awakes
"Jungle Beat", the prey who are baited are not spared

Balrog (Claw)
The masked noble, Balrog. The attack he unleashes with his flexible body and innate skills comes from a combination of the “Ninjutsu” he learned from the Orient and his magnificent physique. Balrog is made stronger by his abnormal devotion to beauty, believing that only the beautiful can be strong and that the ugly are only fit to be losers… “I want to see this claw tainted with your blood.”

Special Moves
"Rolling Izuna Drop", a magic act in the sky"
“Sky-High Illussion”, a carving of flesh
"Grand Crystal Flash", the devilish nails are polished into claws
"Phantom Destriction", the legendary Spanish Ninjutsu

Hokuto has finally been reunited with Kairi. However, the seal of blood implanted in her was unleashed by the power of mentioning the name of her brother. The true purpose of that power was too destroy Kairi… Hokuto suddenly saw herself the moment dropped into the bottom of the ravine and disappeared before her eyes.

Special Moves:
“Kiren’eki (Spirit Arrow Shot)”, the movement of spirits transmitted from an ancient time
"Kyakuhougi (Attacking Bird Technique)", the magnificent dancer
"Renshougeki (Continuosly Rising Fury)", an innumerable series of attacks
"Renbu (Continuous Dance)", the sealed forbidden attack of Kobujutsu

Doctrine Dark
Unlike other fighters who fought to become stronger, Doctrine Dark has fought since his upbringing simply for survival. In the mercenary training facility where he grew up, everyone but himself was an enemy. It was a dog-eat-dog world where the rule was “kill or be killed”, a place much closer to hell than the Warfield itself. For Dark, he needed to be strong enough simply to exist or perish. “The feeling of fear… All it does is shorten your life, leading to defeat.”

Special Moves:
“KILL Trump”, an execution with a cruel knife.
“DARK Jackal”, a mercenary’s assassination operation
"EX Prominence", the red flames of a special bomb

Cracker Jack
At the rear side of a bar at Scotland. A newspaper reporter was interviewing the proprietor.
“I heard rumors about the guy who is going to challenge Bharat, the King of the Underground Fighting Circuit, on his retirement match…”

Suddenly, the gang was surrounded by a thunderous roar, as a man with a hat was boasting outside the bar.

“That guy is someone who is supposed to be known in this part, because I’ll
be the challenger for that final match. Thanks to the master’s scotch,
my fighting spirit is filled and now I’m ready for a good fight.”
“Jack! Everyone in this bar is on your side! Don’t let us down!”

Special Moves
"Homerun Hero", the golden arm flies to the heavens
"Crazy Jack", an extraordinary destructive power
"Raging Buffalo", the grabbed adversary is sent to the other world
"Grand Slam Crusher", the big leaguer is silenced

Ryu has evolved his three secret techniques to their utmost limits. However, while his style may seem perfect to an ordinary person, for Ryu he was merely in the process of training. Having overcome the Surge of Murderous Intent, he is now pursuing a true strength that is also pure.

“The world has an unknown strength. Until my body rots away, I will see to pursue it anywhere it may be.”

Special Techniques:
“Shinkuu Hadouken (Vacuum Surge Fist)”, the entire body’s chi is launched from both hands
"Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Vacuum Tornado Whirlwind Kick)", a spin kick that summons a storm
"Shin Shoryuken (True Rising Dragon Fist)", the ultimate secret technique of invincibility

Ken has acquired a new blow by pushing his Rising Dragon Punch in every direction, along with an evolved foot technique. Ken expresses his personality by flying to the sky like a dragon god and descending from it like a thunderbolt. “The opening between my Thunderclap Kick and my Divine Dragon Fist is still a bit salty! Alright, time for another 100 set!”

Special Techniques:
“Shoryu Reppa (Rising Dragon Rampage)”, a dragon god that flies through the sky
"Shinryuken (Divine Dragon Fist)", a dragon’s claw that strikes everything
"Shippu Jinraikyaku (Hurricane Thunderclap Kick)", a kick that spirals like a hurricane

Chun-Li, a female fighter who has established her personal style by gathering various leg techniques from Chinese martial arts. She started her martial art training after she saw a Chinese opera when she was a child, putting in it her feelings for her father. She now enters the ring of battle as an investigator, searching for her missing father. “For my father who is watching over me, I must fight!”

