The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

School uniform concept art.

Call me crazy, but is that school backdrop looking a bit like a new stage?

A thing I liked about Cammy’s school outfit was that she wears her sleeves in a way that resembles the gauntlets from her default. It’s a little nice detail I enjoyed.

Starting to think we’ll see a second general story in Season 3

  • It’s been almost a year and a half since ASF dropped. Summer 2018 will be the 2-year anniversary. I think Capcom is more than capable of doing a second story in that time.
  • Story will be Ryu Final+Neo-Shadowloo+Illuminati
  • Ryu Final plot justifies inclusion of Akuma, Sagat, Oro (end of S3 ala Urien/Zeku), and Abigail (stand-in for Hugo)
  • Most of the heroes will be focused on Neo-Shadowloo/Ed, also drawing Menat into the mix
  • Illuminati subplot features Kolin/Urien
  • Better sets up SF3, including Tom/Gill’s fight
  • Some characters will be entirely or mostly absent, namely Nash and Bison.


A sound idea, but who are going to be the stand-ins for Yun, Yang and Dudley, since Ryu battles them as well? Or do you think they’ll be part of Season 3?


A man who serves as smuggler for a criminal organisation.
Reports indicate that he’s tied to numerous organisations.
It seems he’s able to be trusted
because he’s not only tight-lipped, but also has a human side.

Name: Elijah
Height: 179cm
Weight: 82kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: October, 20
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: His Mom, His Bass
Dislikes: Raw Fish

His silky hair were his trademark,
but his favourite hair conditioner went off production
and he’s worrying because his hair is becoming a little dry.
Triggered by a superhero movie he’s recently seen,
he began dressing smartly and wearing a goatee and moustache.¹

He lives in the downtown with his mother.
The two constantly quarrel, but that’s proof they’re close.

¹ Evidently influenced by Iron Man.

I know you’re likely sarcastic but just my 2cents on the stupid SFV shada-grunts

For how i see it only ones “immune” to bullets should be SFV Gief (if he see it coming like the katana) and few selected fighters, mostly Bosses or char with particular body composition (i’m thinking example Q or Necalli)

Then add things like Bison crating a psycho field, Oro telekinesis etcetc, but you get it, “immune” as stuff reserved to few characters

Last some others may have ridicolous ability to survive injuries (but still getting injuried) due large mass/toughness… like Abigail, Hugo, Zangief not using MP, T.Hawk etc etc, basically big SF guys having waaay beyond human level of resistence, but not immune from guns

for last group i liked this


Sagat is not even average (easy A Tier imho) likely surely one of the toughest motherfuckers ever in the SF universe, trained to harden every part of his body to be a weapon or armor in perfect MT style.

There he achieve to stop bullets with his palm (great feat even for SF standards) but at same times you see his hand bleed from a normal gun shots
Definitely not immune from let’s say automatic army weapons

Example rapid fire from chopter-gatling killed Nash and destroyed good part of his body, that’s how it’s supposed to work

My problems with shada soldiers in SFV

-they look goofy/stupid af even as design, all seem dumbed down to be family friendly
-many of SFers strikes are more powerful than guns, but they are’nt SFers. SF-level characters are a ridicolous small %
-they got army design and veichles/weapons as planes, giant cannons etc… yet no rifles? Look stupid

In an ideal SFV they get a decent color uniform instead that flashy cyan shit, using rifles/guns when possible stay at range, knives and electric weapons (like taser sticks) when not

Bison’s bodyguards seen in the CFN were on the good path

If Yun isn’t in S3, I can see just about anyone below Ryu’s level there. Dudley’s character isn’t instrumental to the role either, so anyone who could pose a reasonable challenge (i.e. Around Zangief tier in canon fighting ability).

I hope this is how things will go, but Urien getting that Gill-alt gave me a bad feel about it

Street Fighters had been always supernatural and mystical martial artist with beyond human feats since Alpha. It’s not the same that they were in SF1 and SF2 that they only defy gravity.

Adding a story element about a defensive aura that made them not easily penetrated by bullets and sharp objects made it rational for their fictional universe as well to visual gameplay wise. They should have made it been their all along because it helpd both gameplay and story.

SF took some Manga inspiration but we all know it isn’t even canon. Even Otakings animation did a decent deplication of Bison defense against bullets.

Street Fighter had beyond human feats hunter x hunter had also those defensive aura and it is a smart idea for a 2D Fighter in the beginning. There is no problem with a defensive aura in 2D fighters like SF unless it is Tekken and Soul series that had there weapon user emphasize damage unlike how the likes of ibuki, vega, rolento(grenade) and etc use sharp weapon as if it is non-skin penetrsting. Enough with big body muscle BS. If Capcom would made such thing canon I’m sure it would hit gaming news site and it would gain a lot of praise because it’s always been a storywise and gameplay wise.

Making Street Fighter the first 2D fighter that canonize defensive aura from concentration against man made weapon without empowered by ki. That include surikens, knives and bullets would surely gain high praise and appreciation that other 2D Fighters would probably follow. Limiting it to Big muscle guys are an obvious BS just because of muscle? Thats BS logic applied there.

Since everyone has muscle in SF series and the in-game logic itself proves it and shows it that its been needing that kind of aura since in the beginning to justify the blocking mechanic in game. And adding those that idea of an aura as universal DOESN’T complicate or conflict a prior event in the story in fact it will made the in-game mecahnics compromised to the story that made everything logically acceptable in the beginning. Which entirely made SF universe differs from Tekken and Soul series.


