The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

This is getting ridiculous.

Zeku was there watching the entire time. We just didn’t know it. Sneaky bastard.

Yeah this is where new Star Wars stuff and a lot of fans totally misinterpret the original trilogy and, especially, Yoda’s teachings in ESB

There is no light side

There is the Force…and the Dark Side.

That is it.

The Force is the yin-yang. Balance. Goodness.

The Dark Side is a corruption of the power of nature. It is inherently imbalanced.

Hadou and SnH are not opposites. The Force and the Dark Side are not opposites. SnH and the Dark Side are corruptions/perversions of the Hadou and the Force. Not opposites. Rust is not the opposite of metal.

Mu is the opposite of M. Bison’s mindset. Bison is entirely about self-interest and egotism, worldly desire. The mindset of Mu is oneness with the cosmos.

Goutetsu’s closest counterpart would be redeemed Anakin for the brief time he’s alive at the end of ROTJ. He is a Dark Sider Force user who is no longer dominated by the Dark Side. He understands its power but is no longer ruled by it.

Yes, this would mean Goutetsu’s level of mastery puts to shame the entirety of the Jedi order through all history.

The thing to consider, however, was that in strength, Goutetsu was below Gouken and Gouki in power. Gouki from decades ago in-canon was able to beat Goutetsu to death. At this point in his life, Goutetsu was as old or older than current time Gouken & Gouki/Akuma. Both Gouken & Akuma are FAR stronger than they were decades before under Goutetsu’s tutelage.

Goutetsu is not as strong as some think. His students both outpaced him in growth RAPIDLY and to a staggering degree. Philosophically, Goutetsu was heavily conflicted (like end of his life Darth Vader himself). This imbalance in his understanding held him back…but he was wise enough, like Vader/Anakin, to see the true potential before his eyes. In Goutetsu’s case, this was Gouken…who he picked as the inheritor of the style. In Anakin’s case, it was realizing the strength of his son.

Kylo Ren?

He’s a petulant idiot with maturity issues that thinks he can wield an evil, corrosive power without being destroyed by it because…reasons. And those reasons are “I’m so awesome! Way awesomer than anyone that could teach me anything!”. He’s destined to be a failure on his current path and is a far weaker Force user than he could be if he followed the proper path.

Kylo Ren is Gouki/Akuma…right down to the patricide.

No idea where you can read it.

A three way fight?

My money is on Gill. Both Oni and Evil Ryu are HEAVILY imbalanced in mentality and power. Gill is a balanced warrior of incredible power. Evil Ryu would be childs play to him and Oni would be too out of control to deal with Gill’s techniques.

Of course, that’s all IMHO

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Oni IMO is up there with Final Bison, and most likely Ryu Final - I.E. the most powerful tier imaginable in the SF universe currently (now that Ingrid is out of course). Gill and Evil Ryu are not in this league.

It actually makes sense that that could be Zeku.

Here’s where it goes crazy.

The dumb bastard Akuma can’t kill anyone with his most dangerous assassination technique

You think he’s gonna beat the guy whose back-up power is literally resurrecting himself? ^_~

Yeah, I don’t buy this one at all lol

1 MILLION FM? Shen Long?

Unless Kira has access to the Zeku Patch, I’m not taking anything he’s saying seriously. He’s got nothing new to mine and show.

On the other hand, the possibility of new info about VT2 and Sagat coming in the Zeku patch is definitely something to keep in mind.

Correct me if I’m wrong is that the video were in Ryu stage that does super moves and does had already SFVAE (HUDS)?

People were asking it to him in how did he managed to access Zeku that early and does have Ae hud, but the video was from Capcom Japan website that he just uplaoded in his YT channel.

Goutetsu vs Gouki

Gouki: “Die a thousand deaths!”


Goutetsu dies in a death match.

Gouken vs Gouki

Gouki: “Die a thousand deaths!”


Gouken: “Whatever. Guess I’ll rematch him later. I need to check on my pupils first.”

Gen vs Gouki

Gouki: “Die a thousand deaths!”


Gen: “LOL, nigga watchu’ doin’??”

Bison vs Gouki (NOTE: This never actually happened)

Gouki: “Die a thousand deaths!”


Bison: “… Nonsense. Get that garbage out of my sight.”

Gill vs Gouki

Gouki: “Die a thousand deaths!”


Gill: “RESURRECTION!!! … Now, on a serious note… what WAS the point of that technique?”


Also we don’t know Gill’s reincarnation’s limits. Could you resurrect himself if he was ripped to shreds. I doubt it. Oni isn’t Akuma, he’s something else.

Also Akuma is into tearing down rainforests. SGS is obsolete.

Goutetsu confirmed weaker character than Dan.
He couldn’t even survive a simple Raging Demon! To everyone else it’s just 400 damage and then back on their feet.

Akuma was only good at killing nameless fighters like the one in Adon’s ending prior to SFV. His bark was far more fierce than his actual bite.

He finally was able to eliminate Gen, but that shit was so anti-climatic and pointless that it almost doesn’t count.

Kira is so full of shit it’s honestly pathetic at this point.

The story behind Arika’s mysterious fighting game

His like a loose cannon for attention right now.

Like Controllable NPC? and online matches in Extra modes is kinda weird.

Ok, I understand it now! there are no two sides!

So, how could you explain Psycho Power and Soul Power?, because Soul Power is a derivation of Psycho Power, and Rose is the good part of Bison, but we know that Menat can use Soul Power too… In this case, there aren´t two sides neither, or yes? and Ingrid? I don´t understand anything…

Rose is not the good part of Bison’s soul, and Psycho Power is Soul Power without the harness of justice, it is essentially the same as the SNH.

Ingrid is not canon.

Correct. They are not two sides. They are a thing…and then the corruption of that thing.

Soul Power is a harnessed psychic ability. It is pretty much explicitly like how the Force works. Telepathy, emotional manipulation, telekinesis and the ability to boost ones own physical abilities.

As @Daemos said…it is even more similar to the Force (Soul Power) and the Dark Side (Psycho Power). This similarity is exactly why Bison said SnH was a “sister” power to Psycho Power.

But Psycho Power was the original power, no? How does Rose get Soul Power? Was she an Bison master´s apprentice? What is the relation between Rose and Bison exactly?

It´s true that Bison killed his master (like Akuma), but before he died he passed the power to three students, Bison was one of them. Don´t you think that Rose could be one of these students and he got Soul Power instead of Psycho Power? It´only an idea…