The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


I think it’s time for SF1 to take a major retcon while keeping up the essentials like Sagat and Ryu.

A lot of it’s story and significant participant never met each other.

Lee, Retsu, Gen, Birdie and Adon…

The only throw away now are Joe, Mike and Geki.

So they can also completely ignored sick white Birdie and the questionable encounters.

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It means that the SFV endings override their counterparts from previous games if the two conflict.


I still hope SF2 tournament never happened.


Well it did happen, just not the way SF2 as we know it portrayed it, rather as SF4 remembers it. I doubt Arcade Mode will retcon SF2’s endings because they are considered classics and will be kept the same for their nostalgia value. I would prefer if Capcom actually used this opportunity to streamline the endings so that they form one seamless storyline if you play arcade mode in chronological order. It’s an incredible and rare opportunity that they have that involves a lot of retcons, but I doubt they will take it.

At least for the Alpha arcade mode, they seem to be choosing one ending to end them all for each character to represent their fate during that period.


Accept it.


I was’nt even talking about compared to previous games, endings can conflict in the same game… like specially if they start from the same what-if premise that Xxx defeated the bad guy and won everything

Also with external guys involved will be difficult separate what is capcom directive from what is random artistic freedom the guy took

It’s like with 3D models made by externals that don’t 100% follow the directive


If Capcom approved it to be in their game, then it’s part of the game, ergo part of the canon.


Agree, That what it is because Capcom didn’t have strict and organized plot. They are trying to reorganized but at the same time they became loose ly to the important elements.

Capcom should brbrave enough to rewrite and restablish SF2 and SF1 to fit SFA and SF4 narative because they are the greater foundation.

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Off topic just stumble upon this…

Injustice mobile is getting an arcade mode!! THE MOBILE VERSION… The modified playstore version

To be fair I like it’s controls in specials and super move would work fair with casual arcade mashers.

Injustice mobile has been successfull as a mobile game that it had even had continuous and long support compare to it’s console counterpart.


Really off-topic.


Yeah, it will be fun to see whether they choose the events from SF1/2 or the ones from SFA3, especially given the ambiguity with which they have been treating SFA3 and SFII lately.

There’s a similar situation with SFIII, but it won’t be as interesting.


Just keeping things updated… My biggest attachment in SF was arcade. I wonder what would happen if they release SF4’s battle combination…it’s like cancelled and only last a year?

With change controls that required rapid pushing and timed pressing for masher. Those stuff were good for reviving casual folks to invite to real competitive SF.

A reworked battle combination with SF5 and SF4 models mix and jam together as a single casual attract game.

I remembered also.

Another attemp but poorly executed.


Well with SF3 there is definitely a distinction between NG/2I and 3S. A year passed between the two.

With Alpha 1/2 and 3 the distinction is not as straightforward. But we know that Alpha 1/2 are essentially one and the same. But some endings like Ken’s chronologically follow one another (he meets eliza in Alpha 1 and he is in a relationship with her in Alpha 2). But it isn’t something major.

Alpha 3 was meant to take place years after its predecessors even before SF4’s revisions happened.

I think SF5’s Alpha arcade mode will focus on SF A1/A2. But bear in mind some characters like Rog and Vega were not in those so they only have their A3 endings. It will be interesting to see how Capcom handles those.


All I need now is clarity in A3 of which is which events that happened to Bison and temporary Shadaloo destruction


The thing with telling the same story again in the endings is it gets messy for characters like Nash and Bison. Nash already has his “death” story told twice. Once in his own story and once again in Bison’s story. Since all three Alpha (God, how I wish his A3 ending was the canon one) games depicted Nash’s death in one way, getting the same ending again will be stupid as hell.


Absolutely not. Like Cestus says, there are instances where characters’ endings in the same game directly conflict with one another. It’s literally impossible for them to BOTH be canon. Therefor they’re not.

Besides, by that logic, EVERY character in Alpha 3 defeated Bison and made him explode. Making him canonically the weakest character in the series. Is that what you want?

Not really, because AE will tell us which one Capcom considers to be canon(even though we already know it’s Alpha 2’s from SF5’s intro).


You’re misunderstanding me. Let me clarify. Back then, Capcom endings were all non-canon until the sequel confirmed that they are canon. Endings were open ended and in many circumstances conflict with one another. What ends up happening is that parts of endings enter the canon and the rest is ignored.

For example, Fei Long’s SFA3 ending has him doing a successful movie about his experiences after he defeats Bison. Obviously, Long did not defeat Bison in A3, but in SF4 which picks up months after the ending of SFA3/SF2, Long’s prologue refers to the movie he did after SFA3. So what ended up being canon here is Long’s movie career. In the original SF2 ending, Long gave up his film career. SF4 ignores the original SF2 ending.

Another example is Sagat’s A3 ending and his SF4 prologue (which ignores him part of Shadaloo as was portrayed in the original SF2) which continue off one another but not without the suspension of certain parts of the A3 ending (like he did not beat Bison).

When I said that endings ‘are part of the canon’, I meant that they are official sources for story material that we can work with. I did not mean that they are in and of themselves canon (meaning they actually happened), certainly not completely.

SF4 and SF5, especially the latter, are the first times in the franchise’ history where we do not need a sequel to know what is canon, because canon was happening live, unfolding before us in ASF and the character stories.

What Cestus was saying was that since the art for the endings has been outsourced, it means that the endings themselves cannot be considered as part of the canon, not fully at least, because of potential artistic liberties from the third party. This is completely wrong since Capcom has the final say on what ends up in the game.

You’re quite hasty with your downvotes.

Re: Nash’s ending

Nash and Bison’s accounts from their character stories essentially compliment one another. We always knew that the A2 ending was the canon one from as far back as SF4 (Guile prologues), and by ‘we’ I mean anyone with eyes.


Umm, so you need to be told THREE TIMES in the same game to know what is the canon ending?


I mean, try to look at things from Bison’s perspective: he was just minding his own business, planning world domination and stuff like that, then within a couple of hours he came under constant and repeated attack by goody two-shoes shotos, evil shotos, the schoolgirl shoto that Cestus is all tsundere about, numerous ethnic stereotypes, rebelling Dolls and other traitorous members of Shadaloo (which got their job back after that anyway because Shadaloo is too short on personnel to be so picky), a wrestler that SPDs bears for fun, a wrestler with uncommonly big tits, a guy that was shot by an helicopter and died but they didn’t bother to check for the corpse, Lisa Lisa from JoJo, Bruce Lee, a weeb in a truck, cameos from Final Fight, a guy that should have been a kid during the Alpha 3 events, fucking Ingrid (that alone would have shocked anyone) and if that wasn’t enough even Dan “the man” Hibiki showed up to smash Bison’s Psycho Drive to pieces.

Can you really blame him for not being able to keep up with that?
We all have bad days, Bison however decided to only have one bad day, he didn’t know that all the badness that would normally be scattered across one’s lifetime would just pile up in that one day, and that’s Alpha 3’s story in a nutshell.


Bison’s bad day in one gif.