The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Really, we don’t know enough about Zeku to make those kinds of guesses. All we have is that he’s Guy’s master and passed off the mantle to him; hasn’t been seen since.

Worth noting, he’s probably stronger than bitch-ass Genryusai, who got kidnapped during Final Fight 2. As to his abilities compared to Guy, we will see.

Abigail- easy one there, Abigail attacking him and getting his giant ass whooped
Ibuki- she’s getting a ninja kick-ass lesson

These are the easy ones

Will like

Ryu- just because the idea of Ryu having a good fight with a badass taijutsu Master is cool without need a story forcing it

Akuma- in the case Zeku is strong enough (like he’s actually stronger than Guy) it will be cool as Master vs Master thing as when shotogingerdemon fought Gen and Gouken

1- Crazy thing is to some extent Genryusai was even more hardcore, as he killed his Master to take the grandmaster role
But Zeku has been said to have greatly improved the Bushinryu art by adding heavy taijutsu (wich in fact is reflect in Guy’s style), so it’s likely that in a straight fight Zeku > Genryusai

2- is possible they kidnapped the girl first and he had to surrend though

3- Will be cool if Zeku is’nt weaker than Guy, but let an opening for Guy’s win to see if he will have took his life or not… Zeku was the first in theyr tradition chosing to NOT have killed his Master, Guy did the same proving to be a worthy successor of Zeku himself before be agood Master for Bushinryu

Btw even if Guy won fair, he got the advantage (over average SFer) to know all Zeku ninja tricks, from there the speed of youth did the rest.
I can see him as a good challenge for fighters that see his tricky techniques for first time, as difficult-to-read movements is one of the pillars of ninjutsu taijutsu

Another possible way Zeku can be more dangerous than Guy, is that maybe he learned from Genryusai some assassin style specifically designed to kill techniques that he did’nt passed to Guy.
Wich is not so impossible since apparently since Zeku turned Bushinryu from a more assassination/espionage ninja discipline to a more punch-kick martial art, so he received a heavy training in the former that we don’t know if he entirely passed to Guy.
Forbidden techniques and shit =)

Dammit, no Andore profile today.

For some reason, I get all warm and fuzzy whenever I watch Menat walk back and forth. What an adorable character. I never get tired of seeing her in action. I get so damn salty whenever I see brutes like Rog or Necalli put their hands on her. Almost makes me want to throw on a cape, jump inside the game, and take the hits for her.

Actually that’s not the whole thing. It’s missing some of the stage descriptions. Would you mind to translate them?



And before anyone ask, only 9 stages got this kind of description:

Japan, Ryu
China, Chun-Li
Japan, E. Honda
England, Cammy
Mexico, T. Hawk
Jamaica, Dee Jay
Hong Kong, Fei Long
Russia, Zangief (the bricks bonus stage seems to be here)
Spain, Balrog/Vega (the wooden barrels bonus stage seems to be here)

Just to complete, bonus car stage was set in Ken stage

metal flame-barrels in Gief too

Some barely few unnoticeable change in some ports and possible updates

Car Bonus Stage was transfered in Guile’s Stage instead of the traditional and Ken’s Stage.

In SF4

Barrel Stage had it’s own location that was Shadaloo Beverage Factory.

Then another very obvious Car Bonus Stage update in SF4 which is now more retrospect to Final Fight

So were likely getting this one near on Abigail Stage like leakers mentioned.

Well, only the castle’s name actually bothered me, because @bakfromon already summarised the translation of the rest.

Would you also mind to post the other stage descriptions? :slight_smile:




Chun-Li and E. Honda


Cammy and T. Hawk


Dee Jay and Fei Long


Zangief and Balrog/Vega


There you go!

So the guy in the background of Chun’s stage in the tank top and straw hat was a monitor cyborg after all…
Actually a Shadoloo monitor cyborg!?

Not only him, watch the one with purple sweater at groud level

fun thing, here is a normal human

Then of course “Q”

Also this purple-red shit

altrenate ending if he does perfect

The Q conspiracy was a popular conspiracy.

Those that lord vega shown were based on Super versions which was different from SF2 series which is prior the Super.

Any idea were Capcom are started to bring the idea of monitor cyborg on stages? Was it from WW or Super?

I think if Capcom wouldn’t troll us they probably just make it Q in the remake but if Capcom would do the same they did with CFN profile of Max and Steve they will just make it into another Monitor Cyborg.

The best idea was making it Q since it adds more flavor to his interesting and mysterious character than a nobody robot.

I’m a fan of the idea of a monitor cyborg but i prefer it to be a combot or mokujin than a Almalgam of functions like a Cycliod.

Soooo, Arcade Edition is real:

Here are the details:

Arcade mode - choose from six different paths themed after classic Street Fighter games
Gallery - unlock hundreds of illustrations as you play through arcade mode
Extra battle - complete timed challenges to obtain exclusive costumes throughout 2018
New v-triggers - each character will have two v-triggers, adding even more depth to the combat system
New visuals - the user interface is being redesigned with new Color schemes, revised menus and exciting pre-and-post-fight effects

Doesn’t say anything about having the DLC characters unlocked from the get-go.

The “six different paths” part intrigues me.

I was expecting new Supers and Vskills, wasn’t surprised that Vrefersal not included since it is dedicated to one function whatever the special move a like it does unlike Alpha Counters that require variant and more complex.

Excellent that Extra Battle isn’t just an NPC battle glad that it include some sort of challenge

Seems fine, That they change the Ui but infairness SFV’s UI is ahead 2x than what MVCi had with Ui.

New Color schemes could get us the RYU Alpha with SF2 colors!!

I wonder what would the pre and post fight effects they would bring that pretty much a surprise

That’s some good news! Hmm, 6 different paths? Per character??

Awesome, love me a good gallery mode. I’ll always fondly look back on alpha 2’s on the Saturn

New V-triggers? Nice.

Hmm pre-and-post-fight effects??? Wonder what that is? New win poses?

Same here. Anyone have any idea what the “six different paths” might be? I’m guessing Shadaloo and Illuminati ways are a given. Maybe a Mad Gear path too, but that’s not even “classic Street Fighter”.

Edit: Please let the pre-fight effects be special intros, please! <3