Special Moves:
“Senretsukyaku (Thousand Rending Kicks)”, an innumerable number of beautiful legs
"Kikoshou (Qigong Palm)", a surge of 4,000 Chinese years
"Hasan Tenshou Kyaku (Great Mountain Heaven Soaring Kick)", a steel kick which divides mountains and tears the heaven

Guile’s fighting style allows him to unleash surging wave of attacks that cannot be defended from, no matter how perfect his opponent’s defensive skills may be. Now he fights to enforce his belief and feelings for his combat buddy. “I know understand my friend’s feeling! Until the day…I get my vengeance on Bison, I won’t rest!”

Special Moves
"Opening Gambit", the first of a man that has escaped from the battlefield
"Double Somersault Kick", the peerless light
"Sonic Boom Typhoon", a lightning speed shockwave

Zangief, the man with the body of steel. His true power hasn’t change, no matter how much he has aged. But even knowing that, his goal is always to be the strongest, and his Screw Pile Driver is a product born from such efforts. Zangief made up his mind today at his training room when he heard his barbells being smashed up. “Even if my Vodka helps moisture my body, it would be wept away from this splendid body of mine without an adversary to face, wouldn’t it!?” In order to show the potential of Russia to the world, Zangief begins his everyday of fighting anew.

Special Moves
"Final Atomic Buster", the grappled opponent is sent to hell
"Super Stomping", the height of Russian Cossack dancing

Nanase grew up without knowing of her brother’s existence, having been separated from him since she was an infant. Although her disposition is different from her older sister Hokuto, she adores her and worries about her, as she is the only person she trust. One night, Nanase realized that something bad happened to Hokuto and left on a journey to bring her back to the shrine. Even though her journey was ostensibly about becoming a successor to the Mizukami family, her true objective was to confirm the existence of her older brother Kairi, whom she heard of from her grandfather.

Special Moves:
“Yayoi Toukon Gi (Yayoi Pole Hurling Technique)”, a spirit that was taken from the old school of bojutsu
"Izaiyo Rekkon (Fierce Rod of the Sixteen Days Moon)", a boujutsu chain attack that gives no room for a counterattack[/spoiler]

EX2+ Profiles:

Her father is an inventor. Her intellect surpasses her father’s. To make her father’s inventions known. She tests it against martial artists.

Vulcano Rosso
He feels despondency over the lost of his beloved. His sorrow turns to hatred. His sorrow turns to fury. He leaves the organization for revenge.

The revived emperor. Indomitable willpower. Still seeking strength. A reunion with an old adversary.

A horrible evil man. His frightful Psycho Power A fearful plot for world domination. Shadaloo.

Pullum Purna
An emperor has fallen. The birth of a new imperial princess. She sets off to a journey to seek her father. Of course, she’s taking Darun too (laugh).

A royal soldier. Appointed to be the guardian of new empress under her direct orders. He is to escorting the empress. In other words, babysit her (laugh).

Among the people afflicted by the dictatorship. There was a man whose wife and daughter were killed. He gambles with his life, burning with revenge. By his own hands, he strengthens his own body

A man-demon who controls negative energy. A man-demon whose appearance changes with each person who sees him. A man-demon that wanders for all eternity. Like the soul of a relative.

His memory collapsed. He wanders carrying the aura of a man-demon. To destroy, the soul of the branch family. To desire, Hokuto’s soul.

A struggle to death. Setting off to a journey and disappear. The legend of a revived emperor. To a reunion.

Successive tournament championships. Loneliness. A journey to know his own fist. To pursue a new fist.

The case of indiscriminate prescriptions of a new medicine. The existence of Balrog, and Shadaloo. The last word is “demon”. To confront.

A terrorist attack was announced. The light of his former comrades’ pupils were taken by his own hands. The experiment of a new drug used for brainwashing. Vengeance

Patriot. Boiling hot blood. Burning spirit. Pursing a death match.

Invaders have suddenly appeared. A paradise has been torn. Shadaloo, the invaders of his second home. He fights to defend his home.

Shadaloo. Their experiment with a new drug. The elimination of nuisances. Chun-Li, Guile, and…

The free distribution of medicine. The villagers turn violent. By talking to their souls, the villagers mind are awaken. To fight an owner of an evil heart, it’s a necessary evil

Doctrine Dark
He fights to survive. Madness. The existence stronger warriors equaled his own death. Elimination.

A sudden personnel change. A sudden promotion to chief of branch. The human sacrifice in charge of corporate downsizing. When he explodes with stress, an ally of justice appears

Nanase has been promoted to the rank of “Chuuden” by the “Seiden” The catastrophe maker lives. The liberation of Shirase techniques A departure to a final farewell.

Cracker Jack
A one-hour rest. A meeting. A friendship. A fight.

