The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!




:open_mouth: are we actually getting something set after ASF?! Thanks for the translation.


I like to think Sakura is high af and is gonna take Karin for a ride.



Lol, I love how Karin has been so dignified and mature in SF5 so far…but the minute Sakura shows up, they immediately start clownin’.

That’s a real homie.


I’m kinda for and against this

On one hand I am happy for Sakarin because it shows their progression as characters and that now they are mature women, not just teenage girls who like to punch some dudes
On the other hand I am kinda disappointed since we’ve never gotten a proper conclusion to their rivalry and probably never will now


I’ve always felt they’ll have Ryu/Ken style rivalry that’s perpetually on going.


It’s Street Fighter, the fact that they’re friends now won’t stop them from finding contrived reasons to break each others’ noses.


We already got the conclusion… Well would be nice to see it.

Karin and Sakura fought, Sakura won. Karin swears revenge becomes obsessed with revenge for Sakura breaking her winning streak sometime after Bison is defeated in Alpha they rematch. Karin beat an unfocused Sakura who was thinking about where Ryu went instead of gloating as expected she became humbled. She ditched her family motto when it comes to martial arts and her obsession with revenge made her appreciate there is more to fighting then the result in the end admitting Sakura is a better fighter than her still yet. Now they are female Ryu and Ken which means their is no real conclusion to their rivalry they will always challenge and push each other as fighters but more importantly in life.

I imagine they fight again in this new character story and Karin pwns her for being weaker than she used to be, by the way.


Okay I knew I seen Karin expression somewhere before . it was in animation to show shock.

well as long as it doesn’t turn into a episode of Jerry Springer Show.


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I think we should still promote and kept the other forum for info storage with less SRK discussion.

while the discord as someone that ask question and never had a account.

Any thoughts?


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That his? haha


That body is… kinda tempting.


T.hawk fucken rules


I don’t mind seeing Hawk in future SF!


So, with AE right around the corner, what will your arcade mode playing order be? I’m planning on finishing the series chronologically with all characters.


Same as you, Sonic.

I’m starting from the beginning and completing everything.

This is gonna be fun.


I’ll probably do you know who’s endings first, followed by character endings related to you know who.


FOr me, Chun-Li first,

Then I’ll start from teh begining and go straight on through everyone (repeating Chun again)