The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Some are absolutely necessary (like KEN finally will have one stage), other are awesome… some feel a bit random lol

In some cases i will like see these become stage transitions, and you can pick from wich side start

Like Sim’s temple remake could be on the right side of current India, or Birdie’s bathroom could be on the let of current london station etc

Curious to see wich will be G’s stage

That guy also declared and tease numerous stages that never went into reality.

That’s the guys that also leak mention sheng long some time to appear in SFV and said SF3 3s arcade mode but turned out differently. In fact we first speculate that the arcade is more akin to sfiii 3s design.

His just need some attentions to be talk about because there is nothing to leak lately

He claims he dug a lot of extra costumes from other Capcom franchise but never knew what was coming instead.

He also mentions “sticks” would be presents but it doesn’t.


He even declare dramatic battle

He post a bunch of extra costumes after we post a lot

but never saw TEAM BATTLE and the most recent costumes!!

He also brags his Vsystems with Critical Arts

I think he grabs people post in forums and incorporates it to his leaks. He did it last minute by adapt flowtron leaks. by pretending he confirmed it acting he was the authority instead to his followers.

I bet next time he’ll just put everything that people would post on the internet and whatever mode he knew would exist so he would end right despite the many errors.

waterfall zero2 stage has no point to re appear because it’s vibe is already present in game.

same with the Australia stage in zero 2 plus we already got problems with the seaside summer stage of Karin. and it’s vibe is also present in akuma stage which is more highly aesthetic because of the stage elements. the australia stage in 3d is dull beacuse it’s just grass and storms compare to the akuma stage in sfv.

It doesn’t matter if *few or the least *of this turned out to be true after the next season because it could have been influence by possitive reaction but what justify him is the probability and accuracy not the few that went in from the series of assumption and wishlist compare to the many miss and errors.

NOW he even puts NOTE below some stage picture that he post and tease previously and clam they were just RUMOR to reclaim his credibility… just put SOME but while the other newer stage pics he puts there didn’t have a NOTE rumor.

for his previous mistake but not his current declared stage “leakS” so his followers won’t take it as a rumor he never mention any speculation or rumor in his previous same thing with his current.

Yes, as said many times i think Vega approaching the Illuminati could be awesome and fitting

The whole “retro” style and mediterranean euro setting just fit him much much more than Shadaloo ever did, specially the whole greek athlete/body perfection aesthetic that seem a theyr signature (Gill, Urien, likely other candidates)

For same reason i think he will admire Gill much more than he ever admired Bison… or he will think Gill is more perfect than himself, and hate him. Wich will be even better LOL

Also they seem to have so many unique technique, imagine if they promise him something that preserve his beauty/youth… he will be 100% into it, specially now that he’s approaching/into his 30s

But i don’t want to see the stalking sociopath trait go, is essential part of the character

I agree on wanting see new Illuminati characters, but i will like see Vega “join”* Illuminati, it could be an interessing evolution of the char

I never seen Vega as “owned” by anybody anyway (shadaloo or illuminati), more like he found a way to use his talents/hobbies to keep a prince-like lifestyle
Like have the money to do a mask-party in his mansion inviting the aristocrats of Europe, 10/10 top models, artists etc, buy crazy priced art and so on

Will like to see them develop him kinda like a 100times richer Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal… well, without the cannibal part lol

Btw the Illuminati did’nt “got” Rog, Urien just paid him to get shit in an one-time deal, as things are it’s ended there from what we know.
It will be fun af if in search of a new job Vega join Gill and Rog join Urien, working at the same time in the same team AND against each other =)

*more like use them as his patron, offering serviges he like (killing fools) in trade of wealth and luxury to keep his standard of living high after shada-fall

Yeah, Cody in a nice suit is cool and all, but who needs him when we got:

250: Dave

Cool, waiting to see them cover Callman, Stray and Black


A cop who’s rumored to have connections
with a criminal group.
He takes along with him a group of hoodlums
and threatens and blackmails everyone, doing whatever he pleases.
He’s really a bad guy!

Name: Dave
Height: 201cm
Weight: 166kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: August, 20
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Money, Squandering
Dislikes: Saving

His specialty are his Hip Attack and hitting with his tonfa.
His base of operations is a petrol station,
where he gathers smugglers to carry out his evil deeds.
He owns a refurbished patrol car and various monster trucks.
This has attracted the attention of hot-blooded police officer Lucia.

I just want the Final Fight Kabuki and Clown… .

then Sodom

Yeah! Final Fight 3 at last!

Hopefully THIS time, we’ll get some articles for the rest of the Andore family.

Amazing news. And I know Kira has a somewhat sketchy reputation, but he has nailed at least three stage predictions in the past (Dubai, Spain and English Manor), so I’m inclined to believe at least some of this is true.

Plus, some of these are very precise - eg, Z2 stage for Chun Li, as opposed to SF2 stage.

Another crooked ass cop.

Again, I don’t see Vega as someone who is “for hire” like Rog in anyway. I also don’t think Vega will admire anyone but himself, certainly not a delusional man like Gill. It’s only the pool of candidates in the Illuminati that end up looking like Gill and Urien. The rest are hooded rich and likely old out of shape people. There’s no room for Vega among these cultists as he only worships himself.