Ryu Final won’t happen until 15 years from the end of 3S according to Oro’s ending, that’s when the pinnacle battle between Akuma (then Oni) and Ryu Final should and would occur.

For now, Akuma is done with Ryu and they vowed to meet once again in the future, after they both train down their chosen paths (which we see in SF3).

Gill ain’t happening - probably. I am doubtful of Tom either. But this is your only legitimate point IMO, we are yet to know how Tom x Gill came about, or how Gill stole Dudley’s car. Really exciting stories there. :rolleyes:

Neo-Shadaloo ain’t happening either, they’ve been set up for a future time not months after ASF which is when NG begins. Also most S3 characters will likely be returning characters, I doubt there will be room for a Gorilla.

Oro did not meet Ryu yet so that interaction should not be happening.

Most of the SFV character stories revolved around ASF, they either fill gaps, set it up, or are reactions to it. Rarely is anything happening after ASF. There’s no suggestion that anything will in this era.

Even if we get a second general story, it will be a much shorter chapter that takes place in the aftermath of ASF (weeks to 2-3 months tops) but never intrudes on SF3’s territory. Those numbers mean something. A lot of you are suggesting violates this.

SF3 is 20 years old now, and the least-known game in the series among casuals. If Capcom will retcon parts of SF2/SFA, I don’t think SF3 is safe.

Hmm…normally I’d title an entry by the name on the image file instead of the old SNES translation of the name…but there’s no way that Elijoe is right…

Edit: Actually, it apparently IS Eli Joe, because the name of the article expressly separates it into two words…

I was hoping it would come out with the rumored Super SF5 release.

Disagree. ASF shows that pretty much all of the world warriors can jump out of a helicopter from miles up without parachutes and be totally fine.

And both Chun Li and Karin can tear through giant steel vault doors with a single punch. Something an assault rifle CAN’T do. Which means Chun Li and Karin’s punches are stronger than guns. And since Chun Li and Karin’s punches don’t kill anyone…at this point, until I actually see a character get hurt by bullets, I’m going to assume none of them can be. At least, not if they’re prepared to take the hits.

If there’s a thing that 20 years translating Japanese taught me, it’s that you can’t count on the Japanese’s ability to correctly transliterate their own renditions of foreign names. You. Simply. Can. Not.

You’re forgetting that maybe neither Chun Li nor Karin actually want to kill anyone. Therefore, they’re playing it safe against humans, something they don’t have to do against a door.

Concept art of rejected costumes from Cammy, Ed, and Menat:


Even playing it safe, they’d still want to knock people out as quickly as possible, but even that takes dozens of blows.

There’s no way, given the evidence presented, that small arms fire does more damage than any of the playable character’s attacks.

The only SF character that’s ever been hurt by bullets was Nash, and those were cannons from a gunship.

1- Well, if somebody like the idea of them developing Tom as a legit fighter* like they did with Kolin (i do), it’s more about the existing story creating the opportunity to get the char rather than “exciting” itself.
Btw Tom look like a pretty grounded and badass char see him fight Gill in a man vs god thing will be cool as fuck imho.

Also it’s not only about Tom vs Gill, Urien is said to hate Tom for mysterious reason… and SFV is exactly supposed to reveal these unwritten parts

And last but not last Tom vs Gill was the reason Alex (SF3 hero) to be in SF3

2- Neo-Shadaloo technically is ALREADY happening even if SFV story modes still is’nt covering it: Ed’s standard (->canon) design is him in his Neo Shadaloo uniform, that’s not something he used to wear when in Shadaloo.

We are literally already playing as Neo-Shadaloo Ed

So it’s just about them bring the story forward to connect to it. It’s not some “what if” or past/future alt, is the SFV standard/canon design of the char.

3- I agree S3 will be all/almost all about returning chars (in response of all new S2), but S3 is not the end of SFV cycle, at least not as they planned it. And tbh it will not make sense $ wise.
S4 is a safe bet, the chances of an S5 are debatable but not desperate at all imho.

Btw if we want stick to theyr word of SFV cycle (aka support) until 2020 the S3 end17to18, S4 end18to19 and S5 end19 to 20
I believe in all of that?
I don’t know, theyr “word” often is shit, but i trust theyr interest to milk SFV as much as possible… by 2020 they can buy a small third world state with Chun Li DLC alts profits alone lol (i ear Chun’s #76 is hot AF)

They got Season Pass, DLC alts, CPT packs, Stages… SFV is a machine built to generate profit in the long run

*actually we already know he’s a fighter, we just did’nt see him in action

2- What characters wear during fights is irrelevant. Only what they are wearing during their stories/story mode is canon. Therefore, the Ed we play is an Ed from the future (assuming here that the “present” of SFV is ASF). He’s from “a few months later” to be exact, which aligns with the beginning of SF3:NG.

I believe Capcom will continue supporting SFV until at least 2020, but I expect them to extend it to 2022. The business model allows for it to. If the re-release of SFV proves even more profitable which I think it will, it will further lend support to the idea of supporting the game.

Capcom could do graphical adjustments, and will release DLC for as long as people pay for them.

I fully expect S3 to be the last season with 6 or more characters though.

Plus colgate-enfused evil laughter, plus getting stabbed by Bison’s hand, plus falling off a waterfall and no doubt hitting several rocks down. Dang what a horrifying way to go :frowning: poor Chuckles.