The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!


They’re awesome, that’s what.




I know most of the plots for KOF, but this one little detail has never been clear to me. I’ve read two different versions and wonder which one is the most accurate.

[details=Spoiler]Heidern and Rugal #1: Heidern learns about Rugal’s illegal activities and begins to investigate him. Rugal eventually gets wind of this and warns Heidern to stay away or he’ll be sorry. Heidern continues with it, which annoys Rugal enough to kidnap his family. Looking to save them, Heidern and a bunch of his men fly to the Blacknoah to fight Rugal. Most of Heidern’s men are slaughtered by him, Heidern loses his eye, and his wife and daughter protect him from Rugal’s Kaiser Wave at the last minute.

Heidern and Rugal #2: After Rugal got a taste of the Orochi power, he decided to test it out. Rugal found a base in Brazil with Heidern celebrating along with his comrades and family and proceeds to decimate everyone there and leave Heidern with one eye. [/details]

Could you tell me which is the more accurate story?


see Guy with a pony tail reminds me of when Haggar was rocking a pony tail in Final Fight 3

only game where Haggar has a ponytail.


Zombie Concepts


Great, I’m sure that’ll be a whole set of costumes wasted.



(The mysterious enigma! Who is the true person behind the mask? Currently, this fighter is unknown.)

Name: Q
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Country of Origin: Unknown
Favorite thing: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

The mysterious person who’s been witnessed worldwide. He hides his identity behind an iron mask, hat, and trench coat. There have been multiple sightings of him around the world occurring at simultaneous times. There are doubts as to whether or not he’s human. C.Viper of the C.I.A is currently investigating the matter.


YO! Q!!! I’d love to see him back in SFV.


I’m tired of fucking zombies. This shit has been going on since the 90s.


Making Nash a zombie would be redundant.


I’m surprised they didn’t mention these three in Q’s bio.


Those three must not be important when it comes to Q. Capcom have a more revelant character that can investigate him.


YES! Oh man, I was not expecting Q to be the character of the day so soon. Also, it says C. Viper is investigating. Capcom, Q vs. Viper, that’s what we need, that’s the most sensible way to integrate Q into the game, DO IT!


Seems like C.Viper is that character.


Also, having Viper be the one that’s investigating Q is a great way to have the SF4/SF3 worlds interact imo.


I imagine they’ll touch upon Juliana, David and Richard the CIA agents later on, possibly altogether in one post. I mean, if Don Sauvage and “Those two guys in the intro to Street Fighter II” can get their own pages, they can too.


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Loving that more natural pose and also loving that Viper is investigating him! Such an awesome connection that’ll nicely serve future games. I literally made this high pitched noise that my sister could hear from across the house and wondered what the heck was going on lol.


Q’s the best I love him so much


Connecting C. Viper to Q is indeed awesome.

That said, I get that they don’t know anything about his identity or his past, but something like, say, his height, they should still be able to figure out.

It’s possible that one of them is actually the “Jade Goat” person that Viper was reporting to in Bison’s story mode.


Really starting to think that the characters they leave out of these descriptions are likely the ones who will be in Season 2… I’d hope not, since I really want to play Q, but who knows…

Nah Q will kill any civilian before they realize how tall he is, therefore unknown :coffee:


Then the speculations about Q actually being Bison are out of the window now. Let’s see…