Vega could evolve into a male Juri type character who has no particular allegiances so long as he derives pleasure from the hunt. However, if Shadaloo is to ever rise again in the future, Vega is probably the only King besides Bison and FANG who would return. I don’t think Bison would tolerate Balrog ever again, so he would likely replace him with another new bruiser character.

The Dubai? It’s obvious to appear because of how important Rashid is in the lore.

When did he was FIRST to come up in the Spain stage? After Balrog and Guile Stage is announced it’s an obvious pattern? What else could rival SF2 Vega stage… Alpha3?

It safe to say that Neo Shadaloo will have a stage.

The unpredictable was Ryu stage while what Xkira tease wasn’t the Ryu stage in SFV, what he tease was a different Ryu stage.

What so precise with Z2 Chun li Stage? Where does the confirmation that it is? And Z2 is another safe choice than Z3. The only thing that rival the stage popularity is the 3S Chuns stage which is least than Z2. Chun SF2 Stage was recently in SF4 so they won’t port or recreate it so soon again same with those from SF4.

Another thing Ono said that chinese community isn’t like that nowadays thats why even in HD remix it has some obvious changes.

Final Fight is again featured in a Larry Bundy Jr video. Screenshot were from his video

Final Fight Easter Egg from this guy the sneak in a video which was tackled many times indifferent websites

If they do put in Gill then they should add this as his theme:

Necalli: “Devour… our… our…”


Urien makes a grand entrance and accidently stomps on Necalli

Urien: “What the fuck?!”

Gill: “Oh, looks like you have landed in some excrement. Now you will have to cleanse myself again.”

Urien: "EXCREMENT? stares at what is below him “Necalli?? Get this shit off of my heel!”

Gill: “You look to me for guidance, brother? You must scrub that disgusting shit off of yourself if you wish to address me…”

Urien: “Don’t play that smart-aleck nonsense with me or I’ll-”

Kolin: “I have a report on some boxer trying get fight money for- … ???”

Urien: “W-what??”

Kolin: “You have… shit on your heel, sir. Necalli must have been in a place he shouldn’t have…”

Urien: “I’m aware of that you worthless snow-woman!!”

Kolin: “Huh… It IS that time of the year isn’t it? I’ve been called many times. I wonder if there will be time for a holiday tournament…”

Urien: “Fuck tournaments. This Necalli excrement needs to come off of heel now!! Aaaaegis Reflector.”

Gill: “How many times has this shit monster been crushed? Let me count thy ways… Gets fucked over by Dhalsim… eats that lousy martial artist Gouki only to him to burst right out of his stomach… the time Bison literally butt-fucked Necalli with his Psycho-powered boot… Ryu ramming his giant fists into his midsection in an effort to vaporize him… One has to wonder: Does Necalli exist just get humiliated and trounced?”

Those endings were exclusive and part of the final fight amiga version

Technically he’s more likely “for hire” than Rog, who just look fo cash grab and eventually robber/betray his contractor/boss

Vega seem to have a more linear attitude “job wise”

If anything he seem by far the most “professional” of the 4+1 Shadakings

He have luxury/rich lifestyle and so use his talents to work for somebody that pay him enough money to mantain such lifestyle, simple as that, he did’nt seem to care much on personal level about whatever shadaloo cause (the only acting that way being Fang), but at same time has been a surprising solid company-man as long he could

Also he probably thought shadaloo had chances of success and he wanted be on winning side, or having at least a good Lestat-like lulz during the run

While loyal he also ever put himself in an indipendent role to be in the postion to left if everything fall (as he did)

With that mindset, Bison dead (for what he know), shada HQ destroyed and no more a super high paid criminal job, will be no surprise at all if he offer to keep do same shit for Illuminati
After all all he ask is to be paid a lot (even if should be implied, he probably consider ugly Rog’s open greed for money) and to be alloweed to keep his sociopath stalker hobbies

PS: of course i know Illuminati got-ugly-peoples-too outside Gill/Urien/candidates, as Shadaloo that got minions, Birdie/Fang/Rog/Sagat, old scientists and so on
But Shadaloo was represented by Bison as Gill is the face of Illuminati.
Vega just followed Bison for his power, as an old school Count/Duke follow his king
Gill is designed to incarnate human body perfection/greek God imagery, aside follow power itself (wich he got in tons) Vega may even admire him for what he represent

And everything about Illuminati (Gill vs Bison included) seem waaaaaaay more fitting Vega than Shadaloo himself.
Only thing i can see Vega like less of Illuminati is the religious side and the veto on killing strong/worthy fighters.
But tbh he can likely ignore the first and use the “he/she was’nt worthy” excuse to skip the second

I can see Vega work for Gill, he will even be a perfect piece to spy on Urien’s shit

I understand what you are saying, it’s just Vega would see Gill as ugly. There is nothing to admire there for Vega, certainly nothing to fear or have faith in.

Check out these videos about villains, guys. They help explain the difference between Bison and Gill very well I think. Discuss.

251: Callman