The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Was hoping for Seth and Abel’s fabled brother Cain. :disappointed:


Have a great one my scholarly friends (and enemies).

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Balrog and Benimaru were similar in this respect. Benimaru would blow kisses to anyone who is beautiful and such…

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Iirc “Cain” should have been Seth’s name but then they gone FR and opted to tribute Seth Killian :expressionless:

Btw it’s an ok name, i ever associated it with the egyptian god… wich does’nt fit much with SF Seth, but ever better than think at Killian lol


A hunckback who attacks with tools.
He hates to socialise.
It seems he’s on the payroll of a certain organisation…

Name: Caine
Height: 214cm
Weight: 160kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Breaking Things
Dislikes: Boredom

Dismantling machinery has alwas been his hobby since his childhood.
His father used to work in a car factory, and Caine spent his days
stealthily stoling his father’s tools to disassemble and reassemble various machineries.
To secure his favourite pastime,
he ran away from home and settled in a scrapyard.

He has enough power to bend steel barehanded,
but his style of brawling is self-taught because he has no fighting experience.

I’m loving this “certain organization” Final Fight 3 character blitz.

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I wanted to say Merry Christmas with some Christmas-related Cammy image, but unfortunately the first result I get by googling “Cammy Christmas” is a SFV mod of her dressed exclusively with Christmas ribbons. Sure, the cold is no problem at all for Cammy’s superior genetically enhanced body, but I still think that costume isn’t really appropriate for the occasion.

So get this kinda-Christmas/kinda-Winter related image, with 99% more warm fuzzy feelings, 87% more Christmas spirit, 91% more clothing and 100% more cats.
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Merry Xmas, everyone. I’m looking forward to all of our new upcoming discussions in 2018 once AE is here.

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Santa did not bring me Cammy’s mutilated corpse

If only I got Vega for a gift exchange…

I’m not too sure about it.
In a narrative all villains are bound to face their comeuppance sooner or later, and Vega has been very lucky with the Capcom writing team so far. The Capcom gods are fickle ones though. If I were him I wouldn’t push my luck too much.

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Actually… that’s the US mistranslated version of the prophecy.
@Miðgarðsorm translated the japanese version last year:


When a Sun with a peakless soliton will sink
The black Moon will break in seven
And rain upon the heads of clothless Artanians
Neither the high priest’s prayers
Nor the people’s wisdom
Could impede that from happening
Every place
Will become dwelling of beasts and birds of prey
And after a silence of 130 days
Full of an agony hard to resist
A child with golden hair will appear, shining like the flame and the water
Who will lend an ear to the supplications of the truly compassionate

-From “The Prophecy of Muraha”, 3rd chapter, 10th paragraph-

The last part is recited by Helen/Kolin while she observe Moscow burn. It’s more faithful than the previous version back in 90’s:

“After one hundred and thirty days of silence, a blond haired child appeared who was equally filled with fire and water. That child listened to the wishes of those people, who had true compassion.”

But now, I was wondering…

With AE pratically retelling/updating (?) the older endings… is there any possibility that Neo-Shadaloo could attack AFTER SF3 - 3rd Strike? Gill mentions in Yun’s ending that there will be a big destruction ahead… what if this destruction is meant to be caused by Neo-Shadaloo?

Merry Christmas to everybody. I got all of you the gift that keeps on giving.
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No translation just Raw sauce no ketchup just sauce.

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I know many had mention this earlier

Sakura and Blanka - working together and helping with Dan’s Business, Dan could be turned into a businessman and retiring from street fighter while having a arcade center as one of his business.

Sagat - I like the Idea of Sagat and Ryu in special training without taken life and other new scars to be inflicted. I prefer it to be within Ryu’s training before confronting Necali in ASF.

Cody - Having a peaceful life as a Mayor but is challenged by unknown trouble in Metro City that isn’t about the Madgear.

Falke - Gives us more broad understanding of Ed and Bison relationship.

G - Act like Vince McMahon and Undertaker in WWE, Then sends letters like Rugal with a “G” instead of an “R” where he invites the famous SF legends to a live telecast tournament. A corrupt capitalist that is gauging and been collecting data for research of Urien not secret society or shadaloo, he is main focus of the story or a cinematic mode.

Neo Shadaloo and Ed - no conflicts just introduction, Ed and his team is working behind the scenes established for future SF titles like SF6 or SF7

Info about Tom

Delta Red - Investigating regarding Shadaloo’s whereabouts and instead has found the existence of Neo Shadaloo

I think in SFV NeoShadaloo’s impact will be on a much smaller scale

Like they’re start organizing, recruiting and follow smaller more specific targets, like kidnap Ryu

At best i think Ed may be the true mind behind SFVAE “golden show” making up a tournament to kidnap Ryu (and other fighters?)… but tbh could also be about G making up the show a la KoF Antonov, and Ed see it as an opportunity jackal style