The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Agree with the money thing also especially in SFV direction. SFV business model is really in favor of that idea and they didn’t earn that much with the initial sale but they probably earn as successful like other titles from DLC aspect.

The thing is Arcsys uses a different of cell shading technique that they perfected which is “highly customized” that makes it exclusive to their works, Is a method that tries to replicate 2D fighters animation not just art direction but even also in terms of lighting and shading. That probably requires each alternate costumes/skins a lot of hard work because of unique customized values.

The traditional process of cell shading not XRD unique approach had been long existing take doesn’t limit Capcom in using alternate costumes for SF4 but they choose the design that make humorous and comedic expression like trendy memes that spreads in internet. So probably more an artistic choice in SF4 before any monetizing idea came into SFV5.

The facial expression is more cartoonish (western) in reaction a which is commonly confused to japanese anime aesthetics in general.

This cartoonish reaction like the bulging eyeballs wouldn’t work successfully and effective to used as often with cell shading as artistic choice.

Lols seriously though? The presentation of Shadaloo beats anything Capcom has put out anime wise for SF ever.

Bison is a threat, his soldiers are cutthroat and not idiots which they should be, the whole thing presentation-wise is very good. It actually presents the threat of Shadaloo as a whole, its not just Bison and his 4 king lackeys who take the center stage, the regular foot soldiers of Shadaloo are never portrayed as actual threats to anybody. They’re always implied to be threats (against normal humans, not the world warriors of course) but you never will see this established from Capcoms main production.

Shadaloo moves because of Bison’s will, but you never get to see the underlying side of Shadaloo which you see in this fan-made production.

Bison busts in and takes out a few people, but it’s his army who does most of the dirty work and finishes off the remainder of the foot soldier fodder. It shows how he’s not only a powerful being but is also an effective leader whose underlings know that he’s a take no prisoners type of dude and is a shoot first and ask questions later type unless he really sees it necessary.

You will and haven’t ever seen Shadaloo in a whole being this type of villain, although they always have been implied to be, which is why this is great.

And why? If anything I see them working better with a graphic style that makes things look even more stylized.

Frankly, the idea that the goofy faces are trying to replicate western memes for the sake of trendiness sounds like reaching. Blanka in SFII and Hugo in III have exaggerated and comical animations too when they’re hit, since SFIV these elements of goofiness have become more commonplace but they’re something that has always been part of the franchise. Their presence in modern games is simply an attempt at remain faithful to that tradition (and possibly overdoing depending on your opinion of them).

And that Laura pic doesn’t look like a goofy expression. It looks like a pic taken in a moment when Laura’s facial animation looks odd (which isn’t exactly a rarity when it comes to facial animations in SFV).

I just preferred more 2D Anime cell shading as a stylistic choice because it would compromised more with how they try to emulate a 2D fighter by movement. It would worked more better and complementary as a theme like it moves like 2D, looks like 2D but still can offer different of camera angles for supers and grabs.

I remember an interview about Ono for SF4 not exactly western memes but with something about those snes manuals and 90s gaming magazine. I can’t remember exactly if it was done by gamespot, ign or eventhubs.

Super SF2 and Zero was the definitive perspective the way looks we look the characters away from the fugly faces that was in SF2 in portraits and ending but not as in game sprites. The fugly faces was just SF2 then SF4 onward. The problem with SF4 facial expression isn’t just for the chosen few characters but rather it became a standard of aesthetics for the majority characters.

Agree in Laura since those facial expression was reduce in SFV unlike in SF4.

If I had the abilities of Strider, I’d find a way to sneak into Capcom’s HQ, enter their vault, and snag a copy of Capcom Fighting All Stars. I know it still exists somewhere. Maybe I need to become a janitor there or something. I need to find out what this game could’ve been.


A big guy who’s quick to take offence and lose his cool.
Wow, scary!
Haste makes waste¹!

Name: Jony
Height: 204cm
Weight: 128kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: April, 19
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Tomato Juice
Dislikes: Dark Places

He goes along well with the town brute Atlas.
He even wears the same accessories.
He has a powerful palm strike²
and a characteristically threatening voice
that he loudly uses to intimidate his opponents.

