The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Ehh, I get the feeling he’d be another Birdie/Laura with absolutely nothing to do

Very possible, still i will like him in some cutscene doing Giant stuff interacting with “normal” characters =)

i confirm my initial thought, regardless of Abigail design quality show it on night stage made it worse.

It does indeed look much more clean as design in a normal lights stage (see thailand)

Also crash screen aside, dude seem to have unique interaction with the stage/background… he’s the only able to heavy crush the floor without using Ultra

I will have liked if they extended it to actual gameplay like i thought before reveal, but even as visual only is a nice touch

Juggernaut posture probably had work better to him with just a slight bend

Good to know that according to the twitter you can jump over him normally and do cross-ups, so my worries of cannot jump seem no issues now

I don’t mind him being ugly by character not by ugly by animation and design standards. Ugliness(as a character) make the cast more realistic and diverse. I’m just on sensible choices of body proportion, movements and stance then playability. His no the best and average but just the fine to get used.

is this the first white character in history with black caricature lips!!!??

Lol, I dunno, though I seem to remember the old Looney Tunes cartoons having mobsters with rather…robust lips too.

Everything looks more beautiful in Shadaloo stages.

Whoops, the initial Abigail winquote against Zangief that I posted was slightly off. Mostly I made the mistake of using normal punctuation. Actual win quote:
“How! Many! Times! Must! I! Say! We are NOT muscle buddies!”

I like this costume, it looks like a mix between G. Andore and Dave from Final Fight 3.

So, is Abigail supposed to be the owner of the car(s) you break in FF, SF2 and SFIV or what?

Since he owns a scrap yard it would seem logical that after the cars have been destroyed he takes them in for scrap then decorates himself with the tires.

Nah I think Axel Hawk was the first.

Reports are characters can still jump over and throw him.

Goddamn the throws are going to look TERRIBLE

Just imagine Laura’s CA on him. She’ll look like an overgrown dung beetle with her rolling around the screen with an 8ft tall over 500 lb turd.

I think of Mika’s CA and I really, really fear for Nadeshiko’s well being.

Joke’s on him, Nadeshiko doesn’t have a hurtbox

I have lived in Ontario since I was born 33 years ago and I don’t get the joke, if there is indeed meant to be one.

Ontario is Canada’s most populated province, and it contains more than one-third of Canada’s population… Maybe, Ontarians are just happy that we get a Street Fighter representative.

Or, another likely possibility, is that Toronto is located in Ontario, and there are some people from other provinces who hate Toronto people, so maybe they’re laughing thinking that this big goofy guy comes from Toronto, or a neighbouring suburb/city.

Yeah, I’m not sure if there’s a more clever reference, I’m just laughing that my province is in a move heh