A request by the government of a neighboring country. Orders for an assassination. Her past target may possibly be a blood relative. These instructions are absolute.

Sudden succession to “Seiden”. The disappearance of a “Chuuden”. Her name is “Shirase”. To save her sister’s soul.[/spoiler]

EX2 Endings:

[spoiler]Cracker Jack
The last match has begun. The two rival warriors with an unsettled childhood rivalry crossed fists.

“The strongest will decide who was right and who was wrong!” An explosive sound shook the ring the moment after the gong rang three times.

“You’ve become stronger this time as usual. I shall keep my word and give you back your little sister.”

“Our dispute has been settled now that I’ve finally fought you…That is all.”

Jack, a man who aims for the top power. Where will his fists show up next…?

The evil spirit that was sealed within the ancient eight-forked sword was revived. Even the village’s shirne maiden, who volunteered to confront it, was not powerful enough against him. But then a lone swordsman appeared. “Secret technique! Tsumujikagero Kyoku!!”

In no less than a minute, Hayate flicked off the evil spirit’s illussionary attack with his blade and slain his enemy in half with a single cut. The village was saved. Afterward, Hayate began to repair the village of Kukunoichi together with the shrine maiden he saved and together they became guardian deities who protected the peace of the village.

Sharon defied her vow as a nun to avoid personal struggles, as well as her orders from the intelligence agency, just so she could pursue the person with the rose tattoo that she’s been single-handedly searching for. However, the ringleader has already escaped to another place.

“The tattoo is proof of a traditional ability. If that person has the same fighting method then means…”

She is placed on house arrest, completing her sentence more than a month later.

“It won’t be easy to break away the brainwashing. But I know I can do it. Until the day my mother returns.”

Shadowgeist (normal ending)
His artificially enhanced body began to overload just as he finally cornered the mysterious conspirator. Shadow was able to catch the wirepuller just as he pushed the self-destruct mechanism, causing the building to collapse with both of them still inside. After a moment of silence, the conspirator managed to escape from the rubble and stood up. However, Shadow stood behind him as well and managed to launch one final strike against him.

“Your twisted paradise ends now.”

Shadow, who barely escaped death, lost his powers, exchanging it with life.

Kairi (normal ending)
As his battle with Hokuto came to a close, Kairi was liberated from his deep fog by the powers of Nanase, his true younger sister. He instictively buried the truth about the aggressor he defeated… When he was young Hokuto’s father attempted to kill him, but failed. Kairi was born anew, as he discovered someone who needed his protection. Needless to say the tears he shed with hesitation were not tears of grief.

There weren’t any sufficiently adequate words to describe who he fought. Was it a new form of himself that did not know of yet? A dark side of himself hidden within him that he did not realize until it materialized? Or some kind of skill that he didn’t know he possessed until now? And yet, he felt a very different spirit and sense during the fight.

“Are you truly yourself…?”

The answer to this question became an eternal mystery…

Note: Garuda’s ending is Shadowgeist’s and Kairi’s ending when they defeat their clone as the final boss.

Nanase (normal ending)

Nanase was raised to be the successor of the Mizukami family. But when she heard about her brother Kairi from her grandfather, her heart was moved and Nanase got the urge to set off to a journey for the truth. But was she motivated by her yearning to see her brother? Or was it a journey to become a successor in the Mizukami family? Not even Nanase herself knew for sure.

“Wait for me… Brother… Sister…”

Nanase (special ending)
“Sister, Brother, stop fighting!” echoed Nanase’s sorrowful shout.

At the very moment Kairi opened his eyes. Thanks to Nanase, Kairi was liberated from the insides of a deep fog when the appearance of his young sister overlapped within the darkness of his memories. Nanase’s sister felt in her mind that her own brother Kairi has been rescued from a solitary darkness.

Blanka defeated all the fighters who came to face him with crushing force. But beneath his boastful might was a vulnerable wild child.

“Mommy!” “Jimmy!!”

The bond between mother and son was still strong, even after more than ten years of separation. The two embraced as if nothing could set them apart. After days of fighting for survival, it seems that Blanka may had finally found his sanctuary. Hopefully he won’t be causing any sort of trouble now that he’s in the concrete jungle of the city.

The spectators had their breath taken away by his appearance… Balrog, the seeker of ultimate beauty who intertwined blood and madness.

Despite fighting several new fighters, these matches were nothing more than farces that favored him

“The ugly ones are to be vanquished… The filthy ones are the spoils… Recognize that your only usefulness in life is to be preyed upon by my claw.”

Today, Balrog’s loud shout echoes inside the battle arena.

