The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


ok… on Monday DarthEnder :wink:


Given what she did in SF2, that’s not surprising.

I tried Google translate but I’ll have to wait for Bakfromon to give us a real translation.


My brother does boxing and they use the term combinations too. Though there you can usually improvise and apply your own combination. During competitions and high tension, boxers usually avoid the more complicated and inefficient stuff and prefer the classic 1-2-1. Even Muhammad Ali mostly applied this combination.


Combo is just an abbreviation of combination


Combination strikes (combos) are as old as boxing itself. It’s not a made up term used for just fighting games, it’s just a term used to describe a set of strikes used in succession.

Nice I’ve been waiting for these, give me til my next post and I’ll have something.


Japanese language is a 10-0 matchup unless you have that @bakfromon Discord tech


I like Azam and i hope he end up in SFV, but no spinning lariat pls


Well, after chinese dudes doing gay stuff in the bus, the universe finally has been balanced


He was and probably still is, even if by less large gap


Illuminati Nash > SFV Guile = Alpha Nash > SF2 Guile > Alpha Guile


I personally see it like this:

Illuminati Nash>>>>Alpha Nash>>SFV Guile>SF4 Guile>SF2 Guile>>>>Alpha Guile

Guile is stronger than he’s ever been, but I still don’t think he surpassed Alpha Nash. Compared to Guile, Nash still has superior Chi-control with the Sonic Boom, being able to launch one from his arms and legs. Somersault Justice looks more powerful than Double Flash, too.


It’s the glasses.


Fuck that! Guile’s shades are better.

Nash just wears his glasses to look cool. He has perfect 20-20 vision without them.


I know. Nash is pulling the intelligent american look.


It fooled me for yrs. I always assumed he needed them.

Something else I thought was funny: Nash is wearing a bulletproof vest that happens to be open located on the back, since his front is opened. He happens to get shot right in his back in Alpha 2. He’s a genius.


That’s america for ya.


It seems we may be getting more info on the other female wrestlers sometime soon from the way Yoko’s profile reads…

It sounds like Yoko may have received one of these from B. Widow.

Guile’s aviators in his battle costume are pretty sick if you ask me.


Do you mind if I link that post for it’s translation in the CU thread Bak?

Yeah, I’m not really looking forward to just getting the rest of R. Mika’s fellow divas for the rest of the week…



We might not get them consecutively, but we may get them eventually.


On the plus side, if Mika’s fellow wrestlers each get their own article than the Dolls HAVE to each be getting their own articles.


Also, some things I’d like to mention. The Iwashigahama beach is actually R. Mika’s stage in SFA3 (you can see the banner for 50 years above the ring)

And no @vasili10 it’s not the Sardine Beach

It mean’s sardine not that it is the Sardine beach