The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


‘The Dhalsim’ business suit costume confirmed.


You’re Fired!


Rashid’s kidnapped friend. He’s mentioned in one of Rashid’s generic quotes.


Shame about the thread being deleted. What happened?


I think it’s where Dhalsim teaches people his yoga. You can see some people in the background doing some yoga floats.


This is the most plausible reason, Dhalsim has been teaching people to float since Alpha 2


Dhalsim becoming a full-on teacher would be great growth for him.


That’s his Z3 stage.


Is there a capacity limit on threads here? It could be that the thread got some many posts it deleted itself. I’ve been to forums that had that kind of thing in place.

I noticed the off-topic and WTF buttons are gone. How is vasili gonna communicate with us now?



Damn, I pulled the same shit over on the Warriors Fate thread mistaking Guy’s Alpha stage for his Alpha 2 stage. I confuse all the Alpha stages, they all seem to run together for me, especially Akuma’s and Sagat’s Z2 and Z3 stage. :pensive:

Either way, Dhalsim isn’t unfamiliar to teaching his yoga to others. He may have successfully taught multiple students by the time SFV rolls around. He certainly has that “Master” vibe this time around in terms of looks.


Dhalsim Yoga Pants DLC costume would be epic.

Well Sim isn’t the only character who may be tied to that stage so I dunno. I wonder if we’ll see more stages or not. I’m expecting a new stage reveal with Fan which may pan out some storyline. We certainly haven’t seen a shadowloo stage or anything yet.


Chun had a pair of those back in her Alpha days. Needless to say even M.Bison was bowing before that ass.


I bet everybody dies cause nobody was in street fighter 3


Probably a misclick while mods were deleting the spam bot threads, caught in the crossfire


Try growing gills and fins; lungs and feathers haven’t yielded any progress.


We only reached 77 pages though. There are some threads on this forum with much more. So someone deleted it, but whoooooooooooooooooooooo???

I can’t WTF your last post @vasili10 so consider this my formal ‘what the fuck’ notification to you.


I guess I’ll be stuck with 5 Off Topics and 12 WTF’s forever. As long as they don’t get rid of the LOL button I’m good. Daemos I concur with you Vasili’s last post. That was definitely WTF worthy. Back to the topic, are we only expecting a Fan reveal or will be getting more info on the SFV’s story presentation at Playstation Experience.


I think we will only be getting the Fan reveal now. They will probably wanna save the big guns for a higher impact event like PSX. Whatever the case, the story stuff should be popping up in the coming 4 weeks.

Also @“Darc Requiem” if you check your profile you will notice the Off-topic and WTF counts have also been removed.


Maybe the thread reached critical levels of -totally awesome- because of the picture of Geese on the mastodon and the t-rex duel. Seems plausible.


The thread reached an awesome level that was over 9000 and became so strong that it destroyed itself along with the spam bots in one blow.