¹ The Japanese expression 短気は損気 tanki wa sonki “Short temper is an inconvenience” is commonly translated this way. While not completely identical to the English one, it’s sufficiently assimilable. After all, when you have a short temper, you do hasty actions.
² 張り手 harite, the same basic sumō palm strike that Honda does as well as his LP or MP.


A man with a fired-up hairstyle.
It’s incredibly mook-like!
One of those who go “yahoo!”, you know.¹
…Oh, is he angry?

Name: Schot
Height: 182cm
Weight: 79kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: August, 10
Country of Origin: UK
Favorite things: Early Punk
Dislikes: Difficult Things

When he was young in his home country, he played in a punk band.
The members went along well, and the band’s name was "Big B & Bullheads"².

Nowadays he has a job at a record shop specialized in punk.
Also earn some pocket money working as an underling for a certain organisation.
He often causes trouble because of his attitude prone to brawls.

¹ An evident reference to Fist of the North Star’s standard mooks, perpetually grinning and screaming excitedly, and often sporting the same punk hairstyle.
² Apart from the obvious Beavis and Butt-Head pun, yes, Birdie was probably their front man… :rofl:

if an arcade cabinet of those that used for play test still exist in Capcom Japan’s basement, it’s probably playable with functional game mechanics and with every default playable character except the secret ones.

I remember I was hype with Rook during that announcement because of the similar necklace and tribal fashion sense i have those times.

Speaking of Strider I wonder why they didn’t reused his super in that game the same with Nash. If that game did a release I wonder what would have turned into FGC nowadays and how it would influence SF4 from Poison, They could have done a sequel of that with tag mechanic to deal with Maximum Impact.

We’ll probably still have a normal Nash in a different approach more-likely the canon spike version.

Yeah, there’s definitely an Arcade cabinet of it somewhere. I want to see it.

This is exactly how I felt about Doctor Octopus in MVC3. Dude had official artwork, a theme, and an entire moveset. They just decided to scrap it all because of technical issues. I bet it’s still lying around somewhere.

Hopefully Capcom decides to revisit an All Stars type of game down the line. I feel like the concept alone would have a lot of cool possibilities.

Did they ever release Doc Ocs MvC3 artwork???

I blame @TWINBLADES for this.

Decapre - The Hidden Blade

Name: Decapre

Nickname: The Hidden Blade

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Russian

Height: 5ft 4in(1.62m)

Weight: 134 lbs. (61kg)

B/W/H: 34-22-35 (86cm-57cm-88cm)

Hometown: Novosibirsk, Russia

**Appearance: **Decapre is short athletic woman with a gymnasts build. She has platinum blonde hair with long bangs that cover the left side of her face. Decapre has a single long pigtail. Her eyes are amber in color and the left side of her face is scarred with burns. Decapre has a sleeveless blue-gray colored tactical military uniform. She has dark grey elbow length gauntlets with fingerless gloves. Her boots are calf length and match the color of her gauntlets.

Likes: Ballet, Cammy, Dogs, Masks

Dislikes: Cats, Large Crowds

Fighting Style: Shadaloo Assassination Techniques

**Tone: **Decapre is a woman of few words. She has poor social skills due to being abducted during her formative years.

Origins: Decapre was the original prototype for the dolls. She was blessed, or cursed depending on the perspective, with a natural affinity for Psycho Power. Her true origins are unknown, Decapre refuses to speak of them. However, Interpol believes she is a missing girl from Russia. Fifteen years ago, a young ballerina savant was orphaned in suspicious accident. She was adopted by Senoh, who is now known to be the lead scientist at Shadaloo, and never seen or heard of again. After the fall of Shadaloo, Decapre was having a difficult time adjusting to life without Psycho Power. Most of the dolls, except for Cammy*, were kidnapped and modified during adolescence. Decapre has been infused with Psycho Power for most her life. At Cammy’s behest, Dhalsim came to MI6 to help Decapre. With his help, she was able to gain a measure of peace. Decapre is still a loner. However should does open up to Cammy and Abel (If he brings his dog), on occasion.

