The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Check out these videos about villains, guys. They help explain the difference between Bison and Gill very well I think. Discuss.

251: Callman

double post glitch

I like the more blueish hue of the original Callman portrait … he feel now a bit saturated

I know his in-game sprite but he needs more blues this time

There’s a lot of wasted potential in Vega in my opinion, his characterization has always been top-notch, but his storylines and backstory have always been kinda lacking.

I don’t think they’ve ever properly tackled his origins in one of the games and the only thing we know about him is that deal with his mother being killed by his stepfather, I’m not even sure about the source of this story because I’ve also heard that it was just some semi-canon thing which ended up being silently accepted within the canon. Maybe the source is from some Japanese guidebook, someone here probably knows this stuff better than me, it’s a shame anyway that his background was never even hinted at in any of the games as far as I know.
His actual story in Alpha 3 was interesting in that it established his relationship with Cammy and gave Vega a clearer role in the general story, but then in IV they abandon that background and Vega’s messing with Chun-Li to steal data from S.I.N. for some reason, then in V they once again forget about the S.I.N. thing and come back to Vega having an interest in Cammy, an interest that frankly feels very superficial because they never add any depth to this relationship outside of “Vega likes to see Cammy concerned about the dolls and in pain because of her past”. IN SFV Vega does what Vega does, he stays true to his character but without adding anything new to his story or revealing anything new about him.

Now that Balrog got a decent amount of characterization and depth thanks to his relationship with Ed it really feels like Vega is currently the most underdeveloped Shadaloo King. If Capcom plans on keep using that character (and they should) they should explore Vega’s character more: flesh out his rivalry with Cammy perhaps by remembering how he was the guy that dropped her by Delta Red after Alpha 3, show a clearer motive behind his fascination with Cammy, explore his origin story and find out why he’s the way he is, that kind of stuff.
My only worry is that with the Shadaloo portion of the story done they’ll just let Vega slip out of SFV’s story to focus on other stuff, leaving him underdeveloped once again rather than have his character explored more like he deserves.

And maybe also have Cammy actually beat him at the end this time, you know?
She’s a hero, a hero’s supposed to overcome her difficulties. Vega is a reminder to Cammy of the sins of her past, and it’s only right for her story to finally defeat some day, right?
Capcom writers, pls.


The owner of a bar named Club Sims, who also doubles as its bouncer.
He collects infos about all Metro City.
Has a finely chiseled physique, so all of his attacks
are extremely powerful!

Name: Callman
Height: 215cm
Weight: 152kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: November, 23
Country of Origin: UK
Favorite things: Comfortable shirts
Dislikes: People who don’t even try

He speaks in a calm tone, but is terrible when angered.
His subordinates call him “Mr. Callman”.
He has a very high professionalism,
and when there’s something to do, he alwasy fulfils his duty.
His bar’s most popular menu is Fish & Chips"¹,
a typical dish of his hometown
prepared frying white fish in peanut oil.
It fits well with black beer.
(I don’t know what to present anymore!)²

¹ LOL, love Capcom’s stereotypes galore
² Don’t worry, we noticed long ago :rofl:

Nah, Vega recognize beauty when he see it, see Chun or Cammy

Even in males, see him in CapVsSNK having special intros with negative reaction on ugly characters and positive on “good looking” ones, wich included even some males

Being straight he’s attracted by either Chun (SF2AM, SF2V) or Cammy (SFV), but he’s essentially a sociopath aesthete

Think this guy

They also both found rudeness/vulgarity as a form of uglyness and they get offended by it

See how Vega is attracted by Chun/Cammy femininity, but he despise Juri who’s just as hot but act trashy and loud

Gill is an abomination because of his mutation for power.

Bison seeks beauty and youth. Beauty in someway…

The salvation to Vega’s Character is for him to be like Juri and Viper a fugitive or a mercenary. I like Vega to be independent and deadly.

Oh, so the CFN profiles are back? Took them a while huh

Vega’s definition of beauty is more than aesthetical. He finds the other dolls ugly, because of their inability to feel pain and despair. He finds Chun-Li and Cammy beautiful because they are tormented by their past which he relishes when he brings it to the forefront of their mind in combat.

Gill with all his crazy messiah complex, is probably ugly to Vega is all I am saying regardless of his perfect physical stature.

We’re both on the same page on Vega being the resident Hannibal Lecter of the franchise, but because of that I don’t think Vega will join any other faction after Shadaloo. Vega was more or less actually loyal to Shadaloo and Bison, he revels in the fact that Shadaloo will last forever in SF4 because of the data he recovered. He has likely amassed a huge wealth in the decade plus he’s been with Bison, he doesn’t need to work really. Just opportunities to play, and Gill isn’t the type to indulge Vega’s psychopathy and sadism. Gill’s evil is purposeful not hedonistic, and he likely won’t be apathetic to Vega skewering victims for fun.

