The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Was thinking, with old Zeku having “strider-sword kicks” as signature special and young one being unable to do them…

In case they’re separated characters it will awesome if the disciple in future will use the sword trying to imitate with the slash the power of Zeku’s special kicks

Basically instead Zeku’s kick being just a “tribute” of Strider’s slash, after SFV it may end up hinted as the technique that inspired it

Also i’m really curious to see Menat’s win quote on Zeku… she see the future, who know, maybe she can see up to 2049 lol

They will likely NOT mention “Strider”, but it will be fun if they enforce the hint outside aesthetic/sound

Thank God Ingrid’s gonna be nothing more than a costume.

@YagamiFire wtf Wikipedia articles on my SRK

Assuming these are true

Ingrid- Good, give Karin that alt and move on. SFV Karin design was already a step in Ingrid direction anyway

Axl- Not sold into that, not even sure who will cover it…
For MM brand Megaman X - Ryu is so much the obvious pair to do, Capcom even gave him hadouken in the past

Morrigan- If they go for brand icons Morrigan is basically guaranteed lol. Chun even got already a Morrigan-tribute color.
I know some will say Juri, but imho given the current cast Kolin will be by far the best option (even if Cammy have better looking face)

That great stuff or just part of Shadaloo like Fang or one of Bison clones

You can add Knights of the round, Legendary wings and Black Tiger with DS as separate with SF.

Gun Smoke and 1942 can be part of SF universe like they did with Mad Gear and Final Fight.

Ingrid is likely on the costume, I hope Morgan is more than aesthetic.

Yet Xkira is kinda back to his make believe guess

Ok, these powers are very similar…, but, does exist a term for light-side Hadou (the opposite of SnH)? Mu no Hadou?

Who would be Goutetsu in Star Wars lore (if any)? and Kylo Ren in SF?, if they are not, how would they be?

Where can I read online the fight between Gill, Oni and Evil Ryu? Do you think Gill could win?

Both Ryu got the zeitgeist on his side…

to be Bison

Rose’s Soul Power needs to vaporize that… thing.

Ingrid in ANY FORM making it in to SF5 before Q? Before Eagle?

Little canon fact: Pennywise the Clown is what Ingrid looks like when she’s not wearing makeup.

No thanks?

There are no characters in any of those games that I want to see preserved in a main Capcom fighting game. So connecting the universes doesn’t serve any purpose.

If you want to make Billy Bob from Gun.Smoke a Capcom Versus character, that’s great. But I don’t want to imagine the scenario that would be required to make it so Gun.Smoke was part of Street Fighter…

Darkstalkers and Warzards just fit so well together because they’re both fighting games about legendary monsters fighting each other, and they even have pretty much the same art style. And then GnG fits with DS because they’re literally about the exact same thing, just in different time periods.

Yeah, Karin’s aesthetics basically make her Ingrid. Her EX move where she kicks you in the end is pretty much the same as one of Ingrid’s moves in Alpha 3 MAX.

Bison and Cammy are bloody awesome!!! :heart:

Fuck yeah Ghost Trick!

always wanted that guy in MVCi to do Dio stuff.

Menat will spank Ingrid’s ass into the void.

Speaking again about costumes (and stages?) i guess tomorrow or day next we may get news on possible extra DLCs on 24th update

As things are it seem we’re going to get just Zeku and Nostalgia alt for him.

Usually they add something, like a stage (not necessary Zeku’s) or a couple of alts for the montly update

Hopefully they will not stop just because last month has been rich as DLC wave

I guess November will be DLC-rich to fill the void until start of S3, but i will like some stuff already on 24th Oct

I actually think December might just be costumes and a stage too. With Arcade Edition dropping January, they’ll probably hold Sagat til then