Her Rival: Ed

Attributes: Health: 2 Power: 2 Range: 3 Mobility: 4 Technique: 4

925 Stamina 925 Stun


Concealed Assault Advance – LP+LK : Decapre grabs her foe, strikes so quickly that she fades from view, causing her foe to fly into the air before slamming toward the ground.

Concealed Assault Invert – B+LP+LK: Decapre grabs her foe, strikes so quickly that she fades from view, appearing to phase through her foe as they go sailing behind her.

Concealed Assault Hover – LP+LK : (In Air) Decapre jumps into the air and grabs her foe, strikes so quickly that she fades from view, and reappears as she kicks them towards the ground.

Unique Attacks:

Twin Blades – B+HP: Decapre strikes with right hooking bladed fist strike followed by a left hooking bladed fist strike.

Fox Tail – DF+MK (Overhead) Decapre hops forward and strikes her foe with an overhead right kick. Quick startup, -6 on block.

Inverted Edge – B+HK: Decapre strikes with somersault backflip kick that sends her opponent into the air. Attack can anti air but it has slow start up. Causes a juggle state.
Sharp Ascent* – B+MP, HK (Target Combo – Launcher): Decapre hits her foe with a quick left uppercut followed by single handstand kick that sends her foe into the air. Can be comboed into Concealed Assault Hover (Air Throw). -7 on block

Scarred Blade – MP, HP (Target Combo): Decapres strikes with a straight right punch followed by a left handed bladed punch to the sternum.


Black Widow– F+KKK : Decapre rises into the air with swift knee strike, briefly fades from view, and lands an “invisible” strike that sends her foe slamming towards the ground.


Invisible Ray – MP+MK : Decapre throws out a left open palm strike that sends an invisible ki wave at her opponent. Attack nullifies projectiles. Invisible Ray can be charged. Tapping MP+MK has a ½ screen range but starts up faster. Holding MP+MK increases the startup time but gives the attack full screen range.


Blades of Vengeance – HP+HK : Decapre focuses suppressed anger into her fists creating lavender blades of ki that resemble the Psycho Power infused daggers that she wielded as one of Bisons dolls. Slightly extends the range, damage, and stun of all of her punch attacks. Light Punches 5 Damage/5 Stun, Medium Punches 10 Damage/10 Stun, Heavy Punches 15 Damage/15 stun. EX Vengeful Sting now causes a juggle state. EX Rapid Dagger now causes a crumple state. 3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent

Vengeful Sting-(charge)D,U +P: (anti-air) Decapre focuses all of her ki into her right fist as she strikes with a blade fist uppercut. LP(4F Startup, Throw Invincible) MP (5F Startup, Invincible to Airborne Attacks), HP (7F Startup, Strike/Projectile Invincible from frame 3), EX (FF Startup, Full Startup Invincibility)

Rapid Dagger – Repeatedly Press P: Decapre charges at her foe while striking them with a succession of bladed punches. LP(4 hits, -3 On Block), MP(6 hits, -5 On Block), HP (8 hits, -7 On Block), EX(8 hits, -3 On Block)

Mirage- (charge)B,F + K: Decapre moves forward with great speed, seeming to fade from view. Angle of Mirage is determined by the kick button. LK (Full Screen Distance, Horizontal), MK(30°Angle), HK(60° Angle), EX LK+MK (Full Screen Distance, Horizontal), LK+HK(30°Angle), MK+HK(60° Angle)

[] Ground Break – P (From LK Mirage):LP Retreats ½ Screen, MP Halts Dash, HP passes through opponent, EX (LP Retreats Full Screen, MP Halts Dash with Faster Recovery, HP passes through foe, leaves further away)
] Steel Saber - K(From LK Mirage): Decapre executes a sliding kick that goes under projectiles. Unsafe on block unless properly spaced. EX follows up the Steel Saber with Flying Neck Hunt her USFIV Air Throw (Projectile Invincible, Hard Knock Down)
[] Aerial Break – LP(From MK/HK Mirage): Decapre retreats to original position
] Hidden Dive – MP(From MK/HK Mirage): Decapre dives straight down
[] Shadow Hammer – HP(From MK/HK Mirage: Decapre dives straight down slamming her fist into the ground. EX Causes Juggle State
] Shadow Needle – K(From MK/HK Mirage: Decapre strikes her foe with a dive kick. EX causes a crumple state
Cannon Drill-(charge)B,F +K: (In Air) Decapre strikes with a horizontal corkscrew kick from her back jump. Kick button alters slightly alters the angle of descent. EX Is Projectile Invincible.