What do you guys think are the character stories for S3 characters going to be about?

I hope for Blanka there’s a touching moment with his mom,
for Sakura it’s her determination to move forward in life, perhaps abandoning or putting her martial artist career to a halt (especially since it’s not gonna bring her wealth and she gotta feed herself you know)
for Sagat it’s basically everything that’s happened between him denying the Shadaloo invitation pre-SF4 and possibly hearing about Shadaloo’s fall at the hands of the World Warriors
for Cody it’s the release from prison with a cameo from Haggar (who’s prolly the president of America now lol) to him becoming a truly law abiding citizen of Metro City
for Falke it’s the whole backstory for Neo Shadaloo, her meeting Ed, and maybe some explanation on how the organization works
for G… I honestly don’t fucking know

I hope G will have a big role as an antagonist. He seems to have some propaganda thing going on just based off of the trailer, so perhaps he’s some false hero gathering the strongest warriors to supposedly fight the illuminati but he’s actually working for them or something like that. Or he could be a corrupt politician rising from the ashes of the destruction during ASF and promising to fix it all.

God, there’s so much potential for G; it gets me excited just thinking about it.

Blanka - Something tied with Sakura. I wanna see a momma’s boy moment but balanced by another moment of absolutely ferocity.
Sakura - I look forward to lots of easter eggs as an arcade staff member. Maybe an explanation for her absence from ASF because she had work.
Sagat - I want Sagat’s story to take place during ASF and I want it to tie directly into Ryu’s “special training”. They were both up in the mountains training. Hope they fought, and Ryu learned a valuable lesson from Sagat just like Sagat learned a valuable lesson from Ryu once. They become friends and show mutual respect for one another.
Cody - Takes place after ASF, due to the destruction of Metro City at the hands of Shadaloo and the resurgence of Mad Gear in the aftermath. Cody has decided to take responsibility for his hometown once again. Shows Haggar running for Governor or US President.
Falke - Focuses on how Neo-Shadaloo came to be and her relationship with Ed. Gives us hints of their agenda but more importantly, what Falke feels about Ed’s nightmares.
G - Eccentric Pro-Wrestler that’s a stereotype on American capitalism and a homage to Abe Lincoln.

It’s obvious to me right now that Capcom do not intend for Neo-Shadaloo to be a loose end and they will tackle them in SF5 rather than wait for a post-3S SF6. Meaning that General Story 2 would focus on 2 main arcs, the formation and possible dismemberment of Neo-Shadaloo in the foreground. With an Illuminati subplot in the background as they prepare for their public debut. Key takeaways from this General story:

  • Chun-Li and the Avengers are still main protagonists again. But Menat will be the Rashid of this general story.
  • Ryu becomes the subject of interest for Neo-Shadaloo, either because they want him to save Ed from Bison or to replace Ed for Bison.
  • Necalli will return to job.
  • Alex gets some of the spotlight. Maybe Tom gets beaten here.
  • Li-Fen gets kidnapped.
  • Urien is the main antagonist and “final boss”.
  • Ed is villainous because he wants a release from his suffering but may end up becoming an anti-hero. Likely dies.
  • Mad Gear resurgence after the destruction of Metro City. This will be the focus for Cody and Zeku.
  • I sense another chapter on the CFW which will show more of G.

Besides Sagat, and MAYBE Balrog. I don’t think we will see any of the Shadaloo Kings. At best, we may see more Bison foreshadowing but I hope he doesn’t actually “return” in General Story 2. His grave from General Story 1 isn’t even dry yet. But it would be nice to know at least that everything is going according to plan.

Good points regarding S3 guys.

For Blanka, I think that after his final acceptance of himself in SSF4, he’s realizing he has much untapped potential. People like him and he’s been seen around the world due to Street Fighting, so he capitalizes off his look and teams with Dan to start some business ventures. I can see Dan being in some form of media or running a blog, it would be a nice way of tying together all of his observations for the SF5 game store.

Sakura: like you guys have said, she’s at a crossroads. She, Dan, Blanka, and Kei are all moving in different directions and she’s wondering if it’s all worth it. Kei maybe has settled into something cool and Sakura feels left behind, Dan and Blanka are doing their business, but Sakura’s unsure. I definitely hope for some nice Capcom Easter eggs, heck that could tie in to the extra costumes. For the non-canon franchises of SF, I can see them being referenced. Like Captain Commando and SF 2010, could be shows produced by Masters Productions and have been turned into arcade games set in Metro City.

