The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Vega would be repulsed by Gill’s vain self-importance. Gill puts himself on a pedestal and Vega hates that when it’s done with no self-awareness.

And yes, that is overwhelmingly hypocritical because of how Vega acts…but that is irrelevant since he’s, y’know, a narcissistic sociopath.

Vega might be interested in the Illuminati’s power and technology, however…or if Gill could promise eternal youth/beauty…


But this takes us back to whether or not such a prospect should be explored? If the Illuminati are given a moment to shine (pun intended), then they should do so on their on merits with their own posse of characters. I am certain Vega can remain relevant and part of the story without having to swear allegiance to them or join them in any capacity.

The Illuminati still has a lot of gaps in its character ensemble.

The King: Bison = Gill
The King’s Desire: Ryu = Alex
The Traitor: Boxer/Seth = Urien
**The #1 Fan: **FANG = Kolin
Chief Scientist: Senoh = Dr. Woo
The Assassin: Vega = ???
**The Bruiser: **Boxer = ??? (Gill’s Fire Herald)
The Experiment Gone Wrong: Cammy/Abel = Necro/Effie
The Experiment Gone Wrong #2: Seth = Twelve
The One Who Grew A Conscience: Sagat = ???

See all those ‘???’, the Illuminati needs to deliver new original characters for those at least. I am especially interested in a member of the Illuminati that disagrees with both Gill and Urien, a character among them that grew a conscience and saw that what they were doing with their religion has become nothing but a corruption of what it was. They need branch out with more imagination and creativity or the Illuminati will NEVER be free of the shadow of Bison and Shadaloo.

Sakura’s going to go through a bout of self doubt about her future as a fighter after beating Karin. She’ll probably have a match with Ibuki, too. Eventually, she’ll meet with Ryu, who’ll put her worries to rest.
Blanka’s going to capitalize on his appearance with those plushies, that much we know. They’re gonna be big in Japan, which will lead to him reuniting with Sakura, and he’ll befriend Laura along the way.
Falke’s story will detail her origin and meeting with Ed, and hopefully we’ll get more info about the lanky guy and the gorilla.
Cody will have his rise from convict to mayor detailed. Given that he still looks to have the same apathetic attitude from before, he’s probably going to have the position forced upon him by Haggar. Before he becomes mayor, he’ll probably beat up Abigail again, just because he feels like it.
G will be a corrupt politician or secret society leader, with some kind of major influence in the world events. Q will show up in the story as the Deep Throat to G’s Richard Nixon.
Sagat will go through his standard story arc of meeting with Ryu for a match. He’ll also have a proper meeting with Akuma, and they’ll fight. He’ll also probably talk to Oro at some point.

252: Kane

Was hoping for Seth and Abel’s fabled brother Cain. :disappointed:


Have a great one my scholarly friends (and enemies).

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Balrog and Benimaru were similar in this respect. Benimaru would blow kisses to anyone who is beautiful and such…

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Iirc “Cain” should have been Seth’s name but then they gone FR and opted to tribute Seth Killian :expressionless:

Btw it’s an ok name, i ever associated it with the egyptian god… wich does’nt fit much with SF Seth, but ever better than think at Killian lol


A hunckback who attacks with tools.
He hates to socialise.
It seems he’s on the payroll of a certain organisation…

Name: Caine
Height: 214cm
Weight: 160kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Breaking Things
Dislikes: Boredom

Dismantling machinery has alwas been his hobby since his childhood.
His father used to work in a car factory, and Caine spent his days
stealthily stoling his father’s tools to disassemble and reassemble various machineries.
To secure his favourite pastime,
he ran away from home and settled in a scrapyard.

He has enough power to bend steel barehanded,
but his style of brawling is self-taught because he has no fighting experience.

I’m loving this “certain organization” Final Fight 3 character blitz.

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I wanted to say Merry Christmas with some Christmas-related Cammy image, but unfortunately the first result I get by googling “Cammy Christmas” is a SFV mod of her dressed exclusively with Christmas ribbons. Sure, the cold is no problem at all for Cammy’s superior genetically enhanced body, but I still think that costume isn’t really appropriate for the occasion.

So get this kinda-Christmas/kinda-Winter related image, with 99% more warm fuzzy feelings, 87% more Christmas spirit, 91% more clothing and 100% more cats.
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Santa did not bring me Cammy’s mutilated corpse

If only I got Vega for a gift exchange…

I’m not too sure about it.
In a narrative all villains are bound to face their comeuppance sooner or later, and Vega has been very lucky with the Capcom writing team so far. The Capcom gods are fickle ones though. If I were him I wouldn’t push my luck too much.

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