Hokuto (normal ending)
When she was a child, a dreadful power was sealed within Hokuto. But during her battle with Kairi, the seal was unleash, tainting her mind with darkness. After the battle ended, Nanase, who was shedding tears over her sister’s transformation, called out to her.

“I was once again being tested by the dreadful power… But Nanase’s voice… Her plead for my return awoke me.”

Even without losing her mind, there was no one who could have defeated Kairi, except for Hokuto.

Hokuto (special ending)
Her older brother Kairi lived like a flame illuminating the darkness. Hokuto still had memories of him, even knowing that his heart has been plunged into that darkness… The cruel tragedy of the past was repeated within the assassin’s thoughts as well. Perhaps it was too early, but the two siblings did not wait for Nanase.

Doctrine Dark
Dark knew it. The surviving soldiers who were still on this world were just like the ones he saw within the nightmarish training camp of his youth. Just like him, they were tragic people who managed to survive by killing others. His mind and body won’t rest until the day when he’s the only one remaining. Unfortunately, Dark already considers every other man besides himself to be his enemy.

“The stronger you are, the greater the pleasure I will get from defeating you…”

Skullomania (normal ending)
At last, Skullomania has cornered a true adversary. The final showdown has begun.

“Garuda, an arch-enemy who seeks world domination! The time has come to settle this! By the mark on this forehead, I will defeat you right now!”

“I can’t read you… It seems that you’re no ordinary human…”

“That’s right! It would be an embarrassment to label me as an ordinary hero! For I am a superhero!” Thus, a secret battle to protect the world was unfolding today.

Skullomania (special ending)
Our aspiring hero has finally cornered his adversary Shadow thanks to his persistence. Shadow, who was fighting for the sake of his fellow countrymen opressed by their government, was overpowered by Skullo, who fought with an overflowing sense of justice. At the end, Skullo yell proudly at Shadow, who was lying on the ground.

“I am Skullomania, the hero who fights for the sake of justice!!”

Ryu realized that he needed to overcome himself and forge his mind with true strength. Returning to the old mountain home where he trained together with Ken and their mutual master, Ryu began his training all over again from a fundamental principle, forbidding himself from using the special moves he has learned. Ryu strengthens himself with such a humble method, believing that it will someday guide him to the end of the fight and reveal the answer he has been seeking. Tomorrow’s Ryu could be you.

His beloved wife Eliza told him a story about none other than his brother-in-law Guile.

“Guile’s one tough fellow, even if our fighting styles are different. He would definitely make a worthy sparring partner. Alright Eliza, make arrangements for my trip!”

Ken, a man who was raised as a carefree martial artist. It’s only a matter of time before this soaring dragon reaches the skies before us.

It seems as if Chun-Li’s assignment was going to be over, having captured Bison, the leader of the drug syndicate Shadaloo, avenging her father. However, she let her guard down when Bison revealed to her that he knows where her father is. “…F-father…” As she drifted away from
consciousness, she could see her father’s face as if it was a dream. Chun-Li awoke in a hospital the next day with a renewed purpose.

“I won’t cry anymore.”

"Sonic Boom Typhoon!!"

A flash of light engulfed Bison at the speed of sound. It was the end of Shadaloo. “Kill me already!” said Bison. But just when Guile is about to comply and deliver the finishing blow, a voice begs him to stop.

“Vengeance is not what he would have wanted. Look, this is your child. Please give us a chance again!” The cold heart of a lone military man was warmed by the family he thought he abandoned.

We mustn’t forget that there is a strong nation called Russia. There lives a legendary Pro Wrestler who swung his mighty arm. To make an effort within the international exchange, Zangief secluded himself to the mountains afterward to resume his training, seeking to gain even more power with the help of a “dear friend”. This national symbol energizes him everyday with Cossack dancing and his friend “vodka”.

With the prize money he obtained, Dhalsim return with the medicine needed to save his fellow villagers from an incurable disease. However, his mind was perplexed. Did he do the right thing by fighting and committing a necessary evil? His beloved wife Sally and son Datta led him to the answer. Dhalsim shed tears as their words dispelled all doubts.

“You’re the only one who can show us the way. Our love shall be with you for all eternity”

Dhalsim is once again fortunate as he walks the path of enlightenment.[/spoiler]

EX2+ Endings:

[spoiler]alrog (Claw)
Balrog administered “SH-11”, a new experimental drug stolen from Shadaloo, unto himself. But instead of achieving “ultra-beauty”, the ultimate in strength and beauty, his own mind and pride became ugly distortions.

