The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


Hi all, apologies if this has already been noted here- I noticed on the Arcade mode pre-fight screen (the one with Ryu and the SF2 logo in the background) that the little plane is back, as are the national flags. You can see Ryu has just fought Guile (in the US) and is heading on to India (again, you can see the flag) to fight Dhalsim - so hopefully this means that character specific stages are 100% back in (and the plane and flags are a nice touch too!). Great for those fans who care about the little details! :slight_smile:


@bailster38 Thanks for your observations. I didn’t notice personally.


I know it’s only BornFree’s speculation, but do you guys agree with him? Do you think the cinematic teaser for SFV: AE might be a hint for a future story mode? Or is this simply nothing more than just the opening cinematic to the game?


My 2 cents about Zeku from what we seen

I think normal Zeku is a “good” guy
Like good old bastard a la Retsu… like not only not a villain, but not even a cold “neutral” killer a la Gen

What make me think that are 3 things:

-He chosen to NOT kill Genryusai, even if was the Bushinryu tradition and all Masters done it (Genryusai included)

-He teached Bushinryu to Guy passing not only the art but also the principles(kinda Gouken-Ryu), in fact also Guy chosen to NOT kill him at the moment of the succession, even if was his right (Zeku did’nt abolished the kill-previous-Master thing)

-He changed Bushinryu style from a classic spy/killer Ninjutsu thing (infiltration/assassination/weapons) to something closer to normal not-lethal modern martial arts based on unarmed combat (Taijutsu)

That said i think it may a “evil” version of Zeku mostly due two reasons:

-As said before, the whole S2 overall is clearly on various shades of the “dark side”, with 4 out 5 being villains and/or related to evil organizations

-This shit look menacing as fuck lol

And the change of design may hint something changed in the character’s nature… i mean, Zeku ever was badass, but that silhuette make him look even more menacing

Assuming this is correct (of course, can be totally wrong), i hope they find something a bit interessing instead the usual easy things like villains brainwashing or SatsuiNoShit

I will like something martial arts philosophy related, maybe that the Bushinryu “kill previous Master” thing was a cruel but necessary thing for the spiritual development of a Bushin-Master

Like you accept the responsibility of take the life of your Master, and as result you’re ready to accept one day to concede yours to your Disciple.
You basically accept your future… is not about impose your superiority, but about become a ring of the chain

This way Bushinryu (aside the other advantages you mentioned) avoid also the risk of an ex-Master without title/power to get corrupted by envy (or simple lack of life meaning) in the long run and become a negative force.

Zeku did’nt completed his Bushinryu path avoiding his final hardest trial (take Genryusai’s life) and this make him “weak” and unable to accept to just get old in peace (like Genryusai did) and let Bushinryu go on beyond him

Maybe he even founded a new “corrupted” Bushinryu school to be THE Master again, and Guy will have to put that old mad dog down… restoring the kill-your-Master Bushin tradition and accepting one day his disciple will do the same

The fun thing is that as much i did’nt wanted SatsuiNoShit this will basically make him a butthurt salty ninja Akuma LOL


[quote=“Chun-Li_Forever, post:27259, topic:177027”]

I know it’s only BornFree’s speculation, but do you guys agree with him? Do you think the cinematic teaser for SFV: AE might be a hint for a future story mode? Or is this simply nothing more than just the opening cinematic to the game?


He’s a youtube whore, and will say just about anything to get clicks including exaggerating and misinterpreting information like he is in that video.


Anything’s possible, but I’m not expecting a new cinematic story. The in-depth Arcade Mode is all I need.


[quote=“Chun-Li_Forever, post:27259, topic:177027”]

I know it’s only BornFree’s speculation, but do you guys agree with him? Do you think the cinematic teaser for SFV: AE might be a hint for a future story mode? Or is this simply nothing more than just the opening cinematic to the game?


I remembered sometime he speculated DarK Sakura for S1 and his analysis is based on a merchandise like funko pop. Not always into Vesper but he was correct via marketing standpoint Capcom should have said that iniatially. if there would be future storymode it’s not in AE 2018 probably 2019 because of time constraints. I dunno the activity of SFV voice actors but that could be give a bit hope a a storymode.

Looking back to Xkira

His version and interpretation of arcade mode was different and no more closer to AE, and he even point out multiple bonus stages in between kinda messed up mixing fact with made up conclusion.


Actually, both Chun-Li’s aftermath trailer, the Ties That Bind OVA and the general SFIV backstory had fighters disappearing all over the world. The aftermath trailer even mentions that the fighters disappeared in a blink of an eye in front of everyone. This matches with the description of the Tanden Stream, where Seth sucks his opponent inside the Tanden Engine (probably acquiring the data) before “spitting” him out. Probably Seth had one of his “clones” to do that…


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On the topic of evil, no one was as over the top with it as SF4 Gen. Bison is naturally evil, so that’s to be expected. Looking at Gen’s prologue, he was distraught over the fact that he couldn’t save his friend from being kidnapped by Shadaloo, and admitted that he’s trying to stay alive to watch over Chun-Li as long as he can. His ending even has him somehow protecting her from falling debris or something in the S.I.N. lab.

Outside of that…it’s a matter of how many people did Gen NOT kill during his encounters.

In SSF4, Gen’s win quotes are hella toned down. They probably thought he was too over the top in Vanilla and decided to change him into more of a wise old assassin instead of a cold blooded one. Most of his win quotes to those same characters listed above consist of him giving general advice. I was quite surprised at the change.

This is another one of those instances where the prologue doesn’t quite go along with what’s displayed in the win quotes. In Gen’s SSF4 prologue, he’s basically surrounded by a mist of dead spirits, and pretty much tells them to kiss his ass because they can’t do anything to him. The anger from the dead spirits can do nothing to him now that he’s embraced death as his ultimate destiny. Based on that alone, you’d think **this **Gen would’ve been the one going around killing everyone he encountered. Not the Gen that was busy trying to stay alive so he could watch over his close friend’s daughter because he cared about her well-being.

Gen really was a problem in SF4.


I’m not expecting more cinematic story with AE either. But I certainly want one. I don’t give a shit about comic book rehashes of old SF endings, which is what Arcade Mode is going to give us.


I’m doing Ed’s SF1 Arcade mode as soon as it drops.


It’s just going to be a single comic panel of Rose pushing him around in a stroller…


It’s going to depict a sperm with an emo haircut entering an egg.


Zeku doesn’t look as evil or as “Garuda” as previously seen in his new silhouette. He looks like Guy with long hair.


T. Hawk during development looks pretty cool with that head dress


updated zeku silhouette on fb


Looks like the Kiki art of Guy with long hair.

Which is rather disappointing.


That’s why over analyzing both Kiki’s art and silhouette isn’t advisable this time around if ever S3 would be the same approach