The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


So I guess any hope of seeing Rose pushing baby Ed in a stroller is out of the window. My disappointment is immense.

Looking forward to Arcade Mode. Not much longer to go.


Footage of new v-triggers

More stuff here:

(really bad quality, though)


They write it so that even though the games are sorted by release date players may know that the correct chronological order in canon is I, α, II, IV, V, III.


Thanks @Raccon

Some observations

Zangief- look like he’s flexing (iirc VT2= Cossack Muscle), i guess/hope some kind of power up for throws

Urien- look like is shoulder tackle related, imho he will be able to do one or more mini

Cammy- look like some kind of aerial dive super spiral arrow

Necalli- still transform into red hair version

Akuma- seem aerial hado related, maybe VT2 buff it as VT1 buff his SRK?


Quotes from the AE stream @ 18:49…

Brett: “there is one (ending) that we released that’s a… piece of Bengus artwork… that has Sagat’s head with Ryu and Ken. So there’s a lot of… artists that you’ll be familiar with popping up in those endings. It’s pretty cool.”

Andy: “Udon’s in there too.”

I won’t be bitter about the DC-elous. But yeah, that’s what I was talking about in the first place.


Hopefully it’s not just Udon lol, i will like at least SFV path to get attention it deserve and be covered by Bengus, who’s the official artist of the game

Also dafuq peoples thinking they will use 200 endings as canon source, when even capcom ones are mostly non canonical what-if… let alone leave SF canon in Udon fucking hands lol


2 days until Sagat Sakura Sodom reveal boys!


Brett said that Bengus was one of the ending artists, so it must be true.


I think it’s time for SF1 to take a major retcon while keeping up the essentials like Sagat and Ryu.

A lot of it’s story and significant participant never met each other.

Lee, Retsu, Gen, Birdie and Adon…

The only throw away now are Joe, Mike and Geki.

So they can also completely ignored sick white Birdie and the questionable encounters.

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It means that the SFV endings override their counterparts from previous games if the two conflict.


I still hope SF2 tournament never happened.


Well it did happen, just not the way SF2 as we know it portrayed it, rather as SF4 remembers it. I doubt Arcade Mode will retcon SF2’s endings because they are considered classics and will be kept the same for their nostalgia value. I would prefer if Capcom actually used this opportunity to streamline the endings so that they form one seamless storyline if you play arcade mode in chronological order. It’s an incredible and rare opportunity that they have that involves a lot of retcons, but I doubt they will take it.

At least for the Alpha arcade mode, they seem to be choosing one ending to end them all for each character to represent their fate during that period.


Accept it.


I was’nt even talking about compared to previous games, endings can conflict in the same game… like specially if they start from the same what-if premise that Xxx defeated the bad guy and won everything

Also with external guys involved will be difficult separate what is capcom directive from what is random artistic freedom the guy took

It’s like with 3D models made by externals that don’t 100% follow the directive


If Capcom approved it to be in their game, then it’s part of the game, ergo part of the canon.


Agree, That what it is because Capcom didn’t have strict and organized plot. They are trying to reorganized but at the same time they became loose ly to the important elements.

Capcom should brbrave enough to rewrite and restablish SF2 and SF1 to fit SFA and SF4 narative because they are the greater foundation.

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Off topic just stumble upon this…

Injustice mobile is getting an arcade mode!! THE MOBILE VERSION… The modified playstore version

To be fair I like it’s controls in specials and super move would work fair with casual arcade mashers.

Injustice mobile has been successfull as a mobile game that it had even had continuous and long support compare to it’s console counterpart.


Really off-topic.


Yeah, it will be fun to see whether they choose the events from SF1/2 or the ones from SFA3, especially given the ambiguity with which they have been treating SFA3 and SFII lately.

There’s a similar situation with SFIII, but it won’t be as interesting.


Just keeping things updated… My biggest attachment in SF was arcade. I wonder what would happen if they release SF4’s battle combination…it’s like cancelled and only last a year?

With change controls that required rapid pushing and timed pressing for masher. Those stuff were good for reviving casual folks to invite to real competitive SF.

A reworked battle combination with SF5 and SF4 models mix and jam together as a single casual attract game.

I remembered also.

Another attemp but poorly executed.