The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Eh, still I don’t want Shun, I’d rather not have some 10 year old be Street fighter, or have a new plot trying to tie the main baddie into Ryu. I want Saddler to be more than “the latest dude who wants Ryu”.

Behold, people grabbing Abigail!

Have we even gotten profiles regarding the movie characters? Besides the Monitor Cyborg, Shadaloo Troopers, and Sawada as they all appear in a game at some point?

Oh. It’s weird then how Marduk’s has it as his fighting style.

It’s kinda how fighting styles range from Martial Arts, “Street Fighting”, Wushu (Chinese for Martial Arts) and even just Karate, and Kung Fu.

Yup, and the irony being that theTekken wiki basically explains this too.

Zangief rivalry with Abigail

please Capcom

I read a Japanese blogger saying that Capcom got the profiles wrong, since the little girl was actually the kidnapped one, and in CFN they stated that Mary was kidnapped instead. It’s unclear whether Capcom has excised the little girl from canon (after all, the pachislo’s setting was very different from the canon SF, so they adjusted some details), or it was simply a mistake.

On the left of Sakura, the little girl who was actually kidnapped in the original Chun-Li ni makase China. On her right, Mary, who according to Capcom now was the one being kidnapped.

Well, at least you can trace Vale Tudo back to various fighting styles. Rashid apparently fights using parkour


Wow this is really informative, It change the way I look into this I really like each franchise referring to each other. Thank you for giving and clearing such info. I used to watch some lengthy bits of playthrough how I wished I knew japanese.

I knew Enterise should be a capcom affiliated company, Capcom should have know there own franchises. I think even the guys in Capcom doesn’t look back from their previous source materials or like you said they intended the girl to be left out of existence. SF4 pachinko was interesting to dunno whats with the Ryu training, Gouken existence and Seth.

I’d much rather it be with Birdie.

Also a good option

(or perhaps all three?) :open_mouth:

I want this to be change into a Abigail moment instead since it very much fitting now

A good old big hook punch to the jaw i guess

Little OT

Tbh this is half truth
Vale Tudo was the brazilian way to call it (kinda like in USA free fighting or cage fighting) before the more “professional” sounding name"MMA" started being used for striking+grappling fights

While is true that as very early begin it was just a set of rules, MMA started slowly evolving into it’s own system
Many still fight just doing “theyr thing”, but many others evolved an actual MMA style

Like you don’t box/kicbox/wrestle/grapple in the same way as you do in these respective “pure” martial arts, as use a too pure style may exploit the weakness that style have to another one

Basically any style if used in it’s original form in MMA match can be “countered” by something else, that’s why aside the first obvious solution of train in multiple styles (typically complementary), MMA is slowly evolving into “deform” and change also the original single ones

A good MMA fighter today have “MMA” as martial art

I’d much rather it be with Alex, in SFV dude is just there doing nothing lol

I wouldn’t be surprised if Chun-Li ni makase China was so obscure that even Capcom couldn’t get the information on it right.

All I know about that thing is that they had Cammy working for Shadaloo (cool by me) but still wearing the Delta Red uniform (facepalm).
They sorta redeemed themselves with the Doll army thing though. As you know, the quality of a Street Fighter game is directly proportional to the quantity of Cammys in it, so the more Cammy the better.

Ed to Abigail:
“What the hell are you? Some kinda robot?!”

What? Don’t Ed’s ears work? He’s obviously a truck.


Abi’s win quote vs Ken

Karin with that dick-touch

Also those look awful

A combination of some of the goofiest Looney Tunes animations in SF (seriously, they have pissed on the aesthetic of early games and it’s been happening since SF4) with the goofiest looking motherfucker ever in an SF.