Vulcano Rosso
Rosso fulfilled his vengeance, despite going against the orders from his syndicate… Yet, he was left with nothing but a feeling of great despondency over the loss of his beloved. His mind was now asleep in an ocean without light.

"I’m home!"

The girl was greeted by a ringing telephone while entering the store. Area picks up the nearby telephone receiver.

“The complete set of ‘Cancer’? We got it! Thank you for your purchase!”

…It seems that same words kept resounding in his mind.

“Those stronger than myself…must be defeated!”

He moves forward while believing in himself. Just like a true a emperor.

M. Bison
"Hawhahaha. Such worthy experimental materials we got here."
“With my Psycho Power abilities, I can create a strange power with “SH-11”… Hehheh, the new Shadaloo has been born!”

M. Bison II
A new world was born. One that shall be filled with fear, despair, and cruelty.

He’s the man-demon who controls an aura of negativity. A demon whose appearance differs with each person who has seen him. A demon who will wander for all eternity.

"To fight is to win…" said Shadow as he faded away into the darkness.

Several days later… A shadow appeared along a full moon behind the building of the syndicate, yelling with a loud voice.

“Hahaha, I’m invincible!”

Kairi laughed with both hands dyed in bright red. Hokuto was torn in mind, body, and soul. Hokuto closed her silent pupils, as she grieved over the lost soul of her brother that will never return again.

The cold wind that shook Hayate’s body reminded him of his youth with his father. “If I don’t do it…” With those words left, Hayate faded into the darkness.

Ryu was there, under the moonlight. He raises his own fist to the heavens.

“What should I grasp?”

The wind flows. Until the moment the answer he is looking for is found.

"The winner, Ken Masters!"

The hall was overflown with the voice of great joy. Ken befriended his opponent and smiled.

“You were a good sport! But that’s no reason to laugh at him.”

"All traces led to nothing…"

Chun-Li was overcome with a light feeling of exhaustion. She removed her hair clippers and shook her head left and right. Chun-Li’s long black hair transformed her shadow.


"I must endure to protect my friends and family."
The training of the recruits was becoming extremely intense. “Sir!” answered the recruits. Guile murmured quietly in his mind… “Revenge… It’s nothing but an act of emptiness.”

To my comrade Zangief. Please tell me about your activities. It’s amazing! It’s truly amazing! The finest borscht will be prepared. Always affectionately yours

"I wonder what the truth could be?" The evil that appeared has been vanquished several times. Could he truly call himself… virtuous?
“The path I believe in… Is the path I’ll follow!”

Peace returned to the jungle. Jimmy already had enough of it. Nothing was more important to him than the motherly jungle…and his real mother.

"It is my duty to finish you…"

A confrontation between a brother and a sister is like an unthinkable cold glance that will never again smile. Never…

Doctrine Dark
"Who am I…? What should I do…?"

His everyday battles were tearing up his mind, rejecting the mental world, even as he was trying to comprehend things inside his head. Is the light of his passing day gone for good?

"Hahaha, ‘THE HERO IS ME!’ or is it ‘I AM THE HERO!’? Which sounds cooler? Hmmm…"
A hero never compromises, not even when it comes to choosing his victory phrase.

Cracker Jack
Right now, Jack’s biggest concern was the pursuer hired by the syndicate to track him down. He blended into the colorful neon, as he muttered to himself

“I wonder what will be the best place to lay low for a while…”

The battle has ended for now. Sharon
stood still, as a man of immeasurable value lied at the far end of the stretched scene.

“There’s no turning back now. I…”

"Brother, Sister, please stop it!"

Kairi softened his fists the moment he heard Nanase’s scream. Despite their separation, they were still brother and sister.

Pullum Purna
It was an endless journey of a curious pursuit. Pullum has mingled herself with the tourists, having forgotten her true objective completely. “Darun! Our next destination has been decided. We’re going to outer space.”

Darun Mister
Darun obtained the opportunity to battle the masters of the world once again. The fruits of his journey will soon be known during his future activities. Darun will be keeping himself busy forever, or at least as long as the young lady is around.[/spoiler]

EX3 Endings:

[spoiler]Darun Mister
Darun thinks to himself, “Young lads have no guts these days!” At that moment, Darun discovered a new purpose for himself. Sometimes later…Darun can be heard training his students, “Indra Bridge! Ten times! Now! One, two, three…You fools! That’s not Indra Bridge! That’s an ordinary bridge!” It may be a while before we see the successor of Darun

Pullum Purna
After the tournament, Pullum made a point of practicing her dance everyday. She thinks to herself, “It’s better to wiggle my hips more or less? Is my expression okay in this way?” Then suddenly, the door opens unexpectedly. The man shouts, “Master Pullum, today you have…Oh! Mr. Darun! You are also…”

Darun/Pullum Team Ending:
Pullum and Darun swept everything in their path to their victory. On the winner’s platform Pullum complains to the crowd, “That was too easy. I didn’t get excited at all…” Darun loses no time in praising her, “You’re too great, my lady.” Pullum replies, “Hmm…Yes I am! Now! I’m striking a pose! The last one like this…and…done!” Instantly Darun tries desperately to stop Pullum from embarrassing them, “My…my lady…please…”

The Shadow knows that he is the most powerful, intelligent, and dreadful figure. The bloody cape that flies magnificently behind him shines as he speaks to his victim, “…Have you finished your final prayer? You should be grateful. You have the honor of being killed by me.” Afterwards, Shadow disappears into the darkness…

M. Bison:
With his goal now completed, the Grand Master M. Bison went into the energy amplifier located in the basement. Stepping into the machine he feels its awesome power and yells, “Yes!!..I can feel it…the power is pouring into all of my vessels and cells…” With his muscles and blood vessels bulging to new extremes he shouts, “I didn’t expect the energy of such pitiful losers could ever create such intense power!” Finally, Bison’s eyes turn red, smiling, he proclaims, “Now I am ready for the world. I shall revel in its destruction! Whahahaha!”

M. Bison II
As the real Grand Master looks upon the defeated Bison, he taunts, “What a fool you are. It’s not I who am the true marionette, but you. Your power will dwell in me forever…And you will be reborn as my blood and flesh!” With his cape flying, he gives the first command to his henchmen, “The party is over. The new world order begins NOW!!”

M. Bison/Vega Team Ending:
M. Bison sighed on his throne, “I thought they would be much stronger…What a disappointment!” Vega, who was standing beside him, said, “They are so weak that they could not have been a match for us.” The room resounds with Vega’s unearthly laugh, as M. Bison taunts, “So, you say you can be a good match for me? You could cut my head off in an unguarded moment.” Vega licks his claws and says, “An unguarded moment? Heeheehee…I’ll claw you to the death beautifully and quickly…at any moment.”

No one knows what is on the mind of the great Emperor Sagat. Now that he is at the height of its power, he is ready to enter the lair of the gods. He thinks about how he will challenge and defeat all who stand in his way of becoming the greatest warrior of all-time. He raises his fist to the calm and quiet sky and screams, “I surely will…”

Sagat Special Ending
As Sagat leaves the battlegrounds, he notices that there is no rage or resentment in his fists for his sworn enemy. Does he finally understand what it means to be a warrior? His old wound will not ache anymore. He raises his fist to the sky and screams for he is no longer an Emperor, he is now a god of martial arts…"

Is life a dream? Is reality an illusion? Are there an end and a beginning? There is only one thing that Garuda is certain of…time catches up to everyone.

Kairi is a changed man. He has transformed from a once kind human into a dark demon, which will destroy anything in its path. Who or what can save him now? Even Kairi’s childhood memories no longer calm him and instead only help to fuel his rage. Maybe…Maybe the only thing left, is the unbreakable blood bond between a brother and his sister…

Kairi Special Ending
Losing her consciousness, all Hokuto can remember is Kairi’s broad back and how similar to her father it is. She thinks to herself, “…Dad? Is that you?”

Are was still under the impression that all the fighters were actually a group of battle robots. Happy with her victories she says, “Gotcha! Let me see…the main materials of these robots are water, protein, and…hey?! Doesn’t that match up with that of a human? I can’t believe this!!” However, Area is too excited to grasp her misunderstanding of the situation and instead goes further into denial over what she has done…

Vulcano Rosso
After a long absence, Rosso returned to his base by the Mediterranean Sea. As he watched a flock of seagulls playing in the southern wind, he suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of regret for all the pressure and pain he has caused. He thinks to himself, “…Adios.”

"Isn’t there anyone strong enough to be a match for me? Zangief yelled this as he read a strange and pitiful letter from his friend.

“Comrade Zangief, you seem to have attained ultimate strength. You are the best fighter in the world…Or should I say…You are the best fighter in the universe!! I’ve arranged a space rocket just for your vacation.”