Critical Art:
Razor Combination Stinger* -(charge)B,F,B,F +K: Decapre strikes her foes with blinding speed, sending them into the air, before fading from view. Her foe riddled with strikes from from all angles before Decapre appears above them and drives them into the ground with a powerful dive kick to the sternum. Angle of the first strike determined by the kick button pressed. LK (Full Screen Distance, Horizontal), MK(30°Angle), HK(60° Angle). (20 hits 340 damage) V-Trigger (20 hits 380 damage)

Reasons to be in SFV:*

Despite the bonds Decapre is developing with Cammy, her “sisters”, and Abel. Decapre has an uneasy feeling. She meditates daily, just as she was instructed by Dhalsim, but she feels the pull of a familiar energy. Decapre knows Psycho Power when she feels it. She must seek out the source and snuff it out if she is every truly going to know peace.
*I know this isn’t canon. For this concept, Decapre was kidnapped at 7 and cloned. The lessons learned from the experiments on Decapre, would be implemented on her clone code name “Killer Bee”. Killer Bee was moved to the Shadaloo facility in the U.K. There she was aged to match Decapre’s age and educated by Shadaloo scientists Dr. Cameron White. This explains where Cammy’s name comes from and why Decapre and She have different accents.

Decapre’s face was scarred during the initial psycho power infusion process. The equipment overloaded causing a fire that burned her face. [/details]

YOU are voicing Bison?! :open_mouth:

When I was watching I was like “this guy can got the tone down to a T”; T for TERROR that is. So proud of you my friend @Shockdingo

Darth Vader ain’t got nothing on Bison in this scene!

The animation work is due to a lack of finance, talent, or manpower, but the vision is there, and the attention to detail undeniable. The latter two are something Capcom have been lacking for quite sometime.

Compare this scene for example, to when the ninjas attacked Bison in ASF. Imagine this scene recreated shot for shot for ASF instead of that scene. This short would absolutely wipe the floor clear with the ninja scene in ASF. The professional work is something limited by resources, but vision is something you either have or you don’t.

Many fans, some of whom are netizens of SRK have vision. More so than Capcom in many cases.

I’ll give it to Capcom for actually upping their game when it comes to vision and attention to detail lately.

@Shockdingo congrats man you did justice to Bison voice it fits him well!! I wan’t able to react and notice I was focus on the video. I was surprised thag it was you from reading Daemos post.

Even a fellow toy collector of mine that is another Bison fan said that you a great job on Bison’s voice.

The problem is Capcom doesn’t trust fully with SF franchise. They probably giving a tiny bit of budget for a game, I remember something about online thing on linked profile of an employee thing. So mainly a lot of it’s promotion and PR are more into gimmicks rather than financial support to deliver quality of work, Seeing how other Capcom titles are like Monster Hunter World and etc maked you believe they can but they hessitate and just leave it to gimmicks stuff.

Or maybe Capcom’s vision of Street Fighter is a Saturday Morning Cartoon where GI Joes are Martial Artists instead of Soldiers and Shadaloo is only occasionally threathening like Cobra.

You mean like this?

I gotta admit, this show piqued my interest as a kid. Some episodes like the one where Ken fought Akuma instead of Ryu were decent “ideas”. We know they weren’t executed on an anime standard, but still the ideas were interesting. I expected to see more Alpha characters, though.

Akuma lurking and revealing from the shadow is always the best way to introduce him.

In their defense, if you can be good enough at martial arts to be immune to bullets, but not punches, then maybe it makes sense for your soldiers to punch people instead.

School uniform concept art.

Call me crazy, but is that school backdrop looking a bit like a new stage?