Sagat; pretty close to what everyone’s said. He helped Ryu with his training, reflecting on his history and maybe a cameo from Adon or at least a reference to how he’s the big and popular face of Muay Thai, but he’s selling out for merchandising deals etc while Sagat contrasts and focuses on the purity of the art.

Cody: Focusing on his past and what happened in SSF4 to make him change, his release and now trying to move forward an help Metro city in a newfound time of need. Taking Haggar’s advice , going into politics to save the city that’s newly overrun with crime since the Black Moons incident. Haggar cameo pls, and hopefully a reference to Jessica. It’d be nice to see what he thinks of her since all this time has passed. Maybe reference what’s going on with Mad Gear nowadays?

Falke: There’s next to nothing about her, but I’d like to see her add on to Ed’s story from when he left Balrog and what her deal is. IS she just a warrior, is she another product of experimentation but maybe from a non-Shadaloo society and is chasing freedom with Ed? Is she a spy sent to steer him in a particular direction?

G: As others have pointed out, it seems he’s on stage running for something and may be an Illuminati member. I’d like him to be a guy who makes a splash and who knows, maybe he’s an Illuminati member hiding in plain sight, maybe he’s a failed recruit and is going about carving his own destiny? There’s something about him and his gold skin markings. Were they from an accident? Is this him just showing off a portion of some kind of golden liquid metal armor or something insane? I’m very excited for more on him. It’d be great if he led to Q. Golden Gravitas meets Quartz n’ Quarry . Either way, I think he’ll be a very grandiose character and important due to his aesthetic ties to the AE HUD.

I think S3 has a ton of potential and I’m very, very excited to see how things grow from here.

Vega would be repulsed by Gill’s vain self-importance. Gill puts himself on a pedestal and Vega hates that when it’s done with no self-awareness.

And yes, that is overwhelmingly hypocritical because of how Vega acts…but that is irrelevant since he’s, y’know, a narcissistic sociopath.

Vega might be interested in the Illuminati’s power and technology, however…or if Gill could promise eternal youth/beauty…


But this takes us back to whether or not such a prospect should be explored? If the Illuminati are given a moment to shine (pun intended), then they should do so on their on merits with their own posse of characters. I am certain Vega can remain relevant and part of the story without having to swear allegiance to them or join them in any capacity.

The Illuminati still has a lot of gaps in its character ensemble.

The King: Bison = Gill
The King’s Desire: Ryu = Alex
The Traitor: Boxer/Seth = Urien
**The #1 Fan: **FANG = Kolin
Chief Scientist: Senoh = Dr. Woo
The Assassin: Vega = ???
**The Bruiser: **Boxer = ??? (Gill’s Fire Herald)
The Experiment Gone Wrong: Cammy/Abel = Necro/Effie
The Experiment Gone Wrong #2: Seth = Twelve
The One Who Grew A Conscience: Sagat = ???

See all those ‘???’, the Illuminati needs to deliver new original characters for those at least. I am especially interested in a member of the Illuminati that disagrees with both Gill and Urien, a character among them that grew a conscience and saw that what they were doing with their religion has become nothing but a corruption of what it was. They need branch out with more imagination and creativity or the Illuminati will NEVER be free of the shadow of Bison and Shadaloo.

Sakura’s going to go through a bout of self doubt about her future as a fighter after beating Karin. She’ll probably have a match with Ibuki, too. Eventually, she’ll meet with Ryu, who’ll put her worries to rest.
Blanka’s going to capitalize on his appearance with those plushies, that much we know. They’re gonna be big in Japan, which will lead to him reuniting with Sakura, and he’ll befriend Laura along the way.
Falke’s story will detail her origin and meeting with Ed, and hopefully we’ll get more info about the lanky guy and the gorilla.
Cody will have his rise from convict to mayor detailed. Given that he still looks to have the same apathetic attitude from before, he’s probably going to have the position forced upon him by Haggar. Before he becomes mayor, he’ll probably beat up Abigail again, just because he feels like it.
G will be a corrupt politician or secret society leader, with some kind of major influence in the world events. Q will show up in the story as the Deep Throat to G’s Richard Nixon.
Sagat will go through his standard story arc of meeting with Ryu for a match. He’ll also have a proper meeting with Akuma, and they’ll fight. He’ll also probably talk to Oro at some point.

252: Kane

Was hoping for Seth and Abel’s fabled brother Cain. :disappointed:


Have a great one my scholarly friends (and enemies).