Best wishes,
Your Friend

Your Dear Friends

Zangief/Darun Special Team Ending
The stadium echoes with the loud voice of Zangief, “Darun and me!! We’re the best tag team in the world!! Nobody can beat us, you fools!! We are the greatest professional wrestlers!!” The spectators keep chanting, both Cyclone and Darun names for hours…

Doctrine Dark
When he realizes that he will always live in cold and solitary darkness, Dark tries to think about his childhood. His mind remembers those lonely times when he was a child crying out loud and then whispering, “Darkness…deep darkness…is covering the ceiling…” When Dark comes to, he notices a pile of bodies around him. Insanely he laughs, “Hahahahaha! This is the power of darkness…”

Skullomania prevented Shadaloo’s attempt to conquer the world, but he realizes that there are still evil powers in the world. He knows that he must fight until the day evil is completely destroyed! Go and fight, Skullomania! Fight for our children! Fight for peace! Fight for the future! Everyone cheer for our superhero, Skullomania!!

Next week: Episode 25, “Friend or Foe? Enter the Skullolady!”

Suddenly, it began to rain. The cold rain began to hit Vega’s mask. Something warm and inviting began to grow inside of Vega. It was like he was was actually beginning to feel human emotions again. From the edge of the cliff, he tried to throw his mask away, but…He couldn’t release the mask from his hand… The cry from his soul is lost in the hard…

Ryu has always chosen the road less traveled on his quest for the ultimate challenge. And as he walks away he can only think of the recent events of his life,“What is the purpose? What is the point? How many more challenges must I overcome before I can feel like I have accomplished my goal? Maybe there is no answer, and that is the point…”

Ryu Special Ending
Sagat collapsed in front of Ryu. Ryu knew that he won by a heartbeat. If Sagat had been an instant faster, Ryu would have been defeated. But that didn’t happen…And now Ryu knows that the journey must begin to find a new rival…

Evil Ryu
Ryu feels nothing but evil for he is now possessed by the urge to kill, which makes him destroy everything, whether he desires it or not. Standing under a bloody moon, Ryu shrieks a frightening howl. Did he scream over his lost soul, or was it for joy in finding his true self? Whichever it was, it is all he has left…

Dear Mom and Dad,

“I hope you are both doing well. I am so sorry that I ran away without a single word. I miss you both dearly. But I had to do what I felt in my heart…I have found the person I want to be with, and he showed me how much I love street fighting. I know that I may seem like a selfish girl, but don’t worry about me! I’m doing fine and I always will! One day, I hope you will understand.”

Love always,

Sakura/Ryu Special Team Ending
(Ryu knocked Sakura down)

Sakura: "Ouch…I thought I could win this time.

(Sakura raised herself up with his help)

Ryu: “You can be a good fighter…I’m sure.”

Sakura: “Will you have another fight with me someday?”

(She shakes hands with him strongly)

Ryu: “Sure, why not?”

As the image of a man comes into her mind, Hokuto thinks, “Who are you? Brother…is that you?” Suddenly, she falls to the floor as wet tears roll down her cheeks. She knows that there is nothing she can do but wait for the time that she’ll be free from the lost memory of her brother…

Hokuto Special Ending
Hokuto has defeated Kairi, just like she did when they fought a year ago. And yet Hokuto cannot help thinking that he had intentionally pulled his punches before her hit. And so Hokuto thinks to herself, “Why? Why would he do that…?”

After her victory, Nanase reflects upon how her lost brother has changed her life forever. Since her sister left to find him and never returned. Nanase was forced to learn and become a master of her family’s Mizukami style. She never wanted to become the master of this style and keeps wishing that one day things will go back to the way they were…

Nanase/Hokuto Special Team Ending
Hokuto was very pleased that Nanase has grown to be much stronger than she has expected. Hokuto complimented her sister, “You’ve become so strong.” Nanase smiles shyly and says, “Yes.” Through their battles, they learned to have a mutual trust which became stronger than that of their sisterhood. Although Kairi changed their lives for the worse, he also changed their lives for the better…

Nanase Special Ending
Nanase yells, “Grrrrrrr! Kairi!” At the moment, Kairi saw the image of his little sister in Nanase and spoke, “Nanase…is that you?” Suddenly, all of Kairi’s lost memories came back. With tears in his eyes, he turned to his sister and says, “We can be together from now on…”

Cracker Jack
Both his ardent fans and the secret organization have hunted Jack since the tournament ended. He thinks, “I’d better find a place to hide”, as he disappears into the darkness.

…A couple of days later.

Sebastian: "My lady! My lady!"
Blair: “What’s the matter, Sebastian?”

(She hears a sound from behind the butler)

Jack: “Hey, Blair! Why don’t you let me stay here for a while…”

Returning home, Ace was summoned to the Prime Minister’s official residence. Taking a disk from Ace, a man showed his appreciation for Ace’s work by saying, “Good job, Ace.” Ace replied, “Data on the underground base and on the ultimate weapon that is currently under construction. That’s what you want, right?” The man checked the disks, then took several other disks out of his pocket, and spoke,

“They are the newly analyzed data. Install them into your body.” Ace replies, “Yes, sir…So where is my next assignment?”

