The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


Atlas looks awesome.

I love the color scheme. The color balance is on par with a solid superhero design. Thumbs up right back at him!

There is still a bit of fix on that before jumping on SF3 timeline.

By puting Akuma in a way that what he used to believed was not what it seems. The key to that is Gouken like making Akuma felt a fool by himself that he gave in to SNH and that SNH is something that he didn’t know the full nature which makes him betray himself and accepting his fate. Something like a curse or a limitation that will destroy him internally. That would probably change his perspective in SNH and his ways to more that what he should supposed to be in the past.

Trauma is a good character manipulator and there is no other thing that can change Akuma other than SNH.

I used to write something about this last year.

Akuma in SF3 has been retconned.

The next time we see Akuma, he will be weeks or months Pre-Oni and it will in Post-3S.

Missed that post.
It’s so true.

But even if they did’nt wanted go that far to change method of work, it will be appreciated at least some minimal fuck given about quality… i mean, again

Nostalgia Alex was (with Ibuki) an huge anticipated Alt with fans asking it for a year while caplol replied giving stripper firefighter alt nobody ever asked for lol.
At the moment of announcement one year before it looked ready or almost ready, already textured and all.

It’s like the 3D modeller (or capcom) did’nt even bothered try it ingame on actual standard stance animation (lol) instead just the crucifix/stickintheass classic 3D model pose

I mean just a super quick look show the ponytail goes straight under the collar and reappear in the middle of the back LOL

One year, probably the most anticipated/reuested alt of the game lol


His trained body is his weapon.
The whole town fears him for his violent attitude.
He drinks right from the morning
and is a troublesome fellow, who immediately comes to hug you¹.

Name: Atlas
Height: 201cm
Weight: 120kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: June, 22
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Hot Women, Alcohol
Dislikes: Work

He played American football at the university
and was a promising player.
Also had interest in combat sports
and began to train in wrestling and sambo.
Unfortunately, due to a car accident
his professional sports carrer came to a halt.
Nowadays, he indulges in alcohol and violence.

¹ In FF2 Atlas did a very annoying Bear Hug.

Yeah, Right you missed that post CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.


I know that thing is likely on what information we have now but there still no guarantee that SF3 will retcon Akuma to what we knew today.

There are no guarantees in life - period. Only death is certain. So why bother even bringing this up.

But that’s besides the point, which is Akuma has most likely been retconned in SF3 and he is well on his way to transforming into Oni during SF3. We even see him unlocking new abilities that he likely could have never mustered had he not given in further to the SNH.

Capcom also literally went as far as changing his physical appearance into something more bestial for SF5 (I’m talking about his facial bone structure not hair). Why would they suddenly have a change of a heart several months before SF3 begins.

You’re grasping at straws. Accept his fate.

This sentiment is an affront to the glory of Lord Bison as it includes no exception for him. Correct it IMMEDIATELY.

But what it is ***Death ***may never die! HAIL!!!

Speaking of the devil

More and more are recognizing the M in M.Bison as Master! (also sold!)

Looks like Haggar with a cool personality, which I like.


looks like you’re popular

We’ll just have to wait and see.

There is still a chance that Capcom will compromised with SF3 Akuma (I’m not also a fan of) .

Oni isn’t still canon confirmed as of now? but him being canon still have a chance of SF3 Akuma as a path

I dislike the loose cannon of being violent, wild and sentimental Akuma in SFV.

I like an Akuma that is ruthless, merciless and dangerous but not wild and loose cannon.

The best Akuma so far portrayed not in-game


And the other best Akuma along with ST (not revival) that was portrayed in-game is CVS2


Akuma as a *grey man *is an interesting take to further his stories and interaction to other SF regulars (like Dan, Sean, Mika, Elena and etc ) that can just see him as a regular hobo wondering not as a karate superstar, monster or one of the most dangerous existing man in the universe.

While keeping the impactful and intimidating status quo towards the few like of Ryu, Ken, Guy along with experienced master like Oro, Sim, Gouken and etc.

The awareness about Akuma existence not just by having to fought against him but either by sensing his ki or having seen him in an encounter in a past battles with others.


I still like the idea of ST and CVS2 Akuma that is dangerous but not a loose cannon.

Either villains and anti-heroes or anti-villain, Guys like this are interesting designs for Akuma

Like Hawk in Lupin III: The Blood Spray of Ishikawa Goemon

and Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men

Dramatic battle? That’s… a bit too far-fetched IMO. I trust X-Kira. He’s even on my Facebook, but no. There’s no friggin’ way!


Dramatic Battle is too radical to implement since it wasn’t from the ground up design.

My 2cent =)


-Fang is powerful (enough to get Bison respect) but not THAT powerful
Sure AF he’s dangerous, specially if enemy does’nt know his poison thing
Indeed ASF did a poor portrait of him as fighter… but being a new char ASF is almost everything he is

I can see him win a fight (due poison) with Vega or Rog, but his #2 is a combination of factor… the fact he bring in the whole scientific side with him, him wanting to be the #2 (self proclaimed), and other two not being much focused on that title(also i don’t think theyr ranking is as clear as back to SF2 days)… sure af they don’t seem to respect him, i bet same clash (ASF) with Sagat will have Vega/Rog way less cocky

I think Sagat and also Juri beat him, even kinda easily

Imho Shadaside goes like

M.Bison > Sagat > Juri > Fang(poison) > Vega > Rog > powerdolls> Fang(fighter) > shitdolls

Even if “Fang(fighter)” does’nt make much sense, since poison is literally part of him =)

Still, don’t get me wrong i’m a Fang defender, see when i tell crying Chun crowd she got a good last duel/win getting him as nemesis and doing good while at it.

-While terribly scripted, but i think is implied Necalli is waaay more powerful than Fang, likely even in his base form
From there you go with what is his potential, wich is one of the highest of SF history… dude is 2-3 meal away from being a Boss-level treat
He just lack good writing having him as mini-arc villain

-Is true about the Urien-Sagat gap but i will not exagerate it. Sagat is a ridicolous powerful char himself (when we do the tiers game i say A-Tier), once the Boss of SF1 and likely the most powerful char of that game.
Ryu basically lost to him when SNH gave him the W
On other hand i don’t buy the Urien being equal to Gill (and i prefer Urien), for usual reasons. I think it’s more about Gill selling it like that

Urien’s power is more clear as he goes straight for the destroykill (though i hope he sandbagged/understimated AF in the Chun fight LOL) while the other bro take Ls on purpose saying bravo left and right lol.

Is definitely true tough that Bison got a wider margin over his subordinates, specially in SFV.
Is also true that this is also because Urien/VNash/Kolin are likely a much much powerful group than Fang/Vega/Rog

Also in before grass stage come and disappoint.
SFV does’nt allow dark enough stages to play it well imho, Akuma’s stage already ended up weak af due that