Though Guile won the fight against Bison, he was seriously wounded, and was starting to lose consciousness. With the henchmen of the Shadaloo surrounding him, sounds of metal can be heard as one man snarled, “…Time to die, Hero…” When Guile realized that this would be his last stand, the memories of his wife and daughter flooded his mind. As he rose to his feet, he thought, “I won’t let this be the end! I will come back to you!”


Investigation Report

Dear Chief:

Here are the results of my investigation.

Mission: Obtain information surrounding the tournament.

Report: As we had assumed, it was General M. Bison who was the head of the tournament. Unfortunately, we failed to apprehend him. However, I noticed signs that another evil organization might exist. This would pose an entirely new threat to our investigation. I recommend that someone look into this organization immediately.

ICPO Special Investigator, Chun-Li

Ken sits inside a rainbow by a waterfall and reflects on his past, “Nothing has changed at all since then…” As he thinks about the days when he trained with his friend, he can’t remember all of the defeats, but he can clearly see each and every victory. He thinks, “Yes. He must challenge again. I’ll find you again, my friend…And this time, there will be only one winner!”

Ken/Ryu Special Team Ending
Ken laid his hand on Ryu’s shoulder and says, “Do you remember the days we fought against our master together?” In a rare mood, Ryu jokingly replies, “…I could be more confident about our win than before.” Surprised, Ken remarks, “Humph! Don’t forget that I not only see you as my most reliable partner, but also as my toughest rival. Keep that in mind, buddy.”

As Blanka stands on top of his victory stand, he realizes that it’s the most ideal time to appeal for he importance of environmental protection. The chairmen of the tournament announces, “Now we’d like to have an interview with the new champion.” Blanka steps up to the mic and yells, “Aooooooooo!” The chairmen goes on, “Do you have any other comment you have to say?” Blanka replied, “Aooooooo. Arrrrrrrr!” After his moving speech, Blanka left the victory stand with a look of satisfaction on his face…

As soon as Dhalsim returned to his village, he regained his happiness. Children could be seen playing joyfully outdoors. His heart warmed to the sight of his wife watching over the happy children. He thought, “I sincerely hope that all children grow up in good health. A sound mind in a sound body. Hmm…”

Sharon commands, “I need more information. I need to know the truth!” Suddenly Sharon hears a voice from behind her, “You look like your mother…” As Sharon turns to face the strange voice, she feels an acute pain on the back of her head. As she faints, she whispers, “You are…”[/spoiler]

That should help you get a better understanding of the EX story.

Bison’s theme song in EX is still intimidating as fuck.
The music in the EX series in general is fantastic.

I’ll be adding them soon enough. One thing to take into consideration with the SFEX endings is that a lot of the original SF characters endings mirror their SF2 endings, or SFA2 endings, or sometimes both. This is because in their case most of the EX stories are just retellings of Alpha/ SF2 events. EX for mainstay SF characters is more or less a side story which takes place in or around SF2, especially a few of the endings from EX and EX2 iterations. Most people tend to make the mistake of trying to make EX series its own tournament or set of tournaments when in reality its all basically a retelling of the events of SF2 which is kinda ironic being that SF2 is still elusive in terms of actual story events.

For those interested. Here’s the full story mode (cutscenes only). Beware, it’s pretty bad. I dare say it’s worse than SFV

I think IGN put it perfectly: [details=Spoiler]Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite’s poor art style and story give the excellent fighting game underneath a bad name…[/details]

Elena’s family looks straight out of Game Of Thrones. Dad is Dothraki, mom is Targaryen.


That was REALLY bad. Like really, really bad. Probably the worst piece of fiction that has Marvel’s name written on it. I guess that’s what you get when you try to amass functions that have nothing in common within the same story.

I’ll have to watch the whole thing, but I skimmed it so far and like some of the moments (like when we meet Haggar, Ryu having a bit of history with Banner), but yeah, I can see some issues with it so far. Then again, despite it’s faults, I did like SF5’s story, so I’ll keep an open mind and watch it when I get home.

So far for those who have seen it, what don’t you like about MvCI’s story? So far I’m not liking that it drops you in the middle without explaining how on earth Ultron and Sigma reached across worlds to contact each other. I thought the preview from months ago was intentionally withholding the true start to story mode, but…nope